Infinite Apostle and the Twelve War Maidens Chapter 66

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66. Kerr’s disciple

Sylph stood in front of Yu, her eyes were full of fierce sword aura as if she would dare to break his body as long as Ryan dared to attack in the next second.

“Sylph, sit here. We are not here to cause trouble.”

Seeing this, Yu sipped the juice and swallowed the food in his mouth. Then, he got up and looked at Ryan and said:

“Sorry, we have no invitation.”

As soon as Yu said that, the crowds around immediately became agitated.

“Oh my God, this man has eaten the guts of a bear heart and leopard and he dare to come in without an invitation?”

“Is there any mistake, do the guards here eat dry food, and did not even check them?”

“It is because of these young people who do not understand the rules, that our empire is not as good as before. If everyone is as promising as Lord Ryan, the future of our empire will be bright.”

But Ryan didn’t have time to pay attention to these flatteries. He looked at Yu and said calmly:

“Then please leave here as soon as possible. I can assume that this has never happened.”

Ryan’s rapier stopped at Yu’s chin. As the owner of this mansion, Ryan must drive out people like Yu who were of unknown origin. That was his duty.

Upon seeing this, Sylph raised two fingers, preparing to release wind magic on Ryan. Fortunately, she was stopped by Yu. Yu looked at Ryan in front of him and said unhurriedly:

 “I think it’s a misunderstanding. I came in with Kerr. So I don’t have an invitation.”


Ryan was shocked when he heard Kerr’s name. The crowd onlookers were even more confused.

“Kerr? Isn’t Kerr the name of the Flame Witch?”

“Yes, recently I heard that the Flame Witch had accepted an inheritance disciple. It is said to have great potential. Could it be this inconspicuous black-haired boy in front of us?”

“I don’t think so.  I haven’t felt any magic flow in his body since just now. Even if he has, I guess that it is just at the level of a junior mage. How could such a person be favored by the Flame Witch?”

The onlookers whispered, and each expressed their opinions. Ryan did not believe Yu’s words. Pointing the sword at You, he said: 

“What nonsense. My Kerr is so beautiful and outstanding.  How could she accept a kid like you who doesn’t even understand etiquette as a disciple?” 

“Your Kerr??”

Yu frowned immediately when he heard how Ryan called Kerr.

The onlookers who loved gossip immediately whispered in private:

“Lord Ryan has always liked the Flame Witch. It’s just that the Flame Witch didn’t respond to him back.”

“I think that Flame Witch didn’t respond because she was afraid that Ryan won’t work hard. Although she is the Flame Witch, she is still a little girl in age. I think that she won’t respond until Ryan becomes the ace mage.  Anyway, these two are a match made in heaven.”

“I think so too.  Ryan’s current strength is not much different from the trump magician, and he just needs only one chance to make merit.  This black-hair kid had nothing better to say, he had to say he is a disciple of the Flame Witch, I think that he is just suicidal.”

Everyone was lamenting Ryan’s excellence, and at the same time laughing at Yu’s ignorance and recklessness.  Yu had nothing better to say, he just happened to call out the name of Ryan’s sweetheart.  Of course, Ryan who was always pretentious would certainly not allow others to contaminate his goddess’ reputation like this. It seemed that this won’t be as simple as just being kicked out of the mansion.

At this time, Ryan also began to explode with a lot of magical power, and it seemed that he was about to beat Yu into a handicapped individual. 

“Do you know whose reputation you just tarnished?  Do you think that someone like you could be worthy to be the disciple of the Flame Witch?”

Ryan’s magic power extended from his body to the rapier, the sword and the demon were united, as if in nothingness. Here was the void magic power taught by the Voidwalker to Ryan. This sword would continue to change in space with the power of the void. No matter where the person was, Ryan had the confidence to reverse the space, and then a sword hits most vulnerable spot of the enemy.

“Don’t be so murderous~ Kerr asked me not to make trouble and I’m really Kerr’s apprentice. You don’t believe me?”

