Infinite Apostle and the Twelve War Maidens Chapter 72

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72. Replenishing the Demon

“Ah~~~ Have you finally finished talking??”

Kerr woke up Yu, and Yu stretched and said. Yu was not interested in Red Flame Treasure Jade from the very beginning.  When he saw Wende’s non-stop talking, he quickly blacked out.

“We are done, let’s stay here temporarily tonight.”

“What? Why? I was thinking…”

Kerr winked at Yu before he finished speaking.  Kerr signaled him to stop talking nonsense, and she would explain it clearly later.

“Thank you so much. It’s my honor that Miss Kerr can help. It’s getting late. Please go to the guest room to rest.”

Wende said, as he got up and walked out of the basement first.

Yu followed Kerr out together. Although Yu was full of doubts at this time, Kerr didn’t say a word, so he didn’t ask too much. Then Wende said goodnight to Kerr, and the servant took Kerr and Yu to the guest room on the second floor.

“That…that…where is my room??”

Yu stood in front of the guest room and asked suspiciously.

“This is the room for you and Miss Kerr. Our master usually does not pick up guests, so there is only one guest room in this mansion. I heard that you two are engaged, so I think there should not be a big problem.”

After the servant finished speaking, only Yu stood there feeling stupid.  “Is this happiness coming too fast, or is it a test given by God??  Am I going to sleep in the same room as Kerr?  If Elsa knew about this, I am afraid that something bad will happen again.”

 (TL/PR test given by god? Uhhh… okay buddy i mean… you are god lol… guess that doesnt apply to your virginity)

“Stop talking nonsense! Come in!”

When she said that, Kerr grabbed Yu by the shirt then dragged him into the room, and closed the door heavily.

“Is…Is this the rhythm for real action!??”

Yu looked at Kerr, who was taking off her coat, and an inexplicable excitement surged in his heart for a while.  It seemed that Elsa had said that Yu had to chase after Kerr, but was that a little bit too fast?  Did Elsa add a blessing bonus when she gave me permission. Which is chasing another girl would give me twice the result with half the effort??

Kerr ignored Yu.  She took off her coat, then put Sylph who had become a sword on the table, and then directly sat on the bed.

“Then… Uh, why on earth are we staying here? Didn’t we say we will go back to school tomorrow morning?”

Yu wondered and asked.

“So you really fell asleep earlier? I thought you were pretending. Let me tell you this, we are going to a place the day after tomorrow. . .”

Kerr quickly explained everything to Yu and told him the reason why she had accepted Yu as a disciple. She thought that the unicorn was very difficult to find and could only be found in the eastern mainland. Now that the unicorn had been found, She was hoping that Yu can help her tame it.

“Wait, don’t you think it’s weird?  Raging Fire Unicorn is not a beast around here, and I have never heard of a unicorn that guards a treasure jade.”

Although Yu did go out alot, he has read piles of books instead. To describe it bluntly, this Raging Fire Unicorn is a sacred beast in the east. Red Flame Treasure Jade was the tears of the fire spirit.  This raging fire unicorn had no reason to guard a teardrop.

“I have also thought about that too, but what else can a burning treasure jade be beside of the Red Flame Treasure Jade? Even though the old guy Wende used treasure jade to arouse my interest, he finally promised me that I could have the unicorn blood. So it doesn’t matter whether the Treasure Jade is true or not, our goal is the unicorn.”

Kerr reluctantly lay down on the bed as she spoke, and then motioned for Yu to come to her side.

“what happened?”

Yu came to Kerr’s side with confusion. At this time, Kerr’s face blushing slightly, and then said:

“What’s what’s wrong? You still don’t know any elemental magic. You only have a lot of knowledge and theories, and you can’t concentrate any elemental magic. Now I am taking you to such a dangerous place. If there would anything happen to you, where should I put my face as your master?

Kerr’s face turned completely red as she spoke, but Yu still had no idea what Kerr wanted to do.

 “It’s okay, I’m very strong.” (TL/PR yeah too strong but not strong in finding a wife who will stay with you for life by making her immortal or will he?!?!……)

Yu looked at Kerr who was worried about him.  He smiled, thinking that his master was so cute that he felt like a knife pierce his tofu heart.

“Where did you get that self-confidence.  Hurry, show me the engraving on your forehead!”

Kerr held off her red face and shouted at Yu.


