Infinite Apostle and the Twelve War Maidens Chapter 65

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65. Magic Exchange 

Kerr and Yu’s carriage was galloping on the specially constructed road.  They should not be too far from the capital now, but now they have not even reached half the distance.  Kerr sat opposite of Yu frowning and wondering if they could arrive on time.  The main reason for such delay was her silly apprentice who was holding a trash bag and vomiting madly in front of them.

“No way! No way! Stop now, I want to rest.”

Yu’s face was pale, and he fell on Sylph’s lap, looking as if he was dying.

“Don’t stop, now it’s too late. You guys just wait patiently.”

Kerr hugged her arms and said mercilessly.

“No! Just stop for ten minutes! Please, I really can’t stand it.”

Yu looked at Kerr expectantly.

“No way! We just stopped for you five minutes ago, and also ten minutes ago. Ride for five minutes and then stop for ten minutes, are you thinking that we are having a field trip??”

Even if Kerr distressed about her silly apprentice, after all, time won’t wait for no one.   It was lucky that they left two days earlier, otherwise they really won’t make it to their destination on time.


Yu let out a desperate cry.  Although Yu was resting on Sylph’s beautiful legs now, he was not in the mood to enjoy it at all.

“Master just hold on to it a little bit longer.  We will be there soon.”

Sylph kept touching Yu’s head with her hands as if trying to make him feel better.

Yu had no choice but to endure the pain and nausea on their journey.  He thought that he was okay sitting in an ordinary carriage with wheels before. Back then he was so poor that he couldn’t ride such an advanced and luxury floating carriage.

. . . . . .

Although Kerr was tough verbally, she actually felt bad when she saw how much Yu was suffering from motion sickness.  Therefore, she allowed the carriage to stop once a while for Yu to rest.   Fortunately, they finally arrived at the imperial capital on the day of the convention.

The carriage stopped at the door of a very luxurious mansion. The courtyard of this mansion would be the venue for today’s conference.  This mansion was built along a mountain.  There was a small stream on the far-right side of the house. The layout of the courtyard was also very particular, and it seemed to use some special space structure that could concentrate all the magic around in this house, and the concentration of magic in the house was several times stronger than the surroundings.

Kerr got out of the carriage, and the guards standing in front of the mansion already recognized the Flame Witch, so they didn’t stop her for an identity check.  However, when they saw Yu, they showed a little disdainful look.

Both Kerr and Yu ignored the guards and went straight to the courtyard behind the mansion.  At this time, in the open-air courtyard, it was crowded with all kinds of people.  Some of them wore luxurious dresses, some wore magical robes, and some held various weird things in their hands.  Everyone seemed to have something to show off.

“This is it. When you go inside, you can take a look at it yourself.  I’m going to find Professor Acemans. Remember here is full of nobles and great magicians.  You must not talk nonsense.”

After Kerr told Yu, she turned and walked towards the mansion.

“Just take a look????”

As he murmured, he scanned around the courtyard.  Of course, he was not interested in such things as magic research.  As for the beautiful women, there were not many beautiful women here in Yu’s eyes.  Finally, Yu fixed his sight on the buffet table in the middle of the venue.

“The people here treat their food as if they entered heaven.  No magic can be produced with an empty stomach. Sylph, let’s eat!”

Yu picked up the plate and started to pick up the food from the buffet table.  Yu had an empty stomach after sitting in the carriage in the past few days because he was vomiting from motion sickness.  He is so excited when he saw these delicious foods.  His spirits became high immediately.

There were deep-sea lobster, top-quality filet steak, and ice sea cod.  Those were good food that Yu couldn’t usually have. Yu had two food trays in one hand.  Sylph also helped Yu with one tray in each hand and another on her head. Then, they sat down at a place where there was no one around and began enjoying the meal.

Seeing Yu gulped down foods and drinks, some of the nobles and magicians were little disgust when they saw Yu. No one came up to stop Yu.  After all, being able to enter the venue of this exchange meeting meant that everyone here would have a certain ability, and no one would deliberately make enemies.

However, it happened that some people just liked to ask for troubles. After all, the aristocratic family had power and the younger generation was brave.

“Sir, do you have an invitation? We are not a place where people like you can come and go at will.”

At this time, an elegant voice came into Yu’s ears. You looked up and saw that he was a handsome man with blue hair with sideburns to the bottom of his ears.  He wore gorgeous noble costumes and a rapier only used by nobles on his waist.

Seeing this scene, some nobles next to them couldn’t help but laughed.  Although Yu dressed very decently today, his manner was not like a gentleman at all.  Anyone would think that Yu was one of those civilians who came in and to steal food.

“Lord Ryan is actually running over that kid himself.”

An aristocratic lady who put her hair in a bun and shook her fan put on an expression that she was ready to watch the show.

“Lord Ryan? Isn’t Ryan a disciple of that “Voidwalker”? The most powerful of the four ace magicians.  It is said that he would be the chief magician if Acemans is gone. ”

A man on the side turned and looked at Ryan as soon as he heard Ryan’s name.

“Hush… Don’t let anyone hear it. Ryan is more than an inherited disciple of “Voidwalker”, he is the son of Capella’s family.”

The lady lowered her voice and explained to the man on the side.

“Is this a Capella home? Isn’t that the owner of this mansion? One of the three powers tied with Pollet and the Izzy family?

The man looked at the blue-haired youth standing in front of Yu with surprise in his eyes.  At the same time, he was full of jealousy and unwillingness. He was not a nobleman himself.  To get into this magic conference, he had been working hard for 20 years.

However, Ryan in front of him already became the inherited disciple of “Voidwalker” at such a young age.  That old demon “Voidwalker” was always picky.  Even there was the emperor’s son,  he might not accept him as a disciple.  However, this Ryan was not only a disciple of the old “Voidwalker”, but he was also the son of the Capela family.  Such an identity really could cause some jealousy.

“Gee! Having said that, the two ace mages from the Izzy family and the Pollet family did not come today. It is said that the sage of the Pollet family had put himself in his workshop for more than a month already.  As for that Manlena, no one knew what has got into her, and she had left to the polar iceberg to for additional practice!”

The lady shook her head as she spoke, thinking about what might have happened this time; Otherwise, how could these two powerful magicians be absent at the same time.

Since they were not here, let’s not talk about it for now.  What the noble onlookers were interested at this moment was how Yu got into this conference?

However, Yu just looked at Ryan in front of him and didn’t say a word.  After all, Yu’s mouth was full of food, and he might choke if he talked now.

“Let me ask you again, do you have an invitation? If not, please go out immediately. People like you who don’t have any manners are not welcome here.”

Ryan looked at Yu in front of him and was not happy about having Yu there.  People like Yu who not only ignored what Ryan said, but he didn’t even understand the most basic etiquette.  When someone like Ryan came over, Yu should at least stand up and bow. Until now not only did Yu not stand up but also stared at Ryan without answering Ryan’s questions.  Moreover, the green-haired girl next to her was even more arrogant, she didn’t even look at Ryan, she just kept eating with her head down.

Thinking of this, Ryan became even angrier and drew the sword from his waist and pointed at Yu.

“I will ask you one last time. If there is no invitation, please get out of here immediately.”

Invisible coercion swept through the audience as soon as the sword was drawn.  No one would think of that at this moment the green hair little girl who had been eating silently beside Yu actually took the lead in blocking Yu from Ryan.

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