Infinite Apostle and the Twelve War Maidens Chapter 69

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69. I want half of your assets 

“This. . . This. . .”

Madsen stared at the potion.  Despite the medicine having just been poured out of the pot, he picked up a cup prepared by Yu, he dug a cup and drank it quickly.

Although that was a cup of hot liquid, after Madsen finished that cup of hot potion, Madsen felt completely refreshed, and his mental power became much more abundant. There was no difference from the potion made by Ryan.  Its power was even slightly stronger than that.


Madsen could only say this word as he put down the cup.

When everyone saw this, they also picked up a cup and tried the brilliant potion that the potion master called.  No one had anything more to say as soon as they downed the cup of the potion. This kid named Yu was simply a genius. Using medicinal materials that were ten times cheaper, but it was dozens of times faster.  The potion made by Yu was the same as Ryan, and it was a bit more powerful than Ryan’s.

The most important thing was that his general pharmaceutical method of cooking was simply unheard of, unseen in the post.

At this time, everyone looked at Ryan and his son.  They only noticed that their faces looked pale, and they totally lost the momentum.

“Satisfied or dissatisfied?”

Yu looked at the middle-aged man smile and ask


Wende looked at people’s reaction and didn’t reply.  He also picked up a cup and dug out a sip of potion into his mouth. Then, he looked at Yu silently, as if he was squeezing the words out of his lungs, and said:

“Satisfied. . . .”

Everyone thought that Yu was like a Jedi that fought back. The man was identified by Kerr was indeed exceptional.  Those people who laughed at Yu earlier all regretted what they did, thinking that they should not look down on Yu.

Just when everyone thought it was going to end of it, yet Yu said again.

“Satisfied just for this? I have more, do you want to see it?”

Everyone was stunned as soon as they heard it. There would be a more magical potion besides this? The first presentation had already shocked everyone.  If there were more coming, he could be able to overpower everyone.

Although everyone was a bit embarrassed because they laughed at Yu before, of course, they wanted to see if this new pharmaceutical method would be presented.


Someone in the crowds suddenly shouted, and then everyone followed up and said they must watch.

Yu smile slightly, pick up the spoon, and stew the previously prepared ingredients into the pot.  Kerr looked at Yu, she knew that this was obviously the method of making magic elixir.

Relying on the power of Kerr’s flame, the boiling time of the elixir changed from three hours to ten minutes, and when the elixir broth was done, everyone was completely impressed.

“Magic. . . Magic elixir?”

Madsen’s eyes widened immediately after taking a sip and shouted in surprise.  The onlookers around him went crazy as soon as they heard what Madsen said.

“OMG! Magic elixir? Was it made by stewing??”

“Isn’t this recipe lost for three hundred years?”

“It’s no wonder that Kerr’s magic power can be greatly increased.  It must be because of the stewed magic elixir?”

There was only one pot of this elixir, so not everyone could have it. Those of lower levels could only stare at the pot of elixir from the periphery and were afraid to move forward to get the elixir

“Yu, is his name Yu?? Kerr’s fiancé is a genius. As soon as this magical elixir would be released, I am afraid that the level of our empire’s magician would leap by four to five years so that our empire would have hope to lead the entire continent.”

Such praise was endless, and the complexions of the Ryan father and son became even more stern. Yu didn’t seem to know how to stop himself, he smiled again and said:

 “I still have a unique technique.  Do you want to see it or not?”

When everyone heard it, there were no doubts they all wanted to see it.

 At this time, Yu said indifferently:

“Yes, you can see it, but with one condition. Earlier, your father and son pressed hard on Kerr in front of me, and I wanted to fight back.”

After Yu finished speaking, he turned to Kerr slightly glanced and blinked at Kerr with a smile without being seen by others.  Not knowing what was going on, Yu’s smile made Kerr’s heart beat wildly, and her face flushed.

“Fight back? How do you fight back? Can we apologize?”

