Yorman and incoming harem maiden Chapter 59

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59. One sword breaks ten thousand laws

Apart from a certain magic stone, the world of “diamonds” was recognized as the hardest single substance. Stan, who could be diamondized, was considered to have the strongest defense and the strongest impact. Such a strong man recognized by the world could not even withstand a sword strike by Yu, and it is just a long sword temporarily borrowed from a stranger.

When Yu wanted to take the ice jade bracelet from Manlena, everyone thought he was a lunatic. When Yu defeated Lord Snake and dodged Razer’s blades, everyone thought that Yu might have some power.  However, when everyone saw how Yu cut through the diamond and knocked Stan into the wall, no one had any doubts in Yu anymore.

After this sword, no one dared to look down upon Yu anymore.

“Did I beat him a little too hard? Ehhh It’s okay~ His whole body is covered with diamonds, so he will not die.”

Yu looked at Stan embedded in the wall and smiled. 

Everyone was stunned and thought “Fuck, is this still merciful? If he gave a serious blow, diamond Stan might have been split in half. 

With this sword, the remaining strong players on the field reached a consensus in an instant. First, kill Yu then take the bracelet back. 

Without waiting for another second, Razer already appeared behind Yu, and he raised his two sharp blades and attacked Yu’s head instantly along with the lightning. 

Yu turned around with a slash backward, and the two unpredictable sharp blades snapped in half instantly at the sound, then Yu saw the timing and kicked Orr out into the sky.

Then within the next second, a flash of lightning strikes straight towards Yu. The speed was so fast that it was blinding.  It was accompanied with a flame-like a snake. Although the flame was not as fast as lightning, it matched and complemented each other with lightning.  Even Yu could dodge the lightning, he would not be able to dodge this fire.

As no one could think of it that Yu did not attempt to dodge it at all.  Yu raises the long sword and slashed toward the lightning. The lightning was torn apart by Yu’s sword energy in the air, and the wandering fire snake was instantly shattered into particles.

The sword aura from Yu did not end there.   This terrifying sword aura struck toward the direction where the lightning and flames were from and went straight to the old man and the woman who manipulated the flames. 

Just when everyone thought that the two of them were bound to die, they saw the sword wind blowing by, and the clothes on both of them were torn, but their bodies were unharmed.


Flame Snake Fanna was clutching her chest and screamed loudly; but fortunately, Yu left some fabric in key parts of her body, so it was not too vulgar. The old man looked dull, looking ahead at a loss for what to do.

Except for Yu who couldn’t help taking an unruly look at Fanna, there was no second person at the scene who would have such a leisurely elegance. This slash just went from defense to attack in such a terrifying way and it could tear through lightning and extinguish fires. The most terrifying thing was that this slash was so skillful that it only broke magic and shredded clothes but did not hurt people. What level of person could do this?

At this time, three other people were standing on the field, “The Destruction of King Xius”, “Chariot Lund” and the ace Mage Manlena.

Xius gave Lund a look and motioned to attack together. Lund was extremely experienced in the battlefield, and he understood the meaning at a glance.  Lund took out his battle axe that was hung at his waist and rushed towards Yu instantly.  Lund’s natural “Magic Immunity” had helped him suppressed and defeated a lot of enemies on countless battlefields. In Lund’s option, Yu’s sword aura was nothing more than a powerful wind attribute magic. Now magic was commonly practiced, and no one would practice and cultivate “Fighting Energy”.  Lund did not think that a person of Yu’s age could cultivate any Fighting Energy.  Fighting Energy could be cumulative and became stronger and stronger when the user got older and had been through more life and death experience.  This Yu who was in front of them was obviously incompatible to have Fighting Energy.  Lund thought since the sword aura from Yu was not Fighting Energy, it must be magic.  As long as it is magic, Lund would not be afraid.

The moment Lund rushed towards Yu, Xius began to chant a spell. The reason why Xius’ magic needs to be chanted was because of its immense power. The place where the spell was placed would be like a natural disaster, and it would become tragic.  That was why Xius was crowned a title of Destruction King.

“Fuck! Xius is chanting a curse! Run! This place is going to collapse!”

“Run? Where to run? All these surroundings are blocked!”

“It’s over! We are dying for sure now!”

However, when everyone became frightened and desperate, Manlena stretched out her hand and waved, and countless solid ice cubes spread across the basement instantly, and the ice layer more than one meter thick instantly withstood the beams and walls.  Manlena was confident enough that no matter how powerful Xius’ magic would be, it was impossible to break her ice wall.

At this moment, what everyone did not expect happened, again.  The magic of Xius was not released because the moment when the threatening magic circle appeared in the sky, Yu unexpectedly split the magic circle in half with a slash again.

Everyone was completely dumbfounded. This magic circle was a product of condensed magic power. There was no solid body, and the magic circle that appeared could not be touched. Only the caster could control it but such a thing was cut open by him with a slash of his sword!?

Taking a look at Lund, who rushed to the forefront was already lying on the ground covered in blood with a frightened expression and a pair of dull eyes.  He was thinking:

“It… It’s not magic. . . “

Since he could still speak, he was not dead yet. Yu was not bloodthirsty, and he didn’t like to kill people.

Seeing what just happened, everyone was even more shocked and dumbfounded.  This Lund plus Lord Snake, a total of seven masters had been beaten up, and each one of them was just defeated by a slash from an ordinary sword. The most important thing was that Yu didn’t kill any of them.  It was important to know that killing a person was easy.  It just required a person who had enough power to raise his hand and slash over.  It would be difficult to convince one powerful person that the other one was more powerful.  This young kid who could control his strength collapsed those seven masters to the ground and did not dare to fight back.  That was the scariest thing of this black-haired boy.

