Triggered Apostle and the Twelve Unhappy Maidens Chapter 75

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75. The strangeness of the wolves 

Five demon wolves had been shot down by Ryan with a single slash.  Everyone who saw what just happened was totally impressed.  Although this demon wolf was not a powerful race originally, now it appeared near the volcano, and there were many fire elements, so the power of this magic wolf would only be stronger but not weaker.  Among the crowd, probably only masters like Green and Tyre would not be scared when facing the five demon wolves.

At this moment, Ryan cast his eyes and found that one of the four magic wolves was not completely dead.  The wolf was struggling to stand up on the spot, seeming to make the last resistance.

Ryan didn’t think too much, and he raised the rapier in his hand and was about to kill the demon wolf. However, at this moment, the demon wolf did not attack Ryan but screamed toward the sky.  In an instant, the fire on the demon wolf rushed into the sky, and the howling of the wolf quickly spread through the forest.

“Crap! It is calling for reinforcements! !”

Wende did not care about anything else when he saw this, and immediately got into the carriage and signaled everyone to prepare to escape.  One species of demon wolves was easy to deal with, and it was easy to deal with five of them, but if there was a pack of wolves, then it might not be so leisurely at all.

This pack of wolves often came as small as a dozen, and as large as thirty. Among the wolves, the wolf king would be the most powerful one. If it would be as expected, a wolf king would an A-level monster.  Among the remaining demon wolves, there would be several other wolves who carried a similar level of the wolf king’s strength. If these magic wolves acted together, everyone in the team would have casualties no matter how powerful they were.


Ryan smacked his mouth unconvinced when he saw this.  Ryan was always pretentious and would never think that he would be forced to escape by the wolves.  However, he vaguely felt that a pack of wolves had already surrounded him. This magical aura had at least about fifty heads. If Ryan directly confronted this group of wolves, he really had no certainty that he could easily repel them.

“Let’s go! The plan has changed, we first escaped from the wolves, and we will alter our plan later.”

Two fists would be hard to defeat four hands.  No matter how powerful that Unicorn would be, they would be exhausted if they would fight it with many people like having wheel fights.  If they fought the wolves now, they would instantly lose their numerical advantage. (TL/PR idk what did the author meant by wheel fights. Tell me on discord if you know what he is trying to compare it to!)

When everyone heard Wende yelled, everyone fled into the carriage as quickly as possible.  At this time, the sound from the running footsteps of the wolves, as well as the green eyes wandering in the dark.

There is one exception, and that was Yu, who was standing by the side with a weak face. Finally freed from the carriage, he wouldn’t get back in the carriage. 

Besides Yu, there was Kerr by his side. So Wende was stunned at first glance. “Doesn’t he have to wait for it to do it himself?  Is Kerr and Yu about to commit suicide? No, the Flame Witch can kill the ice dragon, so how can the magic wolf be her opponent?”

When fighting the ice dragon, there were more than 5,000 people just to fight with one dragon.  Now, that was the wolves dominates in numbers, and Wende’s group couldn’t retreat without thinking about it.

No one had seen the ice dragon with his own eyes, and the horror of this ice dragon could be imaginable.  In Wende’s eyes, the difficulty of fighting an ice dragon with five thousand people may be equivalent to that of Kerr fighting against an entire pack of wolves.

When they were in a daze, which delayed everyone’s escape. The fast-moving wolves have surrounded the crowd.

“Oh shit! Forget that brat and go!

Wende didn’t hesitate when he saw this and ordered the coachman to rush out of the siege with a galloping horse.  However, this galloping horse couldn’t withstand the demon wolf’s intimidation. Before the hoof was moved, the horse was stunned by the demon wolf.

When everyone saw this, they quickly pulled out their weapons or drew their swords, and got ready to give a fight.  Although it was inevitable that there would be damage after the battle, it was absolutely impossible to lose if everyone fights together.

At this moment, everyone saw a wolf with a huge body with a “mountain” pattern on its forehead, and the burning fire on its body was several times larger than other magic wolves, walking toward Yu step by step. That was obviously the leader of the wolf pack, the “Wolf King”.

When everyone saw this, they immediately stopped their attack and thought:

“After this battle, it will definitely take several days for us to recover before go and fight the unicorn. Now that Yu and Kerr are already confronting the Wolf King, it’s better to sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight.  Anyway, this Yu and Kerr will either die today or die tomorrow. There is one person, Wende who would worry that we could not defeat the unicorn by ourselves.  

Thinking of this, everyone glanced at each other, showing a sinister smile.

Ryan was even more proud at this moment. He thought to himself: “I want to how Kerr would be able to protect her incompetent fiancé while dealing with so many demon wolves. I think that she would cry for help when the time comes.  At that time, I would take advantage of hers, force Kerr to be with me to exchange for Yu’s life. However, that would only be a master-slave relationship for a few days, and they will be killed in the volcano after I get tired of her.  Who asked you to choose that guy instead of choosing me?”

Ryan’s abacus was done very precisely.  The wolf king step by step walked toward Yu, and Yu didn’t have any intention of running away or resisting.  In the eyes of everyone, Yu had completely given up resistance.

The wolf king opened his bloody mouth and approached Yu a little by little.  When everyone looked terribly excited, something unexpected happened.  The wolf king suddenly stuck out his tongue in front of Yu, and then licked Yu over and over.

(TL/PR smart dog! I mean wolf, he didnt want to get vaporized)

“Hey? ? ? ?”

Including Ryan and Wende, the father and son, and all twenty people in the group were dumbfounded. The wolf king kept licking Yu, and Yu pushed the wolf king away with a look of disgust.

“Stop licking me! Stop!!”

While pushing the wolf king away, Yu wiped off its saliva.

“Your licking skill seems really convenient. .”

Kerr was really scared when she saw the wolf king at first, for she feared that Yu could not be able to control it. When Kerr was about to confront the wolf king, the wolf king was suddenly stopped by Yu.

At this time, not only the wolf king, the other fifty-something wolves surrounded them. They wanted to lick Yu a few times to show respect. Yu’s only had one body, how could there be so much space for all the wolves to lick on.

So before he was submerged by the saliva of the wolves, he shouted:

“Okay! Stop licking!” 

(TL/PR well i mean if you lick every where, you will eventually lick his pair, then you will definitely be sent to Harves. That pair is reserve for the 12 harem maidens)

All the wolves, including the wolf king, heard Yu’s yelling and immediately sat on the ground obediently, dragging their tongues out of a tamed look.

At this moment, everyone who originally wanted to enjoy a good show was completely stunned. They originally thought that Yu would be bitten and torn by the wolves into pieces, but now Yu actually trained a group of demon wolves like training dogs.

That was not magic at all, but what kind of person could do this kind of thing?  Moreover, this group of demon wolves was not domesticated no matter how they looked like right now.  Yu could subdue a group of demon wolves with a single shouting. What if it was in actual fights with Yu and he could order the demon wolves to attack them?”

Thinking of this, everyone quickly put away their weapons to avoid revealing their goals.

Yu ignored them, and he gently touched the wolf king’s jaw, seeming to be observing something. Kerr felt that it seemed strange that the demon wolf appeared here, so she also observed it with Yu.

At this moment, the green light radiating from the eyes of the Wolf King made Kerr alarmed and found it strange.


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