Infinite Apostle and the Twelve War Maidens Chapter 62

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62. Kerr’s worries 

After returning to the dormitory Yu didn’t talk much and Elsa remained in a relationship that seemed to be a couple as if nothing had happened. However, further relationship did not develop. At best, Yu just fell asleep holding Elsa and didn’t do anything to go beyond the line.

One afternoon, Yu was looking at the homework that Kerr had assigned to him in Kerr’s magic workshop.  Yu didn’t have any interest in these magical books at all. Even though it seemed that he was reading, his mind was actually elsewhere and was slowly drifting away from reality…

“Silly disciple, are you falling deep in love recently?”

Just when Yu was about to fall asleep with his eyes drifting away, Kerr came to Yu holding her arms in front of her, showing a straight face without a smile.

“Ahaha…you know everything??”

Hearing what Kerr asked, he immediately returned to reality and touched his cheek awkwardly. After all, Kerr was also one of the heroines in the rumors.

 “How can I not understand this? I seem to be one of the characters that have a lot of authority among the rumors about you!”

Kerr looked at Yu’s with her eyebrows twitching. Although she had a smiling face it still seemed that she could throw a fireball to blast Yu away in the next second.

“Kerr, calm down, I just cleaned this place…”

Yu looked at Kerr’s momentum and thought that he was about to be bombed by Kerr’s fireball again in the workshop.

Yu didn’t expect that Kerr’s fury to just last for a split second. Soon she put away her magic power, then sat next to Yu, picked up a cup of hot tea on the table, and took a sip.

“Hey. . . . . These rumors are not bad for me. The noble brothers in the province bother me every day, but I am having you here for other matters.”

 Kerr put down the teacup and sighed helplessly. 

“What’s the matter??”

Yu asked curiously.

“All right, there will be an exchange meeting between magicians in the imperial capital next week. This conference is the place to show the research results of the major magicians in one year. I didn’t want to take you there, but you took the Excalibur of the Pollet family. This matter was suppressed by Master Asermans with my inherited disciple’s name.  He also said that you are rare talent, so some people over there want to meet you anyway.”

Kerr knew that the magician exchange meeting was not a fun place.  Superficially people seemed to be friendly, but in fact, they were fighting against each other deep down. Every magician would present their research results of this year and show it off in front of the noble lords to gain support from the nobles and even the royal family. In front of those royal nobles, if anyone accidentally stands on the wrong team, it would end up in a bloody storm.

Kerr could not help but shook her head secretly while she was thinking of this. Even though she had the support from her Principal Acemans, Acemans had gradually been ignored by the noble royal family. Although Acemans is recognized as the chief magician of the empire, he had not produced any research results in the past ten years. Now, at an old age of more than 300 years, he probably would pass away at any time. Although the old emperor valued him, the young people under the old emperor had not been happy with Acemans for a long time. Although Yu probably won’t lose his life at the conference, it was inevitable that some people would use what Yu had done to warn Aceemans that he should consciously leave the stage.

Thinking of this, Kerr frowned again and took a sip of the tea in the cup.

“Why don’t you want to take me, am I really not presentable?”

Yu looked at Kerr who seemed to be a bit disgusted with Yu.  After all, Yu didn’t know the magic of humans. Kerr just looked at Yu and shook her head again in her mind, thinking:

“Stupid disciple, I don’t dislike you.  With an 80% chance, people in this magic conference are prepared to challenge you and take you in the throat.  That is why I worry about you…”

Looking at Kerr’s helpless expression, Yu seemed to understand something, but what he thought was far from what Kerr thought.

“Oh~ I see.  Are you embarrassed to go because you thought that you have not done any decent research to show in the Magician Exchange Conference?” 


When Kerr heard what Yu said, the tea in her mouth was immediately sprayed out.  She thought to herself: “What did this brat just say?!  I was so worried about him, and turned around to laugh at me!?”

“Did I guess it right!??”

Looking at Kerr’s reaction, Yu thought that he must be correct.

“What are you talking about?  I’m just worried about you, OK?  Although I did not come up with any decent research results this year. . .”

Kerr thought, “I didn’t have much to show this year. This Yu could add a little burden. Although Yu has such unique magic as a “Beast Tamer”, this is not a big deal in front of the Pollet family. I am afraid that will be unavoidable to be bullied by those noblemen led by Jester.” (TL/PR Well… that guy is officially g@y now so idk if he would even bother Yorman after that little incident…)

“Then you can rest assured, don’t we still have magic elixir?”

While speaking, Yu pointed to the magic compressor behind him that had been dismantled into a stove and a pot. After that night, Kerr used it to stew soup several times, but it was put aside later and had not been used until now.

“Magic elixir?”

Kerr looked at the stove and thought for a while. Although Yu made this magic elixir, the effect was different from what she thought.  At first, Kerr thought that as long as she continued drinking the magic elixir, she could increase her magic power continuously.  Then, she found that this drink could help her increase the magic power by ten levels, the second time it only helped her increase her power up to five levels, and after the third time, her power only increased by two levels. After the fourth time, although the effect was still there, the magic power of this increase was very small.

“Although this kind of potion is effective, it can only match the cultivation base of a magician for four or five years. It might be quite difficult for the nobles to take advantage of these. After all, this potion has no long-term development value.”

“How? If the magic elixir doesn’t work, I have other things. I will write you the list of materials now.  It will be good if you could go and buy them.”

Yu picked up the pen and started writing down the required materials on the paper. The reason why Yu did this was entirely because he felt pity for Kerr, and he couldn’t stand to see the way his lovely master frowned.

Fortunately, Yu said that he was from a family of medicine refining in the mountains, so Kerr didn’t have much doubt.  It’s just that Yu was a few years younger than her, so she didn’t expect him to produce anything shocking.

When Kerr took the list Yu listed, she was dumbfounded. Although it was not a rare medicinal material, each of them was extremely strange. There were green onions, garlic, and coriander?? Especially at the bottom of this list, there was the sentence “any magic stone with magic bonus effect”.

“What the hell is this? Isn’t it refining medicine? Why use magic stones? Is it possible to eat this thing??” 

Although Kerr had all kinds of doubts in her mind, she believed in her apprentice.  Therefore, she didn’t ask further.  She turned around and left the workshop and went to collect the materials requested by Yu.

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