Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 54

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54. Curious auction items

Yu followed Linda into the “Dragon Knight” tavern that the shop Xiao’er said. Yu took out a golden card at the door to show his identity and then received a number to enter. The number in your hand is 43. Since it is an anonymous auction, you can only show you the number.

When Yu entered the tavern, he saw that the people inside were more fierce than the others. If he changed Linda with other girls of the same age, he was afraid that she would be frightened and turned away when she entered, but this Linda was different. She walked calmly among the crowd, seeing these vicious men seem to be nothing. Although these big guys were upset, they didn’t say much. After all, this is the daughter of Lord Snake and everyone knows it. Let alone how powerful Snake is, this Linda alone is much stronger than most of them.

At this time there is a black-haired unknown boy who is with Linda, which is very uncomfortable. What is a kid doing with her who no one has ever heard of before? Even if it’s someone brought by Linda? I don’t see the clothes that he wears are very expensive, and I don’t feel any magical aura. I guess he’s just a young man who has come to see the excitement and knowledge. Where did Linda find this nouveau riche kid? What qualifications does such a kid have to not put others in his eyes?

That’s right, the black-haired young man they said was Yu. Although Yu didn’t ignore them, it’s just that these people are ordinary people in his eyes. Who will pay special attention to everyone’s face when walking on the street? Of course not, so Yu will not do so. However, such behavior caused these heroes to think that they were underestimated by Yu, and they became secretly unhappy.

Yu couldn’t guess the thoughts of these people and went straight to the depths of the tavern with Linda. Then walked down the stairs to the basement of the tavern step by step. Although he knew that the basement was in front of him, Yu could still feel the breeze coming. Maybe there was some other exit in the basement.

Yu also didn’t pay much attention to it and just continue to follow Linda. After walking for nearly 5 minutes, Yu saw a huge circular basement which is not so much a basement as it is an underground auditorium. The size of the place is about six classrooms, in the middle of the place is a square which is a cirular stage illuminated by many lights. On which various objects covered with red cloth are displayed. The circumference of the circular stage appears very dim, and the outer ring of the auditorium is surrounded by seats.

At this time, there are already many people who seem to have status is sitting at the forefront of the audience. They should have come in advance to find a position closer to the exhibits.

 “Can I sit anywhere??”

Yu looked at the dimly lit auditorium and asked.

“Of course, please feel free”.

 Linda covered her mouth and smiled. After all, this is her father’s place. It isn’t a matter of choice how the guests brought by me want to sit?

As for why Yu were brought here, it was naturally because Linda had fancy the S-level space gem in his hand. Just steal it? That’s stupid, if people dare to carry it in their hands, they are not afraid of you. Tricks? What do you use to fool others? I have already used my beauty trick, but Yu seem to have no response. In the end, of course, it was exchanged at the same price. Although Yu looks like a simple and plain individual, what type of person who can wear this ring? Also, Yu said that he want to buy something for his beloved, then he will definitely not hesitate to drop tons of money. Don’t ask how Linda knew, it was written all over his face and in his mind. So Linda thought about bringing Yu to the auction and then tried to deliberately increase the price of the things Yu liked at the auction. Then finally asked him to leave the ring here when he runs out of money.

Linda thought that after the auction, this space ring would be hers. She was happier than anyone else, and she couldn’t help covering her mouth and laughed again. 

“What’s wrong? What’s so funny??”

Yu looked at Linda beside her and asked curiously.

“Nothing, thinking that there will be a lot of treasures to see at this auction, of course, I am happy”. 

Linda smiled sloppily and look the other way. After all, Yu didn’t seem to be the kind of careful intellectual person.

As the number of people grew, Yu found that there was more than one entrance to their “Dragon Knight” tavern. There are passages in all directions of the circular underground square, and it is estimated that several places are used as entrances to disperse the flow of people. Soon, the auditorium, which was not very crowded, was filled with crowds.

With the gradual decrease of the incoming crowd, a tall man in a tuxedo and gold glasses, who looked like a gentleman walked to the center of the stage. Behind him were two beautiful girls with very attractive figures, and Yu’s eyes bulge out after seeing those beauties. However, Yu soon calmed down. This time he was planning to buy Elsa a gift. In the future, this old perverted man’s problem must be corrected.

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Linda who saw this picture just smiled, thinking that this perverted boy was too easy to predict what he was thinking. She was afraid that this time he would bleed heavily for his girlfriend.

Then the gentleman-like host on the stage snapped his fingers empty-handed, and a small magic circle appeared near his throat. Then his voice was very loud in the auction hall.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, tonight is the last night of our auction, so I won’t speak nonsense. Let’s get started quickly, I believe everyone can’t wait!”

The announcer moved away as he said, letting the two beautiful girls with hot bodies move a red cloth-covered object to the center of the stage.

At this moment, the red cloth pulled and saw a dark arm in a box with glass on all sides. That arm was still constantly twisting, crawling, and even hitting the glass cabinet.

“You all know the purpose of the devil’s hand. The reserve price is 50,000 gold, and one shot is regarded as an additional 5,000. Now please bid.”

After the host had finished speaking, he saw people on the seating area lighting up the number plates.

“Fifty-five thousand, sixty thousand, sixty-five thousand, Mr. #30 seventy thousand! Seventy thousand once, seventy thousand twice. Seventy thousand three times! Congratulations, Mr. #30, for taking this “Devil’s Hand”. Please come to the backstage to pick up the goods later.”

When the host finished speaking, he saw two hot beauties lift the box in the hands of the devil. They didn’t look scared at all, and seemed to be quite familiar with this type of setting.

This also made Yu understand why this auction can’t be entered publicly. The Devil’s Hand is related to dark magic. Summoning demons and cursing others are prohibited in any country. Even Yu, an “apostle” who has just arrived on earth not long ago knows. This auction dares to sell them openly. It seems that the snake master who is the leader definitely has some terrible background. It could be a nobleman or a royal supporting his back? It may even be someone even more powerful than those.

Are these important to Yu? Not important. Yu lean over and ask Linda: “Linda…What type of gift should I give to a girl and where are all the said artifacts?”

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