Infinite Apostle and Incoming Battle Maiden Chapter 56

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56. Spending big money

“Twelve million!” 

Yu said clearly with full of confidence. After all, there was a windfall of 30 million gold in the ring now. 


Linda was totally shocked when she heard that, and thought: 

“Fuck! Did he really just call out a bid?!”

And Yu suddenly bid abruptly suppressed those who laughed at Yu.

“Damn it! What a bid! Is he crazy?”

“Where does this kid get so much money??”

The people sitting nearby Yu were instantly stunned. This was the auction of Lord Snake. The person behind Lord Snake was either the imperial royal or some very powerful individual who could have similar power as the royal. At Lord Snake’s auction, if anyone couldn’t pay for their bids; then, that person probably won’t be able to see the sunrise tomorrow.

“Thirteen million!”

At this moment, another strong and powerful voice rang in the venue.  That was from a burly man standing opposite of Yu that bid loudly. The lights were dim, and Yu couldn’t see the face of the beefy man, but Yu could vaguely tell from the other person’s voice that this person was the muscular man in the group of four this afternoon. 

The host looked at the scene and thought that no one would increase the fare anymore, so he said: 

“13 million once! One thousand. . . “

But before he finished speaking, Yu shouted:

“Fourteen million!”

Everyone was shocked, and they cast incredible gazes towards Yu. 

Before waiting for another second, the other side called out 15 million bid.  At this time, everyone turned their eyes to the other side.  In the next second, Yu called out 16 million. From this moment on, only two people’s voices could be heard in the hall, Yu’s and the muscular man’s.  In less than five minutes, the two of them came back and forth, constantly increasing the price. Everyone swayed their heads between the left and right of the two people’s voices, and their eyes were full of amaze.

“29 million!!!”

Finally, the muscular man on the opposite side called out such a price. The audience was silent for a moment and thought that Yu couldn’t be bidding for a higher price.  Linda was also dumbfounded.  She always felt that she was deceived by Yu. What kind of wealthy businessman could this guy be?  He probably the eldest young master of a prince’s family.  How could this be getting a gift for a girlfriend?  He must be some other purpose.

Linda thought of this and quickly dispelled the idea of ​​snatching Yu’s ring.  He must be a big boss, for he could afford this price. Although Lord Snake had a strong background, he was just the leader of a city after all.  If he offended some big boss, she would be the first to be used as a shield.

Just when Linda was about to give up, she suddenly heard Yu shouting:

“Thirty million gold! Plus this ring!!!”

Yu raised his right hand and revealed the ring with the S-grade magic stone. The audience was

 silent for a while, and the few people who had laughed at Yu from behind immediately shut their mouths.

This ring might not be seen by the layman, but everyone in this auction was like an experienced thief with sharp vision. Under the dim light, this gem immediately showed a rainbow-like luster. What a S-grade magic stone was that? This single ordinary S-grade magic stone could cost more than three million gold, and this stone was silvery white.  At first glance, it was no doubt that it was the space magic stone. Therefore, the price for such space magic stone would be doubled again.  Just this ring alone would be worth more than six million gold.

If it was other gems or rings, they won’t be allowed to be added it to the auction price.  After all, the rule was that it was a cash-only auction, but this one was different.  There were no more than ten of such S-level space magic stone in the entire empire.

The audience was silent for a moment. The big man was dumbfounded when he saw this, and quickly turned around and asked the hooded woman behind him: 

“Lord Man? What should I do?”

The woman in the hood closed her mouth unhappily, and then said:

“Don’t increase the price. I don’t know who the other person is, and we didn’t bring so many gold coins. Wait to see what will happen.”

The muscular man and the two people around her immediately understood what it meant by wait and see from their master. The four people were sure to get this ice jade bracelet today.  They just waited to see who their opposite, Yu, was. If Yu was a royal nobleman, she would use her status to suppress it for the jade. If Yu was only some local powerful person, they would just snatch it from Yu directly.

The woman in the hood thought: “I wanted to act low-key, but I didn’t expect there would be someone so ignorant.  In the great empire, there are only a few people who the Ezes family would lay our eyes on.”

Who was the Ezes family? It was the surname of the general of the empire.   Besides the emperor and the prime minister, the Ezes family would be the next most powerful family. Even the princes might have to step back for three points when they met Ezes.

Among the four people presented, the woman with a hood was Manlena Ezes, the second daughter of Ezes’ family.  Although she was small because she was a woman, she was just like all the kids in the Ezes family who were famous for being invincible.   Every child in the Ezes family had a proud talent for magic.  As for the three people who came with Manlena were all brave and skilled fighters in the army.  The muscular man who shouted in the bidding earlier his magic might not be very good, but he had a body that could resist magic.  “Elemental Magic Free”, a kind of natural given skill was his special trait magic.

None of these people at the scene knew about these.  They all just felt that Yu was crazy. Even if this was the non-melting ice, it was not worth 30 million gold coins plus an S-level space magic stone.

What they did not know was the value of this piece of ice. For ordinary people, this 10,000-year-old ice was probably just a beautifully-shaped and immortal treasure.  Although some of them heard that the ice was special, none of them know how to use this non-melting ice.

A more powerful mage might know that this bracelet could increase its own magic power and greatly increase the wearer’s magic power, but the practical effect and market price were not as good as the space magic stone in Yu’s hand.

I am afraid that only Yu, who had been taught by Celia, knew the true use of this ice. This ice comes from the deep sea polar ice zone and was difficult to obtain. If it was carried by someone who had practiced ice magic, it would be a masterpiece of the world. Just like Kyle’s “Broken Shell”, if a wizard who specialized in ice wore this bracelet, the wizard’s every move and every style would add a bonus to their power. Although this bracelet looks cold and biting when a person really wore it, the person would feel comfortable all over, and it had the effect of nourishing the body and beauty for women.

The price of thirty-five million was very well worth it, even fifty million. The only people who understood this was the group on the other side who had bid against Yu.

In a dead silence, the host said softly: 

“So. 30 million for the first time.”

After speaking, the host looked around, and there was dead silence in the venue.

“The second time!”

Slowly looked around, no one spoke.

“The third time!!!! Then congratulations to this gentleman for taking this ice jade bracelet with 30 million gold coins and the S-level space ring in his hand. Please go to the backstage to complete the documentation later.”

The host bowed to Yu deeply to show respect. Although the host couldn’t see Yu’s face clearly, such a big boss who didn’t hesitate to take a shot of 30 million gold must be an incredible figure.

Linda, who was sitting next to him was dumbfounded. The happiness came too suddenly, and she was a bit at a loss.  She was about to give up the ring, yet she didn’t expect that Yu would add it to the price.  This auction was managed by Linda’s father, so she could just ask for it and get the ring from her father.

What everyone didn’t expect was that this fellow Yu turned over the seat directly and walked under the lights of the booth.  He took off the ring in his hand and handed it to the host in front of everyone, saying: 

“Thirty million gold is in this ring. Check it out. I need to get back on time and I cannot wait.” For a moment, the court fell into silence again. 

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