Infinite Apostle and the Twelve War Maidens Chapter 68

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68. Different operations 

What Yu just said caught many people’s attention.  Countless of people looked at Yu in the audience.

“Haha, did you hear that? He said he would do it??”

“It’s crazy, I think Kerr has found a madman as her husband.”

“Likely Kerr is also crazy. After all, she has not contributed any successful research in the past three years, I am afraid that she is getting anxious.”

Everyone around began talking and expressing their opinions, as Kerr’s expression was changing when she heard the comments. At this moment a respected old man walked out. He took the cup with the medicine in his hand and walked in front of Yu and said:

“Young man, I think you are really a joke. You are a person who doesn’t even know elemental magic. How can you make magic potions? To make such a potion, you must have a very skillful technique in the control of various elemental magic powers in this refining medicine.  If you make even a small mistake that could cause irreparable losses.”

Speaking of that, the old man raised the cup in his hand and pointed at the medicine inside and began to analyze it:

“Take Ryan’s potion that can restore people’s spiritual power. It seems to have no elemental fluctuations on the surface, but in fact it contains a lot of magical powers of water and light elements. Let the water element fully absorb the medicinal materials, and adjust the magic power of the light element according to a certain ratio, and then this medicine is created.”

When the old man finished speaking, he handed the potion to Yu, wanting him to see with his own eyes what a genius was. Ryan was talented and intelligent at birth, which is not something ordinary people can do.”

However, Yu took a look at the potion, then poured it to the ground next to his  feet, and said again:

“I can create medicine too, and I do it better than this piece of trash.”

(TL/PR oh he’s actually going to show them who’s boss well kind of…)

If everyone just insulted Yu, Yu would not make such an excessive move.  To Yu, he had no control over others mouth, so just let them talk about it.  However, once they began to involve  Kerr and insulted her, it became two different things.

When everyone saw this, their expressions changed drastically. Didn’t Yu know who the old man was?   If it was about magic cultivation, no one in the presence of Acemans had objections. If it came to making potions, this old man would be the number one person in this respect, and even Acemans dared not say anything in front of him. Countless medicaments had been processed by him that had improved the ability and were paid for mass production.  There were also countless of his magical potions that had saved a life on the battlefield. This man was now the master of magical pharmacy in the Empire, Madsen.

“Hmph, I only came to teach you because you are still young. I was hoping that you can be as good as Ryan in twenty years, so you don’t disappoint Kerr who likes you.  However,  it only that you have no respect but you also become more arrogant. I think Kerr, you really make a mistake and pick a wrong person this time.”

The old man walked into the crowd as soon as he finished speaking, ignoring the stubborn boy.

“Well, whether Kerr made a mistake, you will know when I finish it. The medicinal materials of this potion are vanilla, powder of shining stone, scales of dragon snake, lovage, and pure water from under the ice field. I don’t know if I am right or wrong about this??”

Yu listed out the materials needed for the potion, and everyone was dumbfounded. It was important to know that no one would reveal the ingredients in medicine they made, especially this new rare medicine, which would never be revealed. But Yu could guess the material at a glance, could he really be a master?

However, whether this was right or not, everyone had no idea. One more glance at the surprised expressions of Madsen, Ryan and his father, everyone no longer had any doubts.

Of course Ryan was not chill with what he heard.  Knowing the formula and making the potion were two different things. Ryan smiled coldly and said:

“Yes, you are all right. But can you make it?”

“Yes.  I can do it now.”

Yu blurted out without even thinking about it.

“Did you bring these medicinal materials with? It took me a month to make this bottle here. This medicinal material has already been used up, and we need to collect it again. I’m afraid it will be at least a week later. If you can do it, it will be a month later. I don’t want to wait for you.”

Ryan thought to himself, “who would remember this one month later. If Yu couldn’t do it today, Yu would be embarrassed.  In the future, others would only remember that Kerr left Gold and silver like Ryan for garbage like Yu. I’m afraid Acemans can’t lift his head in front of everyone from now on.”

Just as Ryan was proud of himself, Yu muttered a few words in Kerr’s ear. Then Kerr looked a little shocked.  Without asking more, she turned around and walked away.

At this time, Yu rolled up his sleeves, then walked to the table where the potion was placed and threw everything on the table to the ground.

“You dare to destroy my potion brat!”

Ryan was about to draw his sword when he saw it but was stopped by his father.

Wende looked at You and said unhurriedly:

“I am patient with you repeatedly for you are the subordinate of Master Acemans.  What you did today is to insult my Capella’s house.”

Yu didn’t even look at the middle-aged man, just replied indifferently:

“The medicine you make is the same as what belongs in the trash can, of course I don’t give two shits about it. All the rare medicinal materials have been ruined by you. Instead, I will do it. I can make ten bottles of the same medicinal materials in a day.”

As soon as Wende heard this, he didn’t say anything, and immediately slapped the table and shouted:

“Well, I don’t need you to make ten bottles! Even if you could make one bottle, my Capella’s family would be convinced!”

Yu didn’t say much but just smiled, and replied with confidence: “Okay.”  Yu thought: “who cares if you are convinced? You will only have wishful thinking from creating this.”

At this time, everyone was looking forward to watching a good show with smiles, only Acemans, who stood silently, seemed to have some expectations for this Kerr’s apprentice.

After a while, Kerr returned with the servants. She came back with a huge stove and pot, followed by some commonly used pharmaceutical instruments and chopping boards. While everyone was still wondering what those were for, Kerr spread all the materials Yu wanted on the table.

“Coriander”, “Carrot”, “Aesculus”, “Three Hundred Herbs”, etc.

In addition to some vegetables that could be bought in the vegetable market, and there were also some unusual medicinal materials on this table. The most expensive one was probably  “Dragon Scale”. The dragon scale grass was not a real dragon scale, so it was not expensive.

“Haha, you have all these along with a stove and pot, and you have so many things bought from the vegetable market. Are you planning to cook for us?”

 Wende couldn’t help but ridiculed a few words and thought “You Acemans and Kerr are going to completely embarrassed today.”

Everyone present had the same thought, but no one expected that Yu simply replied:


As Yu spoke, he put on an apron, and then began to work on the table, washing the leaves, removing the stems, peeling, and shredding.  He was having that Chef’s posture.

Everyone couldn’t help but stare at them, thinking: “Is this really cooking?”

Besides Yu’s actions, what made everyone puzzled was the shape of the pot. This pot and stove looked so familiar.

Before they could reflect, they saw Yu cover the pot and put out the fire on the stove.

Yu waited quietly for a few seconds with his eyes closed, as if he was counting in his heart.

Just when everyone was about to comment on something, they saw Yu opened the lid, and the golden light instantly shone, and a fragrant smell spread in the air.  Everyone saw and smelled it, and all of them were drooling like a waterfall.

At this time, Madsen, the master potionist, walked to the pot and looked into the pot. As soon as he looked into the pot, Madsen’s jaw dropped and couldn’t close at first glance.

When everyone saw this, their hearts were even tenser, and they realized that something was wrong. Then, Yu lifted the big pot, put the strainer on the basin, and then strained the soup in the pot.

The soup passed through the strainer and entered the bowl. The blue liquid medicine emitted bursts of golden light, which looked no different from the medicine that Ryan just showed.

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