Infinite Apostle and the Twelve War Maidens Chapter 70

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70. Peerless magical medicine 

As soon as Wende said this, the audience fell into silence. Even Madsen and Acemans stood still and were shocked. Kerr who was standing next to Yu was so shocked that her draw dropped. How much is half of Wende’s assets?

“Father! Are you crazy!??”

Ryan looked at his father and didn’t know what to do. What’s wrong with offering half of the family property? Why did his father want to exchange the prescription for half of their assets with this kid?

“Shut up! It’s not your turn to speak here yet.”

No one expected Wende to scold his son back at this time.

Wende had completely lost his previous arrogance at this time. He looked at Yu with respect, as if he was a student who was looking at his teacher.

“Mr. Yu, please forgive me for demeaning and mocking you earlier. You are such a great person and hopefully won’t hold a grudge on me.”

Wende looked at Yu and said carefully and slowly. 

“Of course I won’t remember your past, but you have to ask my fiancée if she would forgive you.”

Yu turned around and looked at Kerr and stuck out his tongue mischievously. No one saw that except Kerr.

Kerr originally wanted to pinch this silly apprentice to make him aware of it, but then she thought again, now as long as Yu pretend to be her fiancé, he could save her from a lot of harassment.  In addition, now this aristocratic family actually wanted to give half of the family property to Yu.  Kerr didn’t have a lot of money lately, and she had such an apprentice like Yu who always asked for money.  It would be a big loss if Yu didn’t do this business deal with Wende.

“Of course, I won’t hold a grudge.”

Kerr looked at Wende who was so nervous that his face turned in color, so she answered without much thought. 

Wende’s expression instantly eased a lot when he heard it.  He asked respectfully again: 

“Then, do you want to sell this prescription or not?”

Yu looked at Kerr, then nodded to each other and replied:



Kerr and Yu replied in unison.

Wende immediately opened his eyes wildly and smiled. He came up and patted Yu on the shoulder, and said from time to time:

“Young and promising! Young and promising!!”

When everyone saw what just happened, they were completely confused.  What made Wende from the Capella family so willingly give up half of his property?

“Could this medicine be ecstasy soup? Are you planning to rob my family’s wealth brat?”

 Ryan saw his father’s unusual behavior, fearing that he had been given the medicine, so he drew his sword and pointed the sword directly at Yu. 

This time, neither Sylph nor Kerr stopped Ryan. Ryan’s father stopped Ryan himself.  

“Idiotic boy, it’s not your turn to go wild here! Put away the sword quickly and apologize to Mr. Yu.”

Wende pulled his son away, and then quickly smiled at Yu. 

“Father, what the hell is going on, why do you beg others to take your property?”

Ryan was going crazy and became so anxious.

“Idiotic boy, do you have to force me to tell you about this medicine over here?”

Ryan’s dad also became anxious because he knew if he didn’t make it clear to Ryan today, his son, Ryan would not give up causing trouble. 

“Yes! It must be explained clearly! Otherwise, I can’t swallow this breath.”

Seeing his father’s relief, Ryan became even more anxious to ask for the reason.

“Okay, I will tell you why.”

After saying that to Ryan, Wende lifts his hand and quickly chants something like a spell in his mouth. In an instant, a shield made of mud appeared in front of Wende. This was the intermediate magic “Earth Shield”.

“This. . . What does this mean??”

“Does releasing this magic have anything to do with this medicine?”

When everyone was puzzled, Ryan’s drawl dropped, and looked at his father in surprise. 

“Seven seconds? Father’s “Earth Shield” actually took only seven seconds to form.”

Ryan looked at his father in horror. And his father just nodded and motioned for Ryan to ask Yu.  Wende was not a powerful magician, and intermediate magic such as “Earth Shield” was already very difficult for him to cast. In the past, from this magic was formed a magic circle in the mind to the spell was released, it took a full ten seconds.  But this time it was three seconds faster.  In a critical moment, even one second faster could determine a person’s life or death.

 At this moment, Yu stood up, looked at Ryan and said slowly:

“My potion can dissolve the elements in the magic stone in the soup, which means that if you drink this bowl of medicine, the magic stone will merge into your intestines and be absorbed by your body. From now on, even if you don’t wear the magic stone It has the same ability as if you are wearing it. Although drinking it again later will slowly slow down the superimposed effect.  However, this is a permanent effect, and it does not conflict with the magic stone you wear afterward.”

Wende nodded next to him again and again after hearing this.  Madsen and the others beside Wende could no longer sit still. Madsen snatched the cup on the table and didn’t care if Wende had drunk from it. He put his finger in the remaining liquid medicine and put it in his mouth to taste it.

In the next instant, Madsen was petrified in place. He muttered intermittently:

“It… It turns out that there are such medicines. . .”

At this time, Wende could not care about him. Seeing Wende leaning on Yu’s shoulders and pulling him into his mansion with a smile on his face.  Kerr and Sylph followed them closely. Now there was only a group of people studying around that cup of potion and Ryan, who is as petrified as Madsen.

Wende invited Yu into the VIP room at his home and brought Yu and Kerr to the best tea in the house. At this time, Sylph knew that being there would affect the host.  Therefore, she quietly turned into a sword on the road and was hidden under the cloak by Kerr.

At this time, Wende took out three space rings inlaid with B-grade gems from his hands. Although these rings all together were not as high-quality as the one that Yu had before, they were more than enough for storing the money.

“Mr. Yu, Miss Kerr. I have just instructed my subordinates to put in half of my movable property in these rings. Would you like to recount them yourself?”

Wende handed the three rings to Yu personally as he said, for fear that he would not want it.

“No need to order, I don’t know in what year I could finish counting.”

Yu took the three rings from Wende and handed them to Kerr.

“I really didn’t know that Mr. Yu loves your fiancée so much.”

As soon as Wende saw that Yu handed all the money to Kerr, he quickly praised him. Who knew that Kerr blushed at this time and didn’t know what to say.

That seemed to be extremely strange to Wende. Yu must be the fiancé who could make the Flame Witch blush. It seemed they were really engaged, and they were not acting.

“Kerr is my master, of course, I have to hand over the money to her. I will stay in the afternoon and teach you how to make medicine. I will not miss a single step.”

Yu was a person of honesty, so he would provide what he promised if he took the money. Yu was not afraid to give away this recipe, because he still had various other weird medicines. This casual potion could make this Wende surrender half of the family property. Then, all the other potions could even be worth more money.  If Yu gave out all the recipes, it would be no problem for him to buy the entire empire. Yu thought about this, and suddenly, he felt that life was full of hope in an instant.

At this moment, Yu and Kerr were both patronizing and excited, completely ignoring that Acemans stood in the courtyard and frowned solemnly.


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