Infinite Apostle and incoming harem maiden Chapter 58

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58. Temporary borrow a sword 

Yu stood in the center of the booth walking on the ice holding the ice bracelet in his hand and frowned when he looked at Manlena in front of him. At first, Yu was quite annoyed after being thrown away, but when he saw such a beautiful woman in front of him, his mood became a little happier. (TL/PR ofc ya horny boi)

However, what Yu just did shock everyone. Even Razer Orr and Diamond Stan, after witnessing the magic displayed by Manlena, they didn’t dare to continue to fight. Yu just was different,  he ignored everything and treated the bracelet as his own.

Now, who would care whether the bracelet was paid or not?   Didn’t Yu know what he was facing at the moment??  Destruction King Xius, Diamond Stan, Razer Orr, Chariot Lund, Snake Fanna, and Thunderlight Connor were all first-class master, and Manlena of the Iceberg, that combination could already challenge an army.

Every onlooker of the crowd thought that this kid was a complete fool.  No, a fool would know what fear was.  He was a lunatic.  Although no one knew how this lunatic got so much money, this guy definitely won’t survive tonight.  The woman in front of him would freeze him into an ice sculpture in the next second.

At this moment, a man with brown hair and a snake-shaped scar on his face rushed in with a group of armed people.

This person was Lord Snake.  The head of the underground market in this city.  He was not just relying on power to suppress others. Lord Snake was also a ruthless character who had the power at the same level as the seven masters on the field.

However, as soon as the Lord Snake showed up, the terrifying atmosphere on the court continued to increase, because Lord Snake didn’t know who he was helping. If he helped Yu, it would not be beneficial.  In the eyes of everyone, Yu was just a mad boy who was a nouveau riche, and there was nothing worth for helping.  If he helped Manlena, it could mean that Lord Snake took the initiative to flatter the general’s house, and Lord Snake didn’t know whether his backbone supporter would agree to it or not.

Lord Snake walking to the booth, standing between Yu and Manlena, and slowly said:

“Generally, since this ice bracelet has been bid for, I shouldn’t do anything further. But you didn’t understand the rules, which caused all this chaos kid.  I can’t pretend that I didn’t see it.  Therefore, I have decided not to sell this ice bracelet anymore. Please return it to me.”

After Lord Snake said this, the audience instantly understood what Lord Snake was going after. The Snake master also realized that this bracelet was a fetish, and planned to take it for his use.

At this moment, Yu just smiled and put the bracelet into the pocket of his jacket, then looked at the Lord Snake and said:

“I already bought it, and I am not responsible for it as soon as it leaves the auction.”

Yu decided to turn around and leave after speaking.

“Good god, this is not an ordinary lunatic, this is a total neurosis!!!!”

Manlena stomped her foot on the ground fiercely, and it was frozen for thousands of miles in an instant.  All the exits of the basement were blocked by thick ice, and a burst of cold air instantly condensed in the basement.

In the next second, Lord Snake suddenly appeared in front of Yu. Lord Snake held a sharp blade-like lightning and attacked straightly to Yu’s head. This technique was as changeable as a snake, and the knife was still smeared with poison.  No one knew how many people had died under the sword of the Snake master.

Just when everyone thought that Yu must die, something that they never expected happened.

No one knew what happened, and no one knew what Yu did.  Anyway, in the blink of an eye, Lord Snake had already flown out and hit the basement wall.

. . . . . .

. . . . . .

For a moment, the audience was silent, because everyone couldn’t believe what happened in front of them. In their eyes, Lord Snake had already acted and surely Yu would die under his sword.  Even if he could escape, he should be half dead.  However, not only Yu was safe and sound, the one who was beaten up was the Snake master.

“What. . What just happened?”

“Do not. . do not know. . .”

Everyone was stunned, the most surprised one was Linda. Linda knew how powerful her father was. The position of the underworld leader was piled up with blood and bones, but how could such a ruthless person be beaten by this humble kid now?

“Heh! I thought about how powerful Lord Snake was, I didn’t expect that he couldn’t defeat a furry boy.”

Before everyone could react, Razer Orr carried two sharp blades flashing with electric lights and rushed towards Yu.  His target was obviously Yu’s head.

Orr’s figure was much faster than Lord Snake. If Lord Snake was a poisonous snake, Orr would be the King of Snakes.

Orr warped his body and appeared in front of Yu. Orr’s body had not arrived, but his blade came first. The two lightning blades were constantly changing like lightning in everyone’s eyes.  Everyone thought had no doubt that Yu would die for sure this time.

But this time everyone looked dumbfounded again. Yu’s body movement turned out to be as fast as the blade and changed speeds to be as slow as the blade when Orr switched speeds. Yu walks the way the blade walks. No matter how unpredictable Orr’s Thunderlight blade changed, even it was as fast as lightning it won’t hurt Yu.

At this time, Yu seemed to lose his patience. He jumped back hard and stood in front of the crowd on the sidelines.

Yu looked at the onlookers behind him and thought: “It seems that if I don’t knock them all down, I won’t be able to leave tonight. The lights are dim here, and no one would recognize me if don’t use Sylph.  If I went back too late, Elsa might think that I have gone to fool around at night.  It is better to solve this situation quickly over here.”

Thinking of this, Yu turned around and pointed to man who was hold a longsword and asked, 

“Can you lend me the sword in your hand?”

When the man saw this, how dare could he not agree, he nodded and said:

“Okay… okay. . . “

It might be a fluke to beat the Snake master just now, but it won’t be a fluke to avoid Orr’s attack. Without saying a word, the man immediately handed his long sword to Yu.

Yu took the long sword and did not forget to say thank you.

“Humph! Just borrow a temporary weapon.  Don’t even take us seriously!”

Diamond Stan looked at Yu’s behavior and hummed glumly.

“This kid could avoid Razer’s attack.  It seemed that this kid has some skills.”

Lund, who was standing on the side, looked at Yu who was not far away and was a little surprised. He never expected that the kid he ran into in the morning had such a keen skill.

“If he is not bad at all, then I’ll meet him!!”

 Stan releases a huge magical force, he hardened the skin of his whole body, and forms a diamond shape. That was Stan’s talent magic “Diamondized”.  No matter how hard one’s fist would be, no matter how agile one’s body would be, it was impossible to beat the hardest diamond in the world.  Stan was so confident.  From what Stan could see, Yu was nothing but a dead brat about to smash into a mug of flesh.  As for the ice bracelet, he thought that would wait until the attack was over!


Stan roared and rushed over.

Everyone all looked at Yu, wondering what expression this local tyrant who spent 30 million without blinking would have before death.

Everyone did not expect that, Yu just closed his eyes and said silently:

“The first limiter, release!”

In an instant, the sword blade in Yu’s hand glowed with golden light, and when he waved his hand casually, a powerful sword aura instantly spread all around with Yu as the center. At this time, everyone standing next to Yu just felt that they were being held in their throat by a sharp blade, and they were so scared that they did not dare to move.

The diamond body that was still roaring aggressively at Yu just now appeared on the opposite wall. His body, which was inlaid with diamonds, unexpectedly showed a deep sword mark. This sword mark stretched from the left shoulder to the waist and abdomen. After seeing it, everyone was horrified.

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