Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 60

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60. Ice Bracelet under the Moonlight 

At this time, the moonlight has enveloped the entire land, and no light was on the entire campus. Yu walked through the empty corridor and came to the door of his dorm room. Before entering the door, Yu first checked to see if there was any light coming from the crack of the door to make sure that Elsa had fallen asleep. After all, it was too late, so it was better to be as quiet as possible when Yu entered the room.

Yu gently opened the door, then sneaked in through the gap between the door and the wall.  He quickly turned the door handle so that the door would not make a “clanging” sound when it was closed.

Everything was quiet, Yu quietly came to his bed. he wanted to just fall asleep like this. When he was about to take off his clothes, he found that Elsa was lying on his bed, sleeping quietly.

“Hey?? I didn’t go to the wrong one!  My bed was on the right, and Elsa’s bed should be in the place separated by the curtain on the left!!”

Yu felt lost, but at this time he saw Elsa was still in her uniform.  Her feet hanging by the bed with her shoes on.   She probably had been waiting for Yu to come back, and only fell asleep when she couldn’t hold on to it anymore.

Under the moonlight shower, Yu looked at Elsa’s delicate face.  Her face was smooth pink as thorough as white jade, and Yu couldn’t control his desire to touch Elsa.   He gently stretched out his right hand, trying to run his finger across Elsa’s cheek along with the moonlight.  When Yu was still hesitating, he heard such a small voice:

“Yu. . . . fool. . . Sorry. . . .”

In her sleep, Elsa moved her pink lips lightly, her voice was not loud, but her words touched Yu’s heart.

Yu couldn’t restrain his desire anymore, and lightly, he put his hand on Elsa’s face.  Instantly when the skin touched, he felt like a warm ocean current flowed into Yu’s heart with his palm.

“Obviously,  I was the one who made Elsa angry, why would Elsa still say sorry to me?” 

Although such confusion flashed past his thought, who would care about it at this moment. Yu knew that Elsa still had him in her heart, cared about him, and liked him.

Seeing Elsa’s slightly opened pink lips just now, Yu’s heartbeat ran up wildly. The urge to “want to kiss” hit Yu’s heart more than once.

Yu slightly bent over and put his face close to Elsa. Although he felt that he was not supposed to touch Elsa while she was asleep, but who could restrain themselves when he had such a strong feeling toward Elsa now!

Even if he thought so, Yu stopped at the moment when his lips were about to meet. Elsa would definitely hate him if he kissed her. If it were not for the love of each other, this kind of kiss would only be selfish.

When Yu thought of this and was about to straighten up his body, he suddenly found that Elsa was less than a centimeter away from him, staring at him with her big watery eyes.

“No… Elsa! This thing is like this! Just now… Just now…”

Yu stood up in a panic!  He wanted to kiss her, that was a fact that he couldn’t hide. Even if he could make up thousands of reasons, it would never be possible to hide it from Elsa. 

“Yu! Where did you go again!?”

Elsa sat up, ignoring Yu’s explanation and panic. Although her words were brief, they were full of worries. This was the first thing Elsa and Yu said to each other after a few days.

“I… I went to town to buy something!”

Yu couldn’t say that he went to the city to the north because it was absolutely impossible for one person to go back and forth in one day.  Therefore, he just casually said that he went to town.

“You lied to me!”

Elsa stared at Yu with her purple pupils, her eyes showing a little disappointment. 


Yu couldn’t believe that Elsa was so sure that Yu lied to her.  

“I went and looked for you in town. I rummaged through all the places along the way, but I didn’t see you anywhere.”

Elsa looked at Yu with tears in her eyes. The tears were sadness, disappointment, and grief. It was the tears from the pain in the heart when her lover cheated on her.

Looking at Elsa, Yu’s whole body was crumpled.  Elsa not only waited for him, but also went to town to look for him because she was worried about him.

Yu didn’t say anything, just knelt by the bed on one knee. Looking at Elsa who was sitting on the bed,  and her eyes were full of love.

Elsa was even sadder when she looked at Yu, and the tears in her eyes finally broke through the tear ducts and flowed unstoppably on her white jade cheeks.

Elsa liked Yu, Elsa wanted to be with Yu forever. Elsa wanted to tell Yu what she had in her mind, but she swallowed it and kept them to herself again.

Elsa’s tears were not only because Yu deceived herself, not only because Yu was a womanizer, but Elsa’s tears were also more about hating herself, hating her birth, and hating her incompetence.

When Yu was swallowed by the cocoon in the forest that day, Elsa understood everything, and although the hope was slim, she still expected that she and Yu would have a happy ending.  However, what happened to them that day, Elsa realized that what she brought to Yu was only danger, and Kyle was just an irrelevant beginning.  If Elsa continues to like Yu like this, there were even more terrible dangers that would come to Yu.

Some things should not be revealed.  In life, some people shouldn’t fall in love at the beginning, but even if Elsa understood this, she could not help but want to get close to Yu, even if she could be with him just for one more day.

Yu quietly looked at Elsa in front of him.  He didn’t know what Elsa was thinking, but he knew that the girl in front of him was worried and cared about him.  He was more certain that she liked him.

Therefore, Yu did not say much, but silently took out the ice bracelet made by chill ice from his pocket. The ice jade bracelet exuded a burst of cold air under the moonlight, and the looming mist floats around the ice jade bracelet.  The slightly white and delicate bracelet surface looked more beautiful and moving under the moonlight.

The moment Elsa saw this bracelet, tears seemed to freeze in her eyes. Elsa didn’t know what this bracelet was, but this did not prevent Elsa from guessing the value of this bracelet. The surface of this bracelet was frozen like ice.  Judging from the magic power emitted by the bracelet, it must be an artifact that could improve one’s own magic cultivation.  A bracelet like this would be a few hundred gold if it was not in thousands.  No matter how much it was, it must be a large sum for Yu.

“I’ve been looking for this ice bracelet for a long time.  I encountered a lot of troubles on the road, so I came back so late. Thinking about the ice bracelet on your hand, it’s like a beauty bathed in the moonlight, so it’s perfect for you.”

While speaking, Yu took Elsa’s hand and wanted to put on the ice bracelet for Elsa.  At the moment Elsa touched the ice bracelet, she retracted her hand.

“I can’t ask for this bracelet.”

Elsa knew that if she wore this bracelet, she would never forget about Yu.  She also knew what would happen to Yu if she fell in love with Yu.  Why started a love if it would be destined to have a bad ending.   If Yu was with Kerr, Yu would have a better future.

At this moment, Yu turned out to be surprisingly domineering again.  Yu didn’t say a word and just pulled Elsa over, hugged her in his arms, and then gently said in Elsa’s ear:

“Elsa, I like you.”

When Elsa heard this, she didn’t think so much.  Whatever was in her mind was wiped away.  Listening to the “puff puff puff puff” heartbeats in Yu’s chest, Elsa seemed to be intoxicated already.  Elsa’s mind went blank now, but there was a warm current in her body that kept pouring into her heart.

When Elsa cleared her thoughts, she found that she had dried tears, and her body was held tightly in Yu’s arms. Although Yu didn’t look so strong, his shoulders were unexpectedly thick, giving people a feeling that they couldn’t help but want to rely on. 

Be greedy, just for once.  Elsa wanted to be in this person’s arms, even if it was just an extra second. 

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