Speaking of Yu, he used his magic power, then lifted his hair, revealing the engraved mark on his forehead.

When Ryan saw the engraving, he recognized Kerr’s sign at a glance.Why was this engraving on the forehead? was it. . . . .?

Just when Ryan was puzzled, he heard some of the nobles giggled.

“Hahaha~ This guy is so funny. Even if the Flame Witch accepts you as a disciple, it is impossible for her to engrave the mark on his forehead. Who doesn’t know this is a matter between lovers. The Flame Witch is so arrogant that she doesn’t even care about my precious son, so how can she be like you.”

A puffy-looking nobleman pointed at Yu and laughed.

Everyone seemed to hear about the same thing. Recently, it was said that the Flame Witch had accepted an apprentice, but there was no news about her getting a boyfriend.  This kid probably did not even know the use of master-disciple engraving, so could he just put a seal on himself?   This invisible ink was a toy that children could buy. It seemed that this kid really didn’t understand anything. This kid, Yu, might be just as green as he could be.

At this time, only Ryan said nothing. Perhaps the nobles and wizards standing far away could not be distinguished.  Ryan was standing so close to Yu, he could clearly feel the magical power flowing in the engraving.

When everyone was laughing at Yu, Kerr had already walked out of the mansion with Acemans. There was also a middle-aged man with blue hair beside him, who seemed to be Ryan’s father.

“What is going on!?”

The middle-aged man with blue hair looked at the situation in front of him and asked loudly.

The middle-aged blue hair was full of vigor, and the audience fell silent with this speech. At this time, a maid also immediately answered the words of the blue-haired middle-aged man:

“Master Wende, here is a kid who is from nowhere. He didn’t have an invitation, and he pretended to be a disciple of the Flame Witch. So Lord Ryan is planning to teach him a lesson and throw him out.”

When Kerr heard that, she instantly had a bad feeling. 

“The kid is impersonating my disciple??”

Kerr said and quickly walked in the direction pointed by the maid.  Walking through the crowd, it turned out that her silly apprentice was pointed at by Ryan with a sword.  Although she clearly told him not to cause trouble, this apprentice was just a troublesome existence himself. . .

“Haha, the Flame Witch herself is here. I think this kid has something to say.”

The fat nobleman just now laughed and said.  What everyone liked the most was to see someone slap in his own face, especially the little grimace.

However, as no one could think off, when Kerr came out, she stood on Yu’s side first, and then asked Ryan with her hands on her hips:

“What are you doing? Why are you pointing your sword at my apprentice?”

As soon as Kerr said that, everyone was silent, and the fat nobleman who laughed at Yu just now pulled his face off.

“Really… really a disciple of the Flame Witch?”

“Oh my God, you should not just look at one’s appearance! It is said that the inheritance disciple had very good talent. I didn’t expect him to be so low-key.”

For a while, everyone was whispering in their mind, but no one spoke.  Everyone knew that this matter won’t end so easily, because the engraving of Kerr was engraved on the forehead by the kid.

“Kerr. . Kerr. . Sorry, I didn’t know it was your apprentice.”

Ryan took the sword back as soon as he saw Kerr.

“It is not too late to know about it now.  Don’t draw your sword at my apprentice anymore.”

Kerr said she grabbed Yu’s hand and wanted to take him away. As soon as Kerr turned around, Ryan called out.

“Kerr, you and him are just a teacher-disciple relationship, right??”

Ryan wanted to confirm again that although the engraving was engraved on his forehead, it did not rule out the possibility of accidents during the establishment of a master-disciple relationship. The most important thing was that Ryan himself was unwilling to accept the location of the engraving.

What Ryan didn’t expect was that at this moment Kerr turned around and looked at him, saying every word in a very loud voice. 

“No! He is still my fiancé!” (TL/PR better spray paint his hat green)

After speaking, Kerr took Yu’s arm.

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