When everyone was surprised and puzzled, the silent Manlena finally joined the battle.

Menlena extended one of her hands, countless cones of ice slowly appeared from the ice cubes that wrapped the surrounding walls. At this moment, countless ice cones were aiming at Yu from all directions. As long as Manlena waved her hand, Yu would probably immediately become a standing hornet’s nest.

“Don’t blame me for not cherishing talents. I give you one last chance to hand over the ice bracelet.”

Manlena said coldly.

Yu’s answer was also very clear:

“Rejected, let’s end it quickly, I have someone waiting for me at home.” 

Before Yu could finish speaking, the ice cones from all directions attacked toward Yu.  It did not matter how agile Yu’s posture would be, and Yu would not be able to avoid such an overwhelming attack.

However, everyone guessed wrong again. Why did Yu need to hide? Yu just raised his hand holding the sword, and the sword energy quickly spread out around and centered on Yu. However, this time the sword aura was not as simple as spreading tightly, and this sword aura was like a protective cover shielded Yu in the middle.  The ice cones would shatter and become nothing as long as they touched the protective cover.

Manlena had long expected this to happen, the ice cones attack was just a cover. From a moment ago, the ice cone was only used to attract Yu’s attention, and the real purpose of Manlena was to prevent Yu from discovering the huge ice plate that had already gathered above Yu’s head.

“Ice Sky Earthquake”

Even if Yu could block thousands of ice cones, Yu would not be able to take this ice tray weighing in “tons”.

In the next second when the ice cones were completely blocked by Yu, this huge ice plate instantly fell from Yu’s head.  Several tons of ice were dropped on top of Yu and he would become a meatloaf afterward. (TL/PR man the author doesn’t know how to use the word “tons” correctly. Going rewrite it differently from the author so it actually makes sense.

However, it was still just a swing with his sword, and the ice plate which was several meters thick was split in half by Yu and scattered on the ground.  The sword energy that Yu released, which was enough to split the ice plate, continuously went straight toward Manlena along the tip of the sword.  

After the sword aura passed, Manlena stared at the monster in horror. At this time, Manlena showed her smooth thighs. There were only two pieces of fabric covering the bumps on her proud crisp breasts, and the clothes that had wrapped her hips were also torn to pieces.  Manlena didn’t care at all, because she knew that she had walked through the pass of life and death just now. When that sword aura hit toward her, she thought she was going to be bitten into pieces by a beast-like sword aura.  However, she never expected that all that was torn was the clothes on her.  Her snow-white butt was unscathed, and the feeling of how terrifying it was in the present situation. She thought how terrifying it was having the feeling of being completely controlled by others?

One sword could control life and death, one sword could break ten thousand laws. To let you have the power to raise huge waves into the sky, and destroy others was just up to a thought in a split second.

“Now… There is no more disagreement, right?? I’m going home.” (TL/PR my man you forgot to take Manlena home dimwit… Its okay if Elsa gets piss you can explain)

Yu looked around and then took a few more glances at the attractive crisp breasts of Manlena.  Although Yu left a bit of fabric on the key points, it was even more looming in this way, coupled with the little mole on her chest. On the contrary, it made Yu even more unable to extricate himself.  Only because Yu wanted to go home in a hurry; otherwise, Yu really want to watch Manlena for a while. However, Yu thought that it was getting too late, if he doesn’t get home quickly, Elsa would be in doubt what he was doing again late at night.

No one dared to speak at this time and everyone was thinking: “Grandpa, please leave quickly, who dares to have any opinions here??”

Seeing that no one responded, Yu walked to an exit, and then smashed the huge ice block that was blocking the exit with a sword. Then, Yu walk up to the crowd returned the sword to the original owner, and said thank you very politely.

Finally, he did not forget to look at Linda who was hiding behind everyone and said

“Linda~ Thank you for today. She will definitely like this gift.”

Linda was startled at first, and then answered with a smile while covering her cheek:

“Nice!  As long as you like it. Remember to come and play again.”

Everyone immediately looked at Linda, thinking “Fuck!? Remember to come to play? By the way, this is a friend brought by little Linda. Could he be the future son-in-law of Lord Snake??”

Then, everyone watched Yu slowly disappear into the entrance.

The emotion in the crowds was very complicated. Only Linda looked at Yu’s back and kept muttering in her heart:

“Fuck! So handsome! So handsome! Why is he so handsome!! Rich and so awesome! Oh my god! How could there be such a man in the world!! By the way!  He spent more than 30 million for an ice bracelet just for her girlfriend!   I really want to be his girlfriend!!  I really want to be his girlfriend!!  I want to be his girlfriend! It doesn’t matter if such a man would marry several wives! It must be so!”

Just when everyone felt they could take a breath, they suddenly saw that Yu had walked back again, and the originally relaxed atmosphere instantly became tense again.

Yu walk up to the host of the auction, and then handed to the host the S-level space ring that was not handed over earlier, smiling and saying:

“Sorry, I forgot to pay.”

“Err. . . .”

The host took the ring from Yu’s hand and stared blankly and then watched him leave again.

At this moment, Linda was holding her cheek and she was grinning. There was only one voice in her mind: “I won’t marry anyone else besides him in this life!!!”

Yu might not know, after tonight, a legend like this would spread among the major underground forces: “the sword saint in black, who controls life and death. He has skills to defeat all the heroes; one sword breaks ten thousand laws.”

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