Infinite Apostle and the Twelve War Maidens Chapter 73

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73. The man who cannot be seen through 

“Is. . Is that true??”

Ryan stood in front of his servant, completely petrified.

“They are all real, young master. The sound of panting in the guest room last night didn’t stop until late at night, and I found a pool of blood when washing the sheets this morning, I’m afraid that. . .

“Okay! Stop talking!!!”

Ryan interrupted the servant with a roar. At this time, Ryan’s father hurriedly signaled all the servants to leave, and then closed the door.

“Okay, Okay, Kerr is just a woman. You can find one anywhere.”

 Wende came to his son’s side and patted his son on the back to comfort him. 

“I am better from every aspect compared to that black-haired boy. But why does Kerr fall in love with this little shit?”

Ryan roared and started smashing things frantically in the room. 

“You are too young and energetic to understand it at all.” 

Wende looked at his son and knew that he won’t be able to calm Ryan down, thinking that his son was still young.

“Why can’t I be mad? Father, don’t be angry at me for blaming you.  You gave away money and smiled at them the whole time yesterday.  You used half of the family property to buy a pharmaceutical prescription that the kid could pass on at any time, and finally even told them about the matter about Red Flame Treasure Jade.  How could you be mentally stable if you were in my shoes?”

Ryan thought to himself that all the grievances he had suffered throughout his life happened yesterday.

“Humph! You are young and vigorous. Think for yourself why I did this!”

Wende ignored Ryan and just sat there continuing to sip tea. He thought, “this retarded son of mine had been with me for so long, if he couldn’t even guess this, he would be hopeless in the future.”

. . . . . . . .

Ryan frowned when he saw this, thinking that his father was not a fool for many years being in the nobility. Did he intend to kill Yu and Kerr in the volcanic cave by the hand of a unicorn, so that Yu will not release the medicine method to others afterward??

“Huh? Do you understand now?”

Wende saw his son’s expression gradually eased, and thought that Ryan must have understood it now. 

“Father, this method seems to be ok, but can this blazing unicorn be able to control Kerr?  She is the one who hunted down the ice dragon.”

Ryan looked at Wende with a trace of doubt in his eyes.

“What are you afraid of? The ice dragon might not be so powerful.  They might just have made up the story. The army of more than 5,000 people went up and everyone gave a slash at the dragon before they died, and Kerr finally waited there and collected the head of the dragon. Moreover, the attributes of this ice dragon were overwhelmed by the Flame Witch.  However, this flame unicorn is different. It was naturally able to block the flames of ten thousand degrees, and Kerr won’t definitely won’t be able to control it. Also, didn’t we also call your master to come with us this time?  If the Raging Fire Unicorn cannot kill Kerr, we can do it ourselves. . .”

Wende watched Ryan’s face flashed with a grinning smile. It was like killing people with the help of other people’s knives. when the time came, the volcano cave would be full of their own family members, and it was said that there was only one exit in the cave. As long as the exit was blocked, it would be difficult for Kerr to flee even if she had wings to fly. When others asked after the incident, they only needed to say that Kerr and Yu died because of the Raging Fire Unicorn. 

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Time passed quickly, and in a blink of an eye, it was the day of an appointment with Wende. In the past two days, besides making up for the transfer of power with Kerr, Yu also wrote a letter to Elsa, writing all the things in the past few days, hoping Elsa could understand, and of course also told Elsa that their trip was delayed.

When Yu and Kerr were ready, they came to the meeting point at the courtyard gate. Five high-level carriages already parked here, and some very powerful mages and warriors were whispering to the side, and Ryan was also inside. When Kerr and Yu showed up, they all fell silent immediately.

Of course, Kerr ignored them and just walked straight to Wende, then looked at Wende and said:

“What is going on with these people?”

Red Flame Treasure Jade and Raging Fire Unicorn are legendary things. The fewer people who knew about the news, the better. However, this Wende also took five carriages and a group of people.

“These are our own subordinates, and I am taking them with me just in case, I hope Miss Kerr can understand.”

Wende responded with a smile. 

“Are they all from Capella? I don’t care how you divide the Red Flame Treasure Jade, but Unicorn’s blood must belong to me.”

Kerr walked into the carriage after speaking, and Yu followed in without saying a word.

“Yes. . Yes. . .”

Wende nodded while smiling, but the murderous look on his face became more and more serious. When Kerr and Yu entered the carriage, he immediately signaled the warriors and magicians to get into the car. These people also understand what was lying was not only to deal with the legendary Raging Fire Treasure Jade but also to deal with the fiery Flame Witch, so no one dared to be neglected.

On the way, Yu and Kerr took the first carriage, and Sylph would come out to take a breathe when there was no one around. In the back, Ryan and Wende, father and son, took two cronies in a car. Although these two cronies were not as famous as Kerr, they were all first-class masters in terms of strength.

One of them was Glen. He was handsome, with a flat head, and his robe was inlaid with countless blue ice magic stones. He was obviously a master of ice magic. The other one was very strong, with two huge rings in his hands, and his name was Tell. He was a warrior who was proficient in controlling intermediate earth magic, and the iron ring on his hand could vibrate through magic to cause small-scale earthquakes. If these two players were in a battle at the same time, Ryan would not be their opponent. In addition, the people in the remaining three cars were all masters who were known for their water, ice and even assassinations. Wende believes that this time not only can he obtain the Red Flame Treasure Jade and the Raging Fire Unicorn at the same time. He could also wipe out Yu and Kerr in one fell swoop, let Yu medicine method disappear, and directly break the left and right hands of Acemans.

“Ryan, what did Master Void say?”

Wende smiled and asked his son beside him, and when Green and Tell heard the word “Master Void” appeared, , who sat opposite them, couldn’t help showing a frightened look on them.

“The master said that he was already by our side.”

As soon as Ryan said these words, Green and Tell looked at each other, their faces turned pale.

How could “VoidWalker” as the empire’s ace magician talk nonsense, since he said he was already by his side, he must have been here. He couldn’t be seen on the high-speed carriage.

Only Ryan smiled at this time because he knew that although his master did not often show up in front of the world. Everything was controlled in his hands. Set foot in the void, travel freely, his whereabouts were erratic, and he was always by his side.  VoidWalker was a man who could never be seen through. If he wanted to kill, no one could stop him. If you fought him, I am afraid that the old immortal Acemans is not an opponent of his master.

But just when Ryan and Wende were holding the winning ticket, and consciously everything was under control, the carriage suddenly braked to the side of the road.

What’s going on? Did something happen??

Wende quickly opened the car door and looked forward.

I saw that the carriage that Kerr and Yu were in stopped in the middle for no reason.

Wende was startled, thinking: “Could it be that the plan was discovered?”

At this time, everyone in the carriage behind also jumped out of the carriage and took out their weapons, seeming to think of the same thing as Wende just did.

Everyone was nervous, the door of the carriage suddenly opened.  Yu ran out in a sprint, and then vomited violently in the grass on the side of the road.

. . . . . . .



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