Infinite Apostle and the Twelve War Maidens Chapter 61

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61. Elsa is concealing something 

The next day, when the sunlight slowly and quietly entered the room. Yu opened his eyes slowly showing signs of sleepiness, but his lips curved upward showing a happy smile. It was because the person who was sleeping in his arms now was Elsa, the girl who he loved.

Yu hugged Elsa tightly because he was afraid that she would stay away from him again. Last night, Yu noticed that Elsa’s tears were unstoppable.  Every time a teardrop fell off her face, Elsa would hold Yu tighter until she finally got tired from crying, and slowly fell asleep in Yu’s arms.

At this moment; Elsa, who was asleep in Yu’s arms, moved her head as if she had already woken up. Elsa rubbed her slightly flushed eyes with her slender jade-like hands and then sat up on the bed.

Elsa was tired from crying last night.  She did not just feel physically strained from her body but also felt mentally strained in her mind. However, she had the most comfortable and the most reassuring sleep last night. As if all the worries were washed away by her tears, all that was left was the love for Yu.

 “Why did you cry so fiercely last night?”

Yu looked at Elsa, who was still half asleep and asked curiously.

. . . . . . . .

Elsa was shocked when she heard Yu, but she did not answer.

Looking at Elsa, Yu didn’t continue to ask.  She couldn’t answer his question, there must be a reason why she couldn’t answer. When the time was right, Yu believes that Elsa would tell him the reason.  After all, Yu wanted to stay with Elsa forever.

Seeing that Yu didn’t continue to ask, Elsa stood up silently.  Before she went to the bathroom to clean up, Elsa first put on the ice bracelet that Yu gave her. Looking at the ice bracelet on Elsa’s wrist, Yu immediately had a big smile.

In the following few days, the relationship between Yu and Elsa had once again returned to the way it used to be.  It was even like a step further. They sat together during classes, stayed together after class, and ate together.  Except for the combat class, Yu was pulled out by Kerr alone.  During the rest of the time, he and Elsa were together. No matter from which point of view, they were like a pair of enviable little lovers, and every time Aegir stood with them, she felt that she was like a light bulb kind of existence, 

At the same time, people in their classes whispered with surprises about them:

“Who the hell is Yu? A goddess-like Elsa is like his wife.”

“He must have an outstanding background.  There were rumors about the scandal with Professor Kerr before, and the engraving was on his forehead. Now he turned around and soaked Kyle’s favorite girl again.”

“And the relationship between the two girls seems to be pretty good. Yu turned out to be a master of love. . .”

“It’s a pity that Yu is not a nobleman, or else he could marry both of them, and probably he doesn’t have to worry about anything else in the rest of his life.”

“Don’t forget that before Kyle disappeared, there was a rumor about Yu was actually the illegitimate son of a prince. I’m afraid this was just a matter of whether he wanted to be a nobleman or not.”

This kind of voice circulated around the school, and soon this kind of voice reached Yu and Elsa’s ears.

After school during this day, Elsa and Yu were walking in the corridor side by side. The surrounding was strange today, and Yu also noticed it.  It probably because rumors were circling around in these days, so Yu broke the silence first and said:

“Elsa, there is a real misunderstanding between Kerr and I. This engraving was caused by an accident during the contract.”

When Elsa heard Yu say this, she stopped.  She turned and faced Yu, and said in a very serious tone:

“It doesn’t matter, I don’t care what the relationship is between you and Professor Kerr.”

Looking at Elsa’s eyes, Yu was stunned. She must be angry. If she was not angry?  Why did she say that?  No matter how low an IQ that Yu had, he could guess that Elsa was angry.

At this moment, Elsa lowered her head slightly, and the bangs in front of her forehead slightly covered those beautiful purple eye pupils. Elsa put her hand behind her back and asked in a very soft voice:

“Yu, do you like me?”

Without even thinking, the answer to this question could be blurted out of Yu’s mouth:

“of course, I like you!” 

As soon as Elsa heard Yu’s answer so firm and straightforward, her cheeks flushed immediately. No one could guess what Elsa’s next sentence turned out to be:

“Then you go after Professor Kerr.” (TL/PR a hint to what she is scared of)

Elsa said to Yu without any hesitation, as if she had held that idea in her mind for a long time. 

“Hey?? What do you mean?? Are you really not angry? I said I like you, why should I chase after Kerr?” 

Elsa ignored Yu’s question and continued: 

“Only if you go after Professor Kerr, I can live at ease for the rest of the days.”

 Elsa once again said something that Yu wouldn’t understand.


Yu was really confused about what that Aegir told him was not reliable. Although the nobles of the empire could marry several wives at the same time.  However, I am not a noble.  Besides, it was said that girls did not like boys who like more than one woman. Why did Elsa ask me to chase other girls? How can there be such a wonderful scenario? My future wife asked me to go outside to have more wives. This is not logical!” (TL/PR It is logical and that is exactly is what is going to happen. Pretend you didnt see this sentence if you dont like spoilers :P)

“That… Elsa…”

Until now, Yu still thought that Elsa was angry with him.

“Don’t ask why. You will know the reason later and I alone will not be enough to keep you satisfied! You squint whenever you see other girls.”

Elsa emphasized the word squint, and Yu suddenly didn’t know how to reply because he was indeed squinting when he saw girls.  However, he was just checking her out, looking and liking were two different things!!

Just when Yu didn’t know how to answer, Elsa rushed into Yu’s arms and hugged Yu tightly. Then something happened that Yu won’t forget forever. Elsa suddenly grasped Yu by the shirt and Yu lowered his head. Then Yu felt a gentle touch left an unforgettable mark on Yu’s cheeks. This was the first time Yu was kissed by a girl. Although it was only on the cheek, this feeling was enough to make him remember.

“I like you too!”

After Elsa finished speaking softly, she pushed Yu away and then ran towards the dormitory alone. Leaving Yu standing alone in a daze.  He still felt the touch of Elsa’s pink lips on his face. This touch made him so happy and felt wonderful.

So. . . . . . . .


Yu frowned and touched the place where Elsa had just kissed. At this moment, there was an unspeakable sense of violation. Yu couldn’t figure out what that sense was for.  Maybe it was just that he worried too much.

What Elsa was doing now, only she would know. Elsa knew that once she fell in love with Yu, it meant that “that higherup Master” would know about it sooner or later.  Based on the temper of “that higherup Master”, he would definitely kill Yu mercilessly. However, even though Elsa knew about this, she still selfishly wanted to stay with Yu for a while, even it was for a short duration. Therefore to ensure Yu’s safety, a strong enough person must stay by his side. The Flame Witch would be the best candidate. However, the relationship between the master and the apprentice alone was not enough. Their relationship needed to deeper than the bond between a master and an apprentice. Kerr must stay by Yu’s side. Only in this way, Yu would survive. . . . . . 

(TL/PR PFFFT HAHAHA only he will survive? Just pray that so-called “master” doesnt piss him off… or… would he?)

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