Infinite Apostle and the Twelve War Maidens Chapter 71.5

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71. Flaming Treasure Jade (2) 

Wende brought Yu and Kerr into the basement of the mansion, where it was soundproof and was an excellent place to discuss secrets.

After Wende repeatedly confirmed that no one was eavesdropping, he began to talk to Kerr about the Flaming Treasure Jade.

“Miss Kerr, do you know that a volcano that had been silent for hundreds of years suddenly erupted not long ago?”

Kerr looked at the location of the “Larda” volcano on the map and nodded.  She said:

“I know, I heard about this not long ago. The “Larda” volcano was supposed to be an extinct volcano. The sudden eruption is indeed surprising.  After all, it is just a natural phenomenon. What does this have to do with the treasure Jade?”

Although Kerr said so, her eyes had been fixed on the volcano on the map and never left.

“This is the problem. After the volcano erupted, the empire immediately formed a rescue team to go to the area where the disaster happened, and of course, our Capella family also went with it.”

Wende said with a smile, thinking that our Capella family did not only know how to use our power, but they also contributed to the superficial effort of fighting disasters and saving lives more than anyone else.  When Wende saw Kerr who didn’t respond to his claim of Capella family’s efforts, he stopped bragging, but continued:

“During the relief process, the volcano gradually calmed down. Our Capella family has a very perceptive subordinate who always felt that there was something in the volcano.  So after the disaster relief was completed, the subordinate asked a few brave guys, when others were not paying attention, they secretly climbed onto the volcano.  As a result, they found a monster deep in a cave in the volcano.  It was said that this monster has the head of a lion, the horns of a deer, the tail of a dragon, and a raging fire burning all over its body.”

Speaking of this, all around suddenly fell silent, and could not hear anything except Yu was snoring lightly. Wende looked at Kerr, and Kerr frowned then slowly said:

“Raging Fire Unicorn.”

Wende immediately sighed loudly when he saw that Kerr spoke the name of the monster:

“No wonder Miss Kerr is an ace magician.  You know what kind of monster it is just by description.  That’s the Raging Fire Unicorn. Yes, to find out the real body of this monster, I spent days and nights soaking in the pile of books before I found some hints.”

Kerr was not the kind of person who liked to be flattered.  She frowned as if she was thinking about something, and then said slowly:

“I have been paying attention to this fiery unicorn for a long time, but this unicorn is a monster on the eastern continent, why did it suddenly appear in our empire?”

“Everyone knows that the continent on which the empire is located is separated from the continent to the east by an endless sea.  Although it is said that there is a direct connection from the elementary world, it still doesn’t make sense it shows up here.”

“I don’t know this, but the fiery unicorn seems to be guarding something, so those people took advantage when the unicorn left for a moment and took a closer look.  They found that it was a jade burning with fiery fire. Before they could pick up the jade, they were all chased and killed by the unicorn. Thanks to the decisive decision-making of my subordinate, he escaped by jumping off the cliff. After that, he fled back to the camp and became unconscious. The people above thought they were playing with fire and set themselves on fire, so they didn’t care much. We didn’t learn about it until the subordinate woke up not long ago.”

Kerr mumbled after listening:

“Red Flame Treasure Jade . . . If you didn’t guess wrong, the jade that emits flames is nothing but the Red Flame Treasure Jade.”

Wende knew that Kerr was moved when she saw this, so he continued:

“We are now preparing to form a team to capture the gem, I don’t know if Lady Flame Witch is willing to help us.”

When Kerr heard it, she knew the purpose of Wende.  It must be because his team was not strong enough, so he wanted Kerr to help them.  Kerr said:

“Yes, I can help, but I don’t know what I will get in return?”

At this time, Wende looked at Kerr with a smile, and said confidently:

The unicorn belongs to you, and the treasure belongs to me. How about that??”

Kerr was surprised at first after hearing this but thought that since Wende had checked all the information on the unicorn, he must have known the usefulness of the unicorn.

Like the ice dragon, the Raging Flame unicorn belongs to the legendary beast, which was born from natural magic. It was said that its blood could make the magic of the fire mage remove the limitation of the fire element, from the common fire in the world to the sky fire that could purify everything.

Kerr thought about it and looked at the drowsy Yu.  She took Yu as her student because of his “Beast Training” skill.  She knew that one day, she was planning to the east to find the Raging Fire Unicorn.   Only by drinking the unicorn’s blood, Kerr would be able to get rid of the limitation of the fire element and reach a stage beyond existing human magic.

Although the Raging Fire Treasure Jade cannot be owned by herself, it was a pity. Since unicorn blood could be obtained here, it could also save the trouble of traveling to the eastern mainland.

So Kerr stood up, looked at Wende, smiled slightly, and said:

“Ok, deal.”


TamaSaga · September 22, 2020 at 2:18 pm

While we don’t have a graphical depiction with a webnovel, the manga translation called that creature a unicorn and was roasted in Ch 21 when the manga showed a 3 horned creature. They eventually called it a Qilin in chapter 29.

    mythrapneuma · September 22, 2020 at 9:28 pm

    i dont follow the manga translations.

      mythrapneuma · September 22, 2020 at 9:33 pm

      also those translations are mainly using a mtl without much thought or refinement.

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