Infinite Apostle and the Twelve War Maidens Chapter 74

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74. Void Sword Art

It normally would take a week from the imperial capital to Larda volcano if they take the fastest floating carriage and descend from a dedicated lane. They need to pass through the imperial “Sahaji Great Forest”, crossing the “Enstein Plain”, and finally reaching the southernmost “Larda” volcano.  However, more than half a month had passed, and this hunting team had just entered the vicinity of Lalda’s mountains.

Who caused this delay? Of course, it was the apostle who still had motion sickness. On the way, the team continued and stopped continued and stopped almost completely stopped and stopped completely. Yu said a few times that he would rather get out of the carriage and run over by himself, but Kerr thought he just said that out of frustration.  As for the other warriors and magicians who went with them, they couldn’t wait to find a place to kill them. Anyway, they would be throwing corpses into the wilderness, so it’s better to have fun on the spot.

Fortunately, Wende was a more comprehensive person. He was worried that these people alone will not be able to beat the Raging Fire Unicorn and Kerr. Although there was help from Voidwalker, the person’s whereabouts were erratic, and he couldn’t put all hope on Voidwalker.  So just in case, Wende thought that would be better to take advantage of the fisherman’s profit by waiting for Kerr and the Raging Fire Unicorn to fight until they were tired or dying.

Finally, the convoy came to the village near the “Larda” volcano.  The smoke from the volcanic eruption had just dispersed, so the air here was very muddy. The solidified magma still had a very high temperature. As soon as the group approached the volcano, they immediately felt the surrounding temperature was rising increasingly.

The land covered by magma would be very fertile, so normally large-scale villages would usually be built at the foot of the mountain that was considered to be an extinct volcano.  Originally, this place should be very lively and full of people, but now it looked devastated, without a living person around.  It felt like an end of the world here.

“Let’s camp here tonight. Make the final adjustments today, and when you are ready tomorrow morning, we will go to the cave to find the Raging Fire Unicorn.”

After Wende finished speaking, he ordered to prepare the tent and set the fire to cook.  Although all of Wende’s subordinates seemed to have extraordinary skills, when Wende called them to do anything, they did not dare to complain. However, before these people’s tents were set up, there came a murmur of wild beasts and a strong wave of magical power.

“Oh? Although it has been abandoned here, it stands to reason that there shouldn’t be such a powerful monster.”

Wende looked along with the place where the beast barked, and saw a flame demon wolf standing not far from the camp, staring at them.  That flame demon wolf was not as big as the one Kerr summoned, at most, it was half of the size.

“Hmm? Strange? How could the flame wolf appear in the southern mountains?”

Kerr looked at the demon wolf in the distance and was puzzled, “Although the flame demon wolves live around the volcano, they live mostly in the north. They can appear near the imperial capital and near the school, but it is impossible to appear in the south. It was because the dampness and humidity in the south are relatively heavy, it is not suitable for the survival of the flame demon wolf, and this flame demon wolf doesn’t look big. It does not seem to be part of the wolf family with a long history of reproduction.”

“Is it because of a leak of news? Someone came before us, so did they release this magic wolf as a spy?”

Ryan had already drawn out the rapier hanging from his waist as he spoke. Since it was certain that there were enemies, they should not take it lightly and let them go.  No one could have this Red Flame Treasure Jade except Ryan.

“Son, let’s not rush into it. I think things are not that simple.”

Although Wende was not as good as everyone else in terms of fighting skills, he had a certain experience. This flame demon wolf had vicious eyes and bloodstains on his teeth, and he knew that it was not a domestic wolf cub. Regardless of whether it was a flame demon wolf or a blast wolf, as long as it was a wolf, they used to live in a group. Since there was one here, the wolf group might be not far from here.

“Father, you think too much.”

Ryan ignored Wende’s warning, raised his rapier, and walked toward the wolf.  The flame demon wolf didn’t back off.  Seeing Ryan drew his sword, the wolf kicked his hind legs on the ground and rushed forward directly. Although this demon wolf was not big, it was several times more fierce than the demon wolf that Kerr used to summon.  The demon wolf acted fast, like a fast-moving wildfire, blood in its eyes flickered, as if watching the enemy’s weakness every second.

(TL/PR haha “fast-moving wildfire” California problems reference.)

At this moment, Ryan calmly closed his eyes. The demon wolf noticed Ryan’s move, without hesitation, the wolf directly rushed towards and aimed at Ryan’s neck.

At this time, the onlookers squeezed a cold sweat, and some wanted to rush to help.  Wende raised his hand, telling everyone not to come forward at will.  After all, he knew the strength of his son himself.

Just when the demon wolf’s Mouth was about to bite at Ryan’s head, Ryan stepped forward and his upper body tilted back like a bowstring pulled apart. The rapier in his hand was naturally an arrow. Then, he releases a stab as quick as a silver light that flashed by, and the rapier appeared directly behind the demon wolf-like an arrow fire from a bow. No one was able to see what the process was like, but they knew that this vicious demon wolf had no signs of life after this sword.

For a moment, everyone’s admiration rang out all around:

“Awesome! ! Awesome! No wonder he is the young master. Using no elemental magic to kill the flame demon wolf.  What a young hero!  As an ice mage like me, I may not be able to destroy the demon wolf with one blow.”

“Yeah yeah! This demon wolf does not seem big, but it is much more fierce than the average. Master Ryan had no fear when he saw this wolf, he must have been trained well.”

Wende was of course very pleased to see his son possessing such strength. Before everyone could chat further, four blazing demon wolves appeared immediately in front of Ryan. These four wolves were much larger than the previous one. Presumably, the previous one was only the bottom of this wolves group.  When everyone saw this, they immediately thought that even if Ryan was powerful, this time he was besieged by four flame demon wolves, he would definitely not be able to defeat all of them easily. They would go up the mountain to hunt the unicorn and besieged the flame witch tomorrow.  None of them should spend too much energy here today.  Therefore, they all picked up their weapons one after another, preparing to fight alongside Ryan.

However, no one could expect that Ryan just smiled, holding a sword in one hand and stopping the crowd with the other, and said:

“There are only four, so I don’t need your help.”

When everyone heard it, they were surprised at first, but soon the surprise turned into admiration. At this moment, the four magic wolves pounced on Ryan together, and Ryan chanted a special magic power.  This magic power was a faint purple, like a thin paper covering the blade; then, Ryan drew his sword out of thin air. This sword should have slashed at nothing, but for some reason, the demon wolf in the distance fell unexpectedly, his body was cut in half, the wound was smooth and flat, and it was cut by a sharp sword. Then before the next second, three swords slashes were drawn out of thin air. Three fast-moving fireballs were split into two at the speed of sound, the flame disappeared, and the bodies of the three magic wolves fell in front of everyone.

Taking the enemy’s life thousands of miles away, this is the “Void Sword Art” taught to Ryan by VoidWalker.

However, this “Void Sword Art” was only the tip of the iceberg of the VoidWalker. Ryan already had such terrifying strength as his apprentice, and that VoidWalker himself would be even more terrifying.

When everyone thought about that, they were all scared into a cold sweat.


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