Infinite Apostle and incoming harem maiden Chapter 57

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57. I paid for it (plus more)

“Dam! Crazy! Completely crazy!!!”

Linda and the people who were sitting around Yu were screaming crazily in their hearts.

The reason why the lights were dimmed in this auction was to let the winners go backstage and protect their privacy, so other people won’t know who bought the item.  There were too many people staring at these treasures.  If the winners’ identities were exposed.  As soon as they left the auction, they might be surrounded by a dozen masters. Instead, Yu jumped over and took the initiative to make an appearance.  What a lunatic he was.

“What! It turned out to be such a little hairy boy??”

“This… Isn’t this the hairy boy who was with Linda just now? It seems that is a real person with true power without showing his real identity!”

“What a real piece of shit individual he is! I have never seen this person.  I am afraid that he just stole that ring from somewhere.”

All of the sudden, whispers were all over the auction hall, but no one dared to say anything. After all, Yu threw out more than 30 million gold without blinking.

Yu’s appearance was a delight to Manlena and the group. Originally, they thought that it was either a prince or the leader of some forces. But now, when Manlena looked at him, he turned out to be the little boy who was walked into them and didn’t even dare to squeak in the morning. The Ezes family had a lot of access to the upper class, whether it was the empire or the surrounding countries, higher up and lower-level people were known to them. But this so-called Yu which they had never seen before; presumably, they think he’s just a stupid son of some upstart.

Just as Yu were about to pass the ring to the host, I heard a silver bell ringing in the dim auditorium, and the whole sentence consisted of only a single word:


For a moment, everyone on the field didn’t know what was going on, and only saw a dark figure immediately rush towards the booth from the dim auditorium. In just a moment, like a huge boulder rolling down from a mountain, a huge and incomparable force slammed into Yu, and at this moment, the mortal body of Yu was hit and flew to the corner of the booth.

Seeing what just happened, the host immediately guarded the ice jade bracelet, expecting that was a robbery.  However, before the strong man could stand firm, the booth was immediately surrounded by a group of people.

“This is Lord Snake’s place. Have you guys eaten bear hair or leopard guts, so you dare to come here and rob!?”

As soon as the host said, several people around the booth rushed towards the strong man with weapons. Before they could get close to the strong man, the strong man grabbed those people one by one with one hand and flung them all away.

“Humph! Lord Snake? Even if the boss of your Lord Snake is here, I don’t give a shit about it!”

The strong man roared, vigorous and powerful, and the whole venue even shook slightly.

 With this roar, he could stun the lower-level soldiers, but it won’t stop the generals. There were so many people staring at this jade bracelet under the stage.  Most of the people thought that this ice jade bracelet was just a beautiful treasure that should cost about 10 million golds and could enhance the magic power. They just wanted to come and take a look at this treasure, but they didn’t expect that someone paid more than 30 million to get this auction item.  Of course, they didn’t expect that some people even smashed the snake master’s place to grab it!  Anyone with some experience like an old fox could guess that this bracelet must not only be a simple treasure.

There were a lot of people in the crowd holding such thoughts to steal this ice jade bracelet, and more of them were turned into actions now. Since someone started the battlefield, then others wanted to join and would want to complete the whole game. Thirty million was certainly not an affordable amount for most of the people; however, in terms of strength robbery to get this treasure, no one knew who the winner would be yet.

In an instant, countless magics from the audience flew towards the strong man, wind blade, flame ball, ice cone, all common long-range magic appeared. But this strong man did not dodge. Everyone laughed secretly in their minds, thinking that this brawny man had no time to react. Then, before the smoke caused by magic on the field dissipated, a slim-looking man wearing a black robe rushed over.  He was agile, like a snake.  He was holding double knives in his hands that were faintly shining with thunder.

“Razer!! Razer Orr! Good god! this guy is going to be a step ahead of us!”

Orr rushed in the direction of the ice jade bracelet, and the host was definitely unable to stop Orr.  The strong man who was attacked by countless magic probably became ash.

However, no one could think of that at the moment when Orr was about to grab the bracelet, a giant hand appeared in the smoke. The palm of the giant hand was as big as Orr’s head. The giant hand grabbed Orr and flicked him, then Orr’s whole body was thrown out.

“Oh my God! That strong man didn’t die!?”

Everyone was too scared to speak depending on the situation, who could survive the magical bombardment. When the smoke disappeared, everyone knew that they had underestimated the brawny in front of him, not only was he not dead, he was not even injured at all.

At this time, someone in the audience recognized the strong man.

“Magic. . . Magic Immunity?? Chariot Lund!! This is Chariot Lund!  It’s that guy from the army!”

When people heard that there was a guy from the army, some of the people immediately stopped their attacks. People from the army were not someone who should be offended. The only exception is a few people who were more than one or two desperadoes here. Who would care about the army? Since someone in the army is also involved in this bidding, the value of this bracelet must be even higher.

Before the next second, a glowing object rushed towards the strong man.

“Humph! Chariot Lund!  I’ve long wanted to meet you!!”

A man who had the same size as Lund, but his body was shining, like a diamond embedded in his skin, “Diamond Stan”.  He was also a famous figure in the underground world.

Lund stepped back two steps when he was hit by Stan like this. Before he could react, Stan threw a punch at Lund.  Lund dodged the punch, and he was not inferior to Stan at all; however, he looked no longer as easy as before.

At this time, Razer Orr wanted to take the opportunity to take over the bracelet, but he was stopped by the same thunder light as his.  A flame struck like a snake, causing Orr to step aside in an instant.

“Since you know our identity and still dare to come up, you are really bold enough.”

A purple-clothed woman who was manipulating the flame in her hand roared, and beside her was an old man with lightning in his hand.

 “Flame Snake Fanna” and “Thunderlight Connor”

These two were also masters in the Ezes family, but there was still a trace of worry when facing “Razer Orr”. After all, Orr had a legend of taking a general’s head in front of the army of thousands.

At this time, the “King of Destruction, Xius”, who had been standing on the side could not wait anymore and began to act. Instead of taking the initiative to attack, he summoned a small mouse and ran to the center of the stage and tried to steal the ice jade bracelet. Before the mouse’s mouth could touch the bracelet, the mouse was instantly frozen into a popsicle.

A woman ignored what was happening surrounding her and strolled towards the booth, then removed her hood to reveal her black hair and snow-white skin. Her tall nose bridge and matte lips that looked as if they were out of a painting at first glance.  She was extremely beautiful and nicknamed Snow Mountain Beauty. Whoever took a glance at her would call her a Snow Mountain Beauty subconsciously. This was the woman named “Iceberg”, one of the ace mages of the empire.

At this moment, everyone was surprised when they saw her.  Even the people who were already fighting fiercely couldn’t help but stop what they were doing and looked at her twice. She flicked the ice jade bracelet with her hand and smiled slightly. In an instant, the floor of the booth was covered by a layer of frost, freezing everyone in place.

As soon as everyone saw what just happened, they immediately stopped the attack. Because they knew what this trick meant. Now they could seal the booth with just one flick, and no one could move. If Manlena became more serious, the entire underground plaza would be sealed by a few meters of ice.  Even if anyone could grab the ice jade bracelet, she/he would never be able to escape.

Just as everyone was amazed, something happened that they would never think of for a lifetime.

The black-haired boy who was hit by Lund at the very beginning was standing in front of Manlena. Right at Manlena’s face, he picked up the bracelet from her hand, and then frowned at Manlena and complained:

“I paid for this~~” (TL/PR go catch her pervert)

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