Yu repeated and followed Kerr’s instructions, showing the engraving on his forehead.

“Yu get closer to me.”

After Kerr finished speaking, her face turned redder and her heartbeat became faster and faster.


Yu didn’t know what Kerr was going to do, but as soon as he approached Kerr, Kerr actually pressed Yu to her thigh, and then made a soft breath.


Yu seemed to want to say something, but his head was pressed tightly on the thigh by Kerr, Yu now had his entire face trapped on the inner thigh of Kerr’s, and he couldn’t speak at all.

“Don’t~ don’t speak nonsense, if you learn magic correctly~ I won’t be like this~~ uhhhhmm~~”

Kerr panted softly while passing on the magic power that she had gathered through each other’s marks.


That was a very ancient method of replenishing magic. In the past, when humans had not fully mastered elemental magic, some warriors or warriors knew the principles of magic, but unfortunately, they could not produce magic by themselves.

When that happened, if they could form a contract with a powerful magician, they could absorb the magical power of the magician through contract marking.  In that case, they could temporarily release magic. This method of transferring magic power quickly rewrote history. Compared with cultivating the fighting spirit, this method was much faster and easier to learn. Moreover, the descendants of the party who had been transferred magic power would over time have gradually begun to awaken their magic potential. That was why “Magic Fighting Technic” and “Magic Method” were so popular at the moment.


The transfer of magic power was not as easy as one could imagine, especially the engraving of Kerr, and Yu was in a very strange place. After transferring a little magic power, Kerr panted heavily and fell on the bed with a red face with her mouth hung open along with a thread of saliva hanging at the corner of her mouth.

“How. . How? Do you feel that there is a wave of magic in your body?”

After Kerr rested a little, she asked Yu. Yu just stayed face down on Kerr’s thigh and was motionless.

“Yu??? Stupid apprentice??”

Seeing that Yu didn’t respond, Kerr was in fear and sat up immediately sat up. She saw a puddle of blood left on her leg.  Right the way, Kerr was panicking. Has something happened during the magic transmission?

Kerr quickly raised Yu’s head. Then she wishes she did not see what she just saw.  Kerr got really angry when she looked at Yu. 

She saw Yu with a nosebleed and a happy smile on his face. As if he was still in a dream.  He still mumbled from time to time:

“It smells so good… So comfortable…”

When Kerr looked at him, she did care even he was bleeding; she kicked him to the end of the bed. 

“What are you thinking in your head, rascal apprentice? I kindly passed the magic power to you, and you are thinking about that.” 

Yu woke up immediately by that one kick.  He covered his nose with one hand, and quickly picked up the towel next to him and began to wipe his face. 

“No… No, but you suddenly did this to me, how could I not think about it.” 

Yu felt so wronged that he did not do anything.  Kerr was the one who pressed his face into her thigh.  Yu couldn’t fight back, but could he at least enjoy it?

“I…I should be blamed for not explaining to you clearly at first. Do you feel that there is elemental magic in your body now?”

Kerr blushed, looking at Yu and said.

Yu froze for a moment, and then tried to condense the so-called elemental magic. At this moment, he discovered that his own hand could emit a small flame. That was not something that only an apostle could emit like hellfire. This flame was an extremely ordinary fire.

 “I didn’t expect to be able to use it like this?”

Yu looked at the ordinary fire at his fingertips and smiled which was impossible for elemental magic to be produced by him. However, Yu was in a mortal body, so Kerr could force these elemental magic powers into Yu’s body by compressing the magic in her body, just like inflating a balloon with a pump.

It was just when Yu opened his own limiter to the third level, these magical powers would be swallowed by Yu’s physique instantly.

“If it is useful, then let’s continue. I am afraid that there would be a mistake in taking you to such a dangerous place. The more magic power is charged, the better. From today onwards, I will always take you to replenish magic power.”

Kerr hugged the pillow beside her, her face flushed. She did not look like the Flame Witch who was not inferior to the ice dragon. At this moment, Kerr was a petite and lovely girl in Yu’s eyes.

“That… Then lets continue??” 

Although Yu was asking, his body had already unconsciously got close to Kerr’s leg. 

“Hmm. . . . . .”

Kerr hugged the pillow and nodded quietly. Just when Yu was about to bury his face between her legs, he heard Kerr say: 

“Yes. . Can you turn off the lights?”


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