Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 52

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52. The young lady in the clothing store (2)

 “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

Yu quickly retracted his hand and apologized nonstop.  Pinching a girl liked what Yu just did, I’m afraid I won’t be forgiven by saying “I’m sorry”. If the young lady was upset, Yu would be arrested and sent to prison for a few days. If that was found out by Elsa, The relationship would be done, and Yu won’t have the power to save it.

“It’s all right~ I was petting the cat first, and I didn’t expect you to touch it without even looking.”

The little sister was not angry at all.  After all, what Yu thought was written on his face, it was definitely not intentional. What’s more, looking at Yu’s panicking reaction, Miss Sister thought that he was a little cute.

“Is it really okay??” 

Yu was already dreaming about how to record his confession when he entered the police station.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I have met a lot of perverts, and I know that you didn’t mean to do that to me.”

Miss Sister said and sat down opposite To Yu.

“I can rest assured that.”

Yu let out a long sigh of relief in his mind.

“Brother, have you bought the tickets for the auction??”

Miss Sister rubbed her chin, along with a blinking pair of sparkly eyes while looking at Yu. 

“Oh, are you talking about this?”

As he spoke, Yu took out the golden card from his jacket pocket.

“Sure enough, I didn’t read you wrong, I knew that you would buy it.”

Miss Sister seemed to have long been determined that Yu was pretending to be a poor individual, and that store would definitely have nothing that Yu would like. Usually, no one could find that store.  Therefore, as long as the shop clerk asked a little bit, he would find out that Miss Sister introduced him, and then he would sell the auction tickets to Yu.

Yu was muttering in his mind, even though he was interested in the auction.  He didn’t expect that a ticket would cost 100 gold.  He thought that it would be better to run a few kilometers to another city.

“That……May I ask what is in this auction? Why is it so mysterious?”

Yu curiously looked at the young lady in front of him. He learned from the clerk from the shop it seemed that anyone introduced by this young lady was going to the auction.

“This is a stolen goods auction held only once a year in the black market. From peerless weapons to slave elves, there will be everything.”

The young lady dragged her chin, looked at Yu and said with a smile.

“Hey, hey! This stolen goods auction talk is too direct. Aren’t you afraid of being heard?”

Yu was speechless, although the clerk from the shop also said that this was an underground auction on the black market was behind closed doors. As a result, what this young lady said so upright now was really unacceptable.

“Don’t be afraid. Although the items sold in this auction can’t be seen, the buyers are from aristocratic elites to local tyrants and wealthy businessmen, and the organizer is the black-headed ‘Snake Lord’ of our city. Even if you report to the guards, you will only be kicked out.”

Miss Sister said this in broad daylight, but Yu couldn’t see a trace of fear in her eyes. 

“Um… I am feeling like I have fallen into a pit.”

At first, Yu only wanted to go back to the dormitory to make Elsa happy after shopping, but he didn’t expect that he felt more troublesome now. 

”What is falling into the pit? I only brought you in because you were qualified.”

The young lady pointed at the ring on Yu’s hand. Miss Sister knew the meaning of this ring. It was either rich or noble. A person who could wear this space ring was definitely a rich guy and a noble young man, even if he was not a great magician.  That ring was absolutely impossible to be stolen, because the magician will not leave this kind of thing, and the rich will definitely take care of it. Even if he stole it, he must be a thief who could have superpowers to just get something under the eyes of a magician. How can the thief be short of money?

“Hey… Forget it, since I bought the ticket, I will definitely go and see it. Since you know this auction so well, you must be an insider. What are the good things sold over there??”

Yu thought that he had already jumped halfway into this pit, so he should jump in all the way because there might be a hole in the pit where he could gain something.

“There are many good things, but it looks like the beautiful Loli Elves~ jewelry with sexy effect~~ or some artifacts for torture~ those have been sold two days ago.”

Miss Sister poked her face with her finger and started trying to remember something.

“Wait, wait, wait… I am serious about buying things for a girl, no pretty Loli elves, no jewelry with sexy effects, and no strange torture props!” (TL/PR what a gentleman! I think…)

“If I use the jewelry with sexy pose effects, what is the difference between me and scum like Kyle.”

“Sorry, I forgot. I thought you are a noble’s son and I thought you liked playing these types of things.”

When Yu heard this, Yu immediately remembered Kyle’s look that he asked to be beaten.

“At first, I thought Kyle did that because he was just mentally disabled, but it turned out that the nobles liked to play this?? After all, if she thought that I was such a person, she still dares to come up and talk to me like this. Is Miss Sister a trembling masochistic??”

Yu just thought about it, but he didn’t care too much. “Indeed, I am usually lustful and I like beautiful women. But now my heart belongs to someone, and Elsa is all over my mind, so I don’t have my heart for anyone now.”

However, Yu didn’t know that this little sister named Linda was not an ordinary person. The reason why she knew that the other party had strange habits, and she still dared to approach without authorization was because she had absolute strength that the other party did not dare to attack her.

This strength is not only due to her own magic and martial arts, but also because she was the daughter of the black-headed “Snake Lord” who she mentioned earlier.

“I think it’s almost time, why don’t you let me take you to the auction and be your temporary guide??”

Miss Sister looked at Yu, smiled, and asked. 

“Okay, I haven’t participated in such an auction after all, so I am worried about how to get