Infinite Apostle and the Twelve War Maidens Chapter 71

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71.  Flaming Jade (1) 

With the rest of the afternoon, Yu closed the door and taught Wende how to make the medicine. Although Wende was a middle-aged man, he now nodded and bowed to Yu, just like a student.  Kerr sat aside while sipping tea prepared by Wende and smiling quietly beside Yu.  She thought if this perverted apprentice could make medical potions, it would be better if he could divide half of his skills into magic. (TL/PR not possible, keep dreaming)

The afternoon passed quickly. Although Wende knew how to make this speed casting potion, his own craftsmanship was too poor.   Therefore, he only succeeded two or three times out of ten.  Even then he was very satisfied.  The cost of this medicine was not at all distressing even if it failed a hundred times. The cost was low, and the operation was simple.  If it is produced in large quantities and sold abroad, that half of the property given away to Yu would be recovered in less than half a year, and the recipe would help Wende earn more in the future. 

Thinking of this, Wende was also laughing in his heart.  He thought although the pharmacy level of this brat was almost miraculous, he was too naïve.  For such a miraculous pharmaceutical method, Yu only sold it for a small amount of money.  If he were Yu, he would stick to the prescription, as long as the prescription was in hand, the money would continue to pour into his pocket. unless. . . . . . .

Wende frowned suddenly as if he just thought of something, but when he looked up and saw that Yu and Kerr seemed to be leaving.  Wende hurriedly stopped Yu and Kerr at the door.

“It’s getting late today, how about the two of you rest in my mansion for one night?”

Kerr put on her coat, shook her hand, and said:

“No, we will leave for school tomorrow morning. So don’t bother.”

“Well, someone is waiting for me at school, so I won’t stay here for long.”

Yu thought that they already got the money in their hands, why should they stay here longer?

“Is that so? There was something I wanted to discuss with the two tonight. Since you are going to leave tomorrow; then, just assume that I have never mentioned it.”

Wende said half of a sentence, and it lifted Kerr’s interest. It was just that Kerr knew that this guy was not a good person; therefore, it was better to take the money and leave now. It was the best solution to not have much contact in the future with the Capella Family.  Before Kerr could reply, Wende continued:

“I wonder if Miss Kerr has heard of such a thing as Flaming Treasure Jade?”

As soon as Kerr heard it, her eyes widened.  Flaming Treasure Jade was the best among fire magic stones. This thing had only been heard in legends.  It was said that this gem could greatly increase the magic power of a fire mage and possess the ability as if it were a fire spirit. It was just that this Flaming Treasure Jade had never appeared before, it was just a legend.

Wende saw that Kerr looked surprised, and she seemed to be tempted. So he continued:

“If Miss Kerr is interested, I have information about the whereabouts of Flaming Treasure Jade. It’s just up to you whether you were interested”

Wende smiled and stretched out his hand, meaning that this matter must be discussed elsewhere,

Yu was a little impatient when he saw that.  He thought that he should go back to Elsa as soon as possible.  Why were they still here?  Yu quickly took Kerr’s hand and pulled her out.

“Not interested, and not useful. We still have urgent business at school.”

What was Flaming Treasure Jade, or Extreme Ice Treasure Jade, this jade was the tears of the element elves, Yu’s sister at home has a lot of them.  So he was not interested at all.

But Kerr pulled Yu back, and then stood firmly on the spot, looking at Wende who was smiling pretending and said:

“So what do you want from us to exchange for this information?

Kerr knew that that was not something people talked about casually. If it was discussed, there must be a conspiracy.

Then Wende only said slowly:

“Miss Kerr, you are thinking too much, let’s go to another place to this matter.”

After speaking, Wende got up and walked outside the door. Then, Kerr also pulled a reluctant face, and followed Wende to the room.


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