Infinite Apostle and the Twelve War Maidens Chapter 64

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64. Departing Day 

The next day in the morning, when the sun had just risen on Yu, Elsa was no longer around. Yu rubbed his sleepy eyes and recalled that he and Elsa fell asleep together while holding each other tightly, skin to skin.  There was an inexplicable sense of anticipation to Yu. It seemed that it brought one more hope for Yu to look for in life.

“Where did Elsa go?”

Yu looked around the room, but Elsa was nowhere to be found. At this moment, Yu saw that Sylph was helping him to pack up the luggage.

“Sylph? What are you doing?”

Yu stood up and walked towards Sylph in confusion.

“Isn’t the master going to the imperial capital? I’m packing for you.”

Sylph said while putting Yu’s clothes in the bag.

“Huh? I never told you about it. Do you already know all this?”

Yu thought and remembered that he didn’t bring Sylph when he went out yesterday, and fell asleep with Elsa in his arms. He had never told Sylph about this at all.

“Sister Elsa told me.”

Sylph replied, and by this time she finished packing and carried the bag on her back.

“Wait! Are you going with me too?”

Yu saw what Sylph was doing and a little shocked.

“Of course, wherever the master goes, I must follow closely, and sister Elsa also ask me to look after your safety.”

Sylph looked at Yu and answered seriously. After hearing this, Yu laughed lightly, thinking that Elsa really underestimated him. As the first apostle, there was no need for someone to protect him.  However, he knew that Elsa really cared about him so much, and he felt that there was a warm current in his mind.

“Where did Elsa go?”

Yu asked curiously before he was leaving with Kerr in the morning, and he was afraid that he would not be able to say goodbye to Elsa later.

“I don’t know, Sister Elsa seems to have gone out early in the morning.”

Sylph looked at Yu and said.

“She went out early in the morning…?”

Yu touched his head in confusion, guessing that Elsa was worried about being sad when they were parting, so she avoided saying goodbye purposely. Since that was the case, Yu would not deliberately make her feel bad about that then.

“By the way, master. This is a ring left by sister Elsa when she left. She said that she hopes to keep Yu safe on the road.”

As Sylph answered, she took out a ring inlaid with golden magic stones and handed it to Yu. This magic stone was not big, just like an ordinary small diamond, Yu could see a wolf head pattern below the magic stone. The color of this magic stone was not very clear, so it is probably a B-grade magic stone.  It was far less valuable than the ice jade bracelet that Yu gave to Elsa, but how could such a thing be measured by money? This is a gift from Elsa to Yu!  To Yu, the ring from Elsa was many times better than that S-level space magic stone.

Yu took the magic stone and put it on his finger happily.  At first, Yu didn’t want to deliberately find Elsa, but now, he especially wanted to meet Elsa.  He wanted to give her a hug and say thank you.

“Sylph, you go and find Kerr first. Just wait for me at the school gate later. I’m going to say thank Yu to Elsa.”

Yu turned around and ran outside the door. Sylph looked at Yu’s back and shook her head helplessly.

It was already around ten in the morning and the carriage prepared by Kerr had been waiting at the school gate for a long time. This kind of carriage was by far the fastest transportation on the mainland.  It was pulled by four special summoned beasts, called “Hurricane Horses”. The speed was considered very fast. Generally, it would take a carriage ten days to complete the journey.  This carriage would be there in three days.  Moreover, the design of the carriage did not have wheels, and the entire carriage was suspended in the air by the floating magic stone, so people sit inside would not be affected by the bumps.

“Sylph, what the hell did my stupid apprentice do?

Kerr stood with her hands on her hips and stomped her feet in front of the carriage, seemingly impatient.

“Master wanted to find Sister Elsa to thank her. I wanted to stop him, but he was too fast for me to catch up.”

Sylph was carrying Yu’s luggage, and waiting for Yu with Kerr by the carriage. Sylph looked much more patient than Kerr.

“Really, we are only away for about a week! So reluctant?  How could he become successful in the future?”

Kerr frowned and complained. She could understand it would be hard for people in love to be apart, but they would only be gone for one week. So there should be no need to make it like a life and death situation.

After a while, they saw Yu walking to them with a frowning expression.

“It seemed that he couldn’t find her. . . .”

Sylph looked at Yu and hummed quietly.

Yu originally thought Elsa would be in class, but when he went there, Professor Gail said that Elsa had taken leave of absence these days and was going back to her hometown.  Kerr, President Claire and Acemans were not in school now, so Professor Gail was responsible for everything in the campus. Since the professor says so, he must be right. Maybe something just happened in Elsa’s house now.

“What happened? Didn’t find your little girlfriend?”

Kerr looked at Yu who had a sad look and said.

“Why do I feel like you are gloating because of that.”

Yu looked at Kerr’s expression as if she was making fun of him.

“Of course, if my apprentice can’t stand this parting, what type of useful person he would be in the future.”

Kerr turned around after speaking and walked into the carriage.  Sylph stood in front of the car door, waiting for Yu to get in the car first.

“Sylph, thank you.”

Yu touched Sylph’s head and walked into the carriage.

Sylph smiled silently in her mind and then walked in.  She thought “I will be the one who is solely responsible for master’s safety.”

The carriage pulled by four hurricane horses rode the wind swiftly along the specially constructed lane towards the imperial capital. At this moment, a beautiful figure was in the bushes next to the school gate, silently watching the carriage that was going away.

“Yu. . . . you must live well.”

Elsa was leaning on the tree pole with endless sadness in her eyes.

“Miss, no decent people are guarding this school now. I think I can start the investigation tonight, right?”

At this moment, a black figure appeared behind Elsa, which seemed to be between the shadows. If the shadow appears, it gives people a feeling of shuddering.

“Well, we can start tonight. Regarding the matter about Yu, I hope you won’t tell the Lord and my mother.”

Elsa stared at the purple pupils and looked at the black shadow behind her with tears. It seemed that Elsa was begging for mercy, but even so, the shadow had shown no pity.

“Do you know your identity, I think you know better than me. If the Lord knew about this, I’m afraid that kid will die.  For him to die ten thousand times will be still not enough to make up for what he did.” 

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The black shadow laughed as he talked, his snow-white teeth were extremely ferocious, and two huge teeth could be seen in a row of jagged teeth like beasts.

“Sorry, I will do whatever the Lord wants me to do. I beg you not to mention this to anyone.”

Elsa pleaded again.

“Ha ha ha. . . . let’s see how things are going this time. . .”

After speaking, the shadow slowly disappeared into the bushes, leaving a breath of permeation.

Elsa remained silent, grabbing the corner of her clothes tightly with her hands, pursing her lips, and tears rolling in her eyes.


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