Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 53

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53. Master’s Gathering (second addition) 

As the sun went down, the town gradually lit up. Some shops had also closed. Everyone had worked hard for a day. They all wanted to go home quickly and get a good rest. But these were just the thoughts of ordinary citizens. At this time, the bar called “Dragon Horse” in the south of the city was full of enthusiasm, and it was so lively.

The location of the bar was very remote, if people had not been there before or if anyone had no acquaintances leading the way, it would be difficult for them to find this place. However, at this time, such a remote wine bar was packed with all kinds of people. Some wore light armor, obviously looking like a warrior. Some wore gorgeous robes, and at a glance, it was a well-known great magician. Some people wore cloaks and hoods and did not show their faces, but judging from the gorgeous attire they occasionally revealed under their cloaks, these people must be some celebrities, nobles or wealthy.

“I think it’s almost time, is it time to go down there??”

At this time, a black-haired uncle who was sipping beer at the bar table said.

This uncle dressed casually, protected by armor on key parts, and wore a machete around his waist. He looked like a warrior with a certain strength. Many people knew magic these days, but most of them were not very proficient in magic skills.  They could only use magic and martial skills together, usually called “Magic Martial Skills”.  However, if they could use this kind of “Magic Martial Skills” with sophistication, the power would be no less than an advanced magician.

“What’s the hurry? There are not that many people now.  They must not be here yet.”

The other brown-haired uncle took a sip of beer and said disdainfully. Judging from his clothes and how he was dressing up, he should be the same type of person as the black-haired uncle before.

“That is true.  The finale treasure of this auction is said to be an artifact salvaged from the deep sea by “Elysium”, and it won’t be just attracting to so little people.”

The dark-haired uncle looked around. Even though the bar was already full of people, he still felt that the number of people was still too low. 

“Hey! Who do you think that could get this finale treasure?”

The black-haired uncle asked curiously after looking around.

“How would I know! There are a lot of local tyrants here.  Let’s see who has the money.”

The brown-haired uncle responded impatiently.

“Hey! That ‘Elysium’ group is getting bigger and bigger now.  Doesn’t the emperor care about it?

The black-haired uncle noticed that the brown-haired uncle was not interested in the whereabouts of the auction items eventually, so he found another topic.

“Elysium” was a new sect that has recently emerged in the western part of the empire. It had grown to a 100,000 religious’ congregation in just a few years, and the final treasure that the uncles talked about was also from the “Elysium” group.”

“Care? How? Haven’t you heard that the emperor position has been emptied now? Several big families in the royal family are busy seizing power and usurping the throne. And this “Elysium” group is not an ordinary sect.  They just grabbed a treasure, and it already attracted so many people.

The brown-haired uncle looked at the people around him and began to speak quietly. 

“Look at the magician who is wearing a white robe over there.  He is only half a step away from the ace mage “Destroying King Xius”. 

“Damn it! Destroying King Xius?? He came here too!?”

The black-haired uncle shocked and stared at the white-robed mage. He heard about this name before. How could it be so easy to see him in real person. He was half a step away from the ace magician without referring to their strength. The Ace Magician was a title bestowed by the Empire. To be granted with this title, it was not enough to have the corresponding strength, but also to have an outstanding contribution. This Destroying King Xius was like how he was titled literally.  He would often explode with his shots, causing countless casualties.  Therefore, he could never get the title as the Trump card.  If it was only talking about Destroying King Xius’ strength, it was no worse than the real Trump magician.

“There is another one, ‘Razer Orr’.”

The brown-haired uncle pointed to an unremarkable man in the corner and said.  When the black-haired uncle heard that, he almost fell off his chair.

Who is Razer Orr? His body was as flexible and fast as Razer, killing people invisible. He was once a member of the empire’s hostile country.  He ran straight into the army by himself, brought back the head of his enemy’s top rank generals as easy as he just picked up a treasure from a pocket. It was a pity that in the end that he seemed to become a wanted man because he had raped many noble family women. However, this “wanted man” was just a name for him to the common people.  When the guards saw him, they just shook their heads and pretended not to see him.

“And there are also “King Kong El” and “Diamond Stan”. . . .”

The brown-haired uncle looked at the people next to him and reported their names one by one. Now the black-haired uncle is really dumbfounded. Those people who they found or recognized were already so famous and awesome, what about those talented people who were hidden in private now?

“Huh? Why is there a young couple over there?? Is it popular for these powerful people like to bring their sons and daughters?? “

At this time, the black-haired uncle pointed to a young lady with brown wavy hair and a young black-haired man in a black robe and asked. 

“The brown wavy doll is Linda, the baby girl of Lord Snake.  She is a pearl in his palm. But the black-haired kid. . . . . “

The brown-haired uncle looked at You, trying hard to think about something in his mind.


The black-haired uncle looked at the brown-haired uncle expectantly, hoping to hear something exciting.

“I don’t know, maybe it was Linda who caught him. Little Linda likes to molest dumb boys like this.”

The brown-haired uncle stood up after drinking the beer in his glass. Now that Little Linda had arrived.  That meant Lord Snake was also here. Then most of this auction was about to start.

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