Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 55

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55. Ice jade bracelet (plus more) 

In the next hour, various magic weapons and unique treasures were sold at the auction.

No matter what kind of treasure, Yu just kept a wait-and-see attitude and was not tempted at all. 

“Oh, how about this? It is said that this is a hairpin dug from a thousand-year-old cave!”

Linda pointed to a golden hairpin on the stage and said.

“Looks old, don’t like it.”

That hairpin seemed to have workmanship that was a little better than others, and it was completely out of the sight of Yu’s interest.

“What about this? This ring is said to be the legacy of the Hanging City.”

Linda pointed to a red ring on the stage and said.

“The Hanging City…I’m tired just thinking about it…” (TL/PR foreshadow for later on in the story)

Don’t let Yu recall his embarrassing past.

“How about giving a weapon!? Your girlfriend must be a mage or warrior, right? The jade sword on your stand looks so good, and it has a soul-stirring feeling.”

“Soul-stirring?”  Yu heard and took a look at the exquisite white jade sword on the stands.

“Oh, that’s the user’s magic power remaining on it, it’s not a treasure in itself.”

Even if the magic power of that sword was strong, it can be recognized by Yu at a glance. After all, the toys of that naughty sister in Yu’s family were hundreds of times stronger than this. If Yu secretly picked up one when he left . . . . .

“No, not right!! not right!!! If you steal one, I’m afraid that girl Nojes would be so mad at me when we meet again next time.” Although Nojes couldn’t beat Yu up, this girl was so good at throwing a temper tantrum by crying and threatening to hang herself.

Yu thought of this and quickly rejoiced that he didn’t have this idea to take Nojes’ toys when he left.

By now, Linda became anxious sitting on the sidelines. The auction was about to come to an end. Yu still had not picked up anything that he would like, so the trap that she had set might probably be a waste of time.

At this moment, the people sitting next to Linda and Yu began to whisper to each other.

“Hey, did you hear that the guy in the black clothes and sitting behind us said that this is not good, that is not good, That is laughable.”

“Puff, I heard it too. I was so surprised that I looked back.  I thought that he might be some sort of great mage, but he turned out to be just a black-haired kid, I was afraid that he was just jealous because he couldn’t afford them.”

“It is normal that people can’t afford those treasures. The auction items today are different from those of the previous two days. They are all peerless treasures. Even I came here just for looking. If you couldn’t afford it, then don’t talk nonsense. Nowadays, youngsters don’t know the height of the sky and the depth of the earth.”

Linda heard all the whispers of the two people sitting in front of them.  She was okay if she didn’t hear them, but after Linda heard them, she began whispering in her mind:

“Did I really make a mistake? All the treasures auctions here are top-grade artifacts. This kid dislikes this and dislikes that. Is this local tyrant really pretending to be a rich man?”

Linda took a look at the ring in Yu’s hand again, and she dismissed what she was thinking. Where can a fake local tyrant find this kind of S-level space magic stone? This Yu must be looking from something similar to the gem that he was wearing.

Just as Linda was thinking, the originally noisy auction hall suddenly fell silent. Linda paused and found that it had reached the last auction item. Linda became anxious and thought:

“This is not good. I have still not been able to entangle this local tyrant. I’m afraid that I may have to snatch the ring away from him?  Wait, I still have one more bet. Although the last exhibit is outrageously expensive, I might be able to. . . . . . .”

At this moment, the host on the stage lifted the red cloth covering the exhibition box. Suddenly, cold light spread everywhere.  Everyone in the audience instantly felt cold, and then only a blue bracelet appeared in the center of the booth. Although the whole body of this bracelet was blue, the surface was slightly white, and there was a faint cold air around it all the time. This cold air was condensed into mist and surrounded the bracelet. It looked like white jade, but it was not really white jade.  It was more precious than white jade. This is a bracelet made of ice that never melts forever!!

Yu recognized the material of this bracelet at a glance because his sister Nojes also had a similar ring, which was a birthday present from the seventh apostle Celia to her sister. Even Celia, who was crazy about jewelry, only had a piece of ring size ice that never melted.

When he saw that, Yu stood up excitedly and said:

“That’s it!!”

But the shouting made everyone around him laugh.

“Puff, did you hear that? The kid behind us just said that was it.”

“I heard that I was counting on this for fun this year.”

For a while, everyone around who heard this sentence secretly laughed at Yu and covered their mouths. But now Linda was dumbfounded.  This bracelet was the last treasure of this year’s auction.

According to the provider of “Elysium”, the material of this bracelet was non-melting ice, but no one knew about what the real material was. The magic of this ice bracelet was genuine, so the starting price for the auction was a full two million gold, and there would be no cap. Because this time many people came here for this thing. The price you could pay depends on the situation. Yu want might just be a son of nouveau riche.  Even if he could take all his belongings, he won’t be able to defeat others.  The rule of this auction was that only the final buyer would have to pay.  So wouldn’t it be impossible for her to get the ring?

Yu seemed to not care about these at all, and the only thing he could see now was only this bracelet now.

At this time, the host on the field didn’t talk nonsense, and there was no need to introduce this kind of treasure. Almost half of the people present came for this bracelet. So he just started shooting directly:

“Ice jade bracelet, starting price, 2 million gold.”

The host faintly said, “The starting price was not high, and even deliberately lowered the price. It was to let celebrities and local tyrants wantonly raise the price to fight for it even breaking their wallets. In the end, the auctioneer will sit on the profit of the fisherman.”

“three million!”

This time, there was no need to raise a card, someone stood up and shouted.

“five million!!”

The other person shouted. The host looked at everyone and did not speak because he knew that the price was still too far from the final price.  Certainly, someone would continue to raise the price.

And just as the host thought about it for a few seconds, the price of the bracelet had been carried to the point of 11 million. What was the equivalent of these ten million gold?  The monthly salary of the ace magician Kerr was almost 160,000 gold coins, excluding hunting and post-war rewards. It would take her about 55 years to reach 10 million gold based on her salary. Now, this single bracelet costs 11 million gold. It was inconceivable for normal people except for the bigwigs and real nobles from major powerful forces, so no one dared to bet for it.  

“Didn’t the kid just said that it was it? Why is he silent?”

“Puff, if you would believe everything he said, I’m afraid that you are the real fool.”

Linda didn’t think much when she heard this. Because this was the case, even if it was a big merchant in the imperial capital, the merchant had to think twice about spending ten million gold coins. Although the rich have a lot of funds under their name, most of them had to maintain the operation of the store and the economic turnover. It was estimated that one would be ridiculously rich to take out tens of millions of gold. Yu also said that the things he was buying for his girlfriend.  Nowadays, men were womanizers and those young noblemen never give women such a precious treasure.

Linda didn’t expect to get the ring through auction anymore when she thought of it. Originally, she was hoping that she could get the ring without fighting. After all, people who dared to wear it would not be afraid of it being grabbed from his finger.  Linda didn’t feel that Yu was pretty weak when she sat next to him.  She didn’t even know whether Yu knew any magic skills. It seemed that this ring could only be snatched by Linda’s father and his men in the end.

Just when Linda was about to get up to inform Lord Snake, Yu suddenly stood up and shouted in a straightforward voice: “Twelve million!” 

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