Infinite Apostle and the Twelve War Maidens Chapter 63

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63. Unusual behavior (1) 

Time passed quickly. The materials that Yu had Kerr bought were not difficult to find.  Most of them could be found at the vegetable market in the town near the school, and there were a few rarer medicinal materials were also available and were a bit more expensive.

Kerr discussed with Yu about their plans for tomorrow, then she left to the imperial capital. Although the imperial capital was not far from here, it usually took about three days with the fastest carriage, so it was better to start as soon as possible.

At this moment, Yu was having dinner with Elsa in the cafeteria. From the beginning, Elsa noticed that something was unusual with Yu. Normally, Yu was not so quiet.  Normally, he would have been teasing Elsa at this time and laugh. However, it seemed that he had something to tell Elsa, but he dared not say it.

“Yu, do you have something to tell me.”

Elsa put down the tableware and said while watching Yu who was eating quietly in front of her.


Yu heard and paused for a second, but didn’t reply. He quickly put down his tableware, and then swallowed the food he was chewing on.

“Is it about Professor Kerr?”

Elsa could probably guess by watching Yu’s reaction.


Yu know that Elsa couldn’t be fooled, so there was no need to lie, and just admitted it.

. . . . 

Elsa looked at Yu who just nodded and admitted.  She didn’t know if she should be happy or should be sad. Of course, she was happy that Yu did not lie to her, but that was related to Kerr.  Yu must have done something out of the ordinary gain. Although Elsa said that Yu could be closer to Kerr, she could still taste the acid from jealousy when she saw that happened.

“It’s like this. Tomorrow Kerr will take me to the Imperial Capital to participate in a magician exchange meeting. So there may be a period of time that I will out of school.”

Yu spoke word by word, his tone full of reluctance towards Elsa.

“It turned out to be this thing. . . . I thought you and Professor Kerr already. . . .”

Elsa immediately felt relieved when she heard this.  She thought that Yu had already done it with Kerr. One was always beautiful in the eyes of a lover. In Elsa’s eyes, Yu was a heartthrob and thousands of people would love him, so chasing a Kerr must be as easy as a matter of minutes for Yu.

“Elsa, don’t make fun of me. I really have nothing to do with Kerr. Although Kerr is cute, it is impossible to say that I don’t like her. Anything that you don’t like, I will never do it.”

Yu knew that his ability to lie in front of Elsa would be like a negative, and Elsa would know even if he could tell a small lie. Fortunately, Elsa didn’t ask Yu who he truly was, otherwise, he would honestly confess to her.

“Yu, I really don’t recommend it. The empire is polygamous. It doesn’t matter to how many other girls you would like, but these people can only be stronger than me, not weaker than me. They’d better be by your side always, because of I. . . . .”

Elsa looked at Yu and was showing her true feelings, but when she seemed to be about to say something, Elsa quickly shut her mouth. Yu was looking at Elsa with a dazed expression.

“I feel a little under the weather today, I will go back first. You don’t come back too late.”

Elsa hurriedly got up when she saw Yu’s expression. She put the plate in the recycling area and left the canteen.

Elsa didn’t seem to be lying to Yu, and it seemed that Elsa wanted him to find more wives like Kerr. But why was that?  When Yu was close to Kerr before, Elsa was so angry. Why did Elsa change so much after Kyle’s little incident?

Yu looked at Elsa’s back disappearing in the corridor. He didn’t realize that Elsa who was walking away from him now, was already crying into tears. 

“It is because I will leave you sooner or later.”

In this case, how could Elsa says this to Yu. 

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