Wende asked with a fake smile.

“I just heard Kerr said that your Capella family is wealthy and powerful, so I want to claim some money from you. Do you have any comments?”

Wende couldn’t help but smile.

“Heh! I wonder what it could be.  Just money.  Capella’s family has it.  Let me know what you want.”

Wende thought to himself, “even if you ask for a huge amount as a lion opens its big mouth, will my Capella family be afraid of not having money to pay you?”

“Okay, I want half of your assets.”

As soon as Yu said that, everyone was silent.  Although this Wende was not the most powerful one of the Capela family, the assets under his name were more than 100 million.  Half of his assets would be 50 million gold or at least tens of millions.  Even there was a fool, he would not spend this money as a mental damage expense for no reason.

“Idiot! Do you think you are so great because you can make some potions? My Capella family doesn’t owe you anything. Do you think I’ll just give the money to you?”

What Yu lacked the most now was money. After he gave Elsa the ice jade bracelet, Yu used up every penny on him.  Now there was a big piece of fat laying in front of him that had been tempting him.  How could Yu not be tempted?

“Silly apprentice, that is too much.”

Kerr tugged at the corner of Yu’s clothes and warned him in a low voice.  Although Kerr was very happy that Yu vented anger for her, it should not go too far.  Otherwise, it would not be a joke to offend Capella’s house.

“It’s okay, he will be willing to pay later.”

Yu looked at Kerr, smiled and replied.  Kerr was stunned, what tricks Yu would play again.  Yu usually acted like a perverted kid in front of Kerr, but Kerr didn’t expect Yu could be so reliable at critical times. Kerr couldn’t help but warm up when she thought of this, and her cheeks flushed slightly again.

“Oh, willing to pay? Then you do something to open my eyes.”

Wende looked at Yu and wondered, “what tricks this kid could have. Are you going to make some medicine that could shock the gods?”

“Okay, let’s do what you just said.”

After Yu finished speaking, he picked up the previously cut and washed medicinal materials and poured them into the pot. This time the method was exactly the same as when I made the psychoactive medicine.  The materials were the same, he just added water that was twice as much as before. When everyone was puzzled, Yu took out a red magic stone and held it high in his hand for everyone to watch.

“This is a magic stone with a magic bonus. I have taken it out of the jewelry. The specific effect is probably to make the casting speed three seconds faster than before.”

Yu raised the magic stone high in the air, and everyone looked at the magic stone with confusion, no one knew what Yu was going to do next. In the next second, Yu put the stone on the grinder, pulverized the magic stone into powder little by little, and then poured it into the pot.

When everyone saw this process, they were all stunned.  They once again suspected that Yu was a lunatic.  The previous two potions were genuine.  Everyone was confused for half an hour until Yu’s finally pulled the potion out.

As soon as Yu removed the cover, golden light flickered. The whole pot of soup stewed only less than one-third of the concoction. This concoction seemed clear, but the concentration of magic power in it was very condensed.  When looking at the potion directly under the sun, everyone could clearly see that there was a slight red glow in the concoction.

Just when Madsen and everyone wanted to try it, they were immediately stopped by Yu. 

“This medicine can only be taken by one person.”

After speaking, Yu poured out the pot of concoction and handed it to Wende. Wende was silent when he saw this.  Thinking that Yu wouldn’t dare to poison him in front of everyone, so he took the medicine and drank it in one gulp. 

“Father! How could you just drink it like that?”

Ryan immediately became anxious when he saw this, if it was poison, Wende would be finished.

Before Ryan could finish speaking, his father immediately raised his hand and motioned Ryan to keep quiet.  Then he slowly lowered the cup with one handshaking, looking at Yu with a very serious and horrified look and said:

“Can half of my assets buy your method of making this potion?”

At this moment, there was no sound in the huge courtyard.  It was so quiet that even the sound of a needle falling to the ground could be heard. 


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