Infinite Apostle and the Twelve War Maidens Chapter 67

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67. He is my fiancé 

“What. . . what… What did the Flame Witch just say?”

“Did she say. . . did she say that he is her fiancé?”

“My god, who is this kid? How could the Flame Witch even lay her eyes on him?”

For a moment, the nobles were all surprised by Kerr’s words and didn’t know what to think.

Everyone knows that Ryan liked Kerr. Ryan was a noble son, and his magic talent was comparable to Kerr’s level. In addition, Ryan’s master is “Voidwalker”.  Based on seniority, social status, and background, Ryan and Kerr are both talented and beautiful.  They were a perfect match in heaven. 

(TL/PR but Yorman is a lech so doesn’t that make him better and he can’t use the elemental magic system)

But they were torn apart by a black-haired boy who showed up before they could become the preferred couple.  This black-haired boy looked ordinary.  Although he dressed very decent today, it was not hard to tell that he did not have much social experience.  He did not seem like a young nobleman who was well educated.  However, Kerr said in public that he was her fiancé, and this was engraved on his forehead, it was hard not to admit it.

Everyone thought of this and all looked at Ryan whose face turned ashen. The corners of his mouth and eyebrows were constantly twitching, probably because he tried to compress his anger.  If it weren’t for the exchange meeting, Ryan would already kill the black-haired boy with one slash.

“Kerr. . . Kerr, why are you doing this?  I have been treating you well, why are you having someone here to lie to me?

Ryan resisted his anger and suffocated this sentence from his mouth.   He was hoping that Kerr announced her fiance just because she was mad at him.

“Hey, what is going on here?”

Seeing this situation, Yu didn’t understand it, so he whispered in Kerr’s ear.

“Leave him alone, this guy’s private life is rotten.  He has been pestering me for a long time.  He also used his family’s power to force marriage upon me several times.  Now the opportunity is here, I must well just kill his hope upon me.”

Kerr preached in a voice that only she and Yu could hear.

“Stop acting, you two! How can I not be as good as the kid next to you? If you want to just get me mad, you should find someone who is more at my level.”

Ryan was very not happy when he saw Kerr and Yu whispering in each other’s ears.  Seeing the two lowered their heads talking to each other, Ryan sensed that there must be something tricky.

“Acting? I am not acting? My Yu is better than you in every aspect. Now, this gem is just not polished out, so I just accepted him as a succession disciple.  I am ready to train him hand in hand.  One day he will overshadow my name and become the ace magician of the empire.”

Ryan and Yu both thought that Kerr would stop thereafter she said that.  However, they never expected that Kerr would then grab Yu by the shirt, stand on her tiptoe, and kiss Yu at his cheek. 

For a moment, Kerr’s pink lips stamped on Yu’s cheeks. The delicate touch made Yu felt happy and sad.  He was happy because he was actually kissed by such a cute like Kerr.  He was sad because Elsa would be disappointed if she knew about it.

Before Yu could think further, he only felt a powerful magic power released from Ryan.

“In this case, don’t blame me, Ryan, for being rude to you! !”

Ryan pointed at Kerr, since he couldn’t get Kerr, then no one else should have Kerr. Ryan was talented and received advanced education from a young age.  He did not need to go to school.  

He became a senior mage when he was less than 20 years old.  Then, he was spotted by “Voidwalker” at the age of 22 and became his disciple. Ryan’s power was now close to Kerr.  He had a great potential to become an ace mage because he had all these advantages, he was selfish and wouldn’t allow others to take anything away from him. “What I want to get must be mine. If I can’t get it, I won’t let others get it even if it is broken.”

“Brat! Before you beat the dog, you should first see who its owner is. Stop it! !”

At this time, Ryan’s father slammed Ryan. Ryan saw his father approaching and immediately put away the rapier.

What Mr. Wende just said to Ryan was not as simple as persuasion.  He referred to Kerr and Yu as dogs in his sentence.  The reason why he won’t let his son fight against Kerr and Yu was not only because his son couldn’t beat Yu.  It was because Kerr and Yu’s master was next him at the moment.  At the same time, Wende sent a message to Acemans, “you are old, even if I respect you, but I don’t care about your students. I advise you to retire as soon as possible.”

However, Kerr was irritated by the father and son duo.  She could care less whether they were from Capella’s family.  The Flame Witch did not even blink when she faced the ice dragon alone.  Kerr’s magical power surged, and flames were constantly rising around her, and there was a tendency to level the place.

Although everyone was flustered when they saw this, they still thought that Kerr would not really level the place even if she was mad.  However, people were surprised that there were explosions from Kerr’s body when she released the magic power.  One year ago, Kerr definitely couldn’t reach such a concentration of magic power, even if she was given another three years to practice, she still won’t be able to reach this level.  Just now, her magic power covered the sky.  Her power seemed to have already left the other two absent ace mages far behind.

Now people understood why the other two ace mages were absent.  They probably knew that Kerr had improved her power significantly, so they went to practice instead of coming to the conference this year.

At this moment, Acemans, who was standing beside Wende, stared, and released an invisible magic power that instantly covered Kerr’s flames. Kerr saw that and was shocked.  She quickly put away the magic.

“Kerr~~ Mr. Wende is right before you beat the dog, you should first see who its owner is. How can you treat others like this?”

Wende almost vomited in blood when he heard what Acemans said. This sentence was from himself, but who would have thought that Acemans would apply the same sentence to himself.  In the same sentence, Acemans compared his son to a dog. How could such an angry Wende be swallowed?

“Ahem, well, we are not interested in the grievances and hatreds of your juniors. Master Acemans said that this apprentice of Kerr has some skills. I just looked at him and found that there is no magic flow in him? ?”

Although Wende was not a powerful magician, the number of magicians he had met was more than the mileage that most of the people who had traveled.  The Capella family every day, there were more than a dozen magicians sent away in one day.  Some were there seeking backers, and some were seeking a position. However, how could the Capella look at any of these mediocre talents?  Any magician who had no good tricks, they should not even want to touch the door of Capella’s house.

“That’s the case, but the apprentice of Kerr hasn’t learned elemental magic yet. So now there is no magic in his body.”

After Acemans finished speaking, although the crowd was silent on the surface, they were almost paralyzed with laughter in their minds.

“Can’t use elemental magic?”

“He had no shame to say that he is a magician without even knowing elemental magic.”

“Just now Kerr said that he is a hundred times stronger than Ryan? I think he is just stupid!”

Wende and Ryan were also thinking the same, but they were not onlookers who just laughed at Yu.  Now it was the time for them to seek revenge. 

“Master Acemans, with all due respect, Kerr said just now that her dear apprentice is a hundred times stronger than my Ryan. I can’t ignore what she said.  Now let’s not talk about her apprentices who have magic power anymore.  Even you and Kerr did not come up with any decent magic research this year.  So I’m afraid that the status of the two of you will not be preserved.”

After Wende finished speaking, he asked Ryan to walk to a table on which was placed a bottle of blue potion for everyone to see.  Looking closely at the potion in the glass bottle, the liquid would emit a blue golden light.

Wende unplugged the cork of the glass bottle, poured it into countless small cups on the table and immediately distributed it to most people in the field.

People took the cup, a little shock, then drank without hesitation when they realized what the potion was for.

“This… This is a mental energy recovery potion, and it has a very high concentration. Oh my god, how is this refined? ?”

Although it tasted a bit bitter, this little sip could replenish all the lost mental power! In this way, the power of magic could last longer and stay stronger.  Magical medicine! Magical medicine!

The crowd began to praise the bottle of Wende’s medicine one after another, only to see Wende smiled and said:

“This is the research done by my unsuccessful son this year. Thank you for your cheers.”

As soon as Wende finished speaking, there was a full of praise on the court:

“Sure enough, the hero was born from a boy!”

“This Wende family was a master of pharmacy. Once the medicine is mass-produced and then put into the army, it is afraid that the Capella family will overwhelm the heroes and become the number one in the imperial capital.”

“Yes! Master Ryan has such an achievement at a young age, and his future is limitless.”

Wende and Ryan didn’t care about these compliments, because they knew they deserved them. Wende smiles slightly at the corner of his mouth.  He looked at Acemans and said:

“I don’t know what the research results of Kerr and her fiance, who is a hundred times stronger than my son?”

When everyone heard it, their minds were full of mockery. They thought that Kerr seems to be just stubborn. She hasn’t brought out anything in three years and Acemans has not made a breakthrough in ten years.  Once Ryan’s medicine is mass-produced and put into the army, Ryan’s status will rise from then on.  The heaven of the law world would finally come to a change.

Before everyone had finished admiring them in their hearts, they heard You yell:

“I know how to do this medicine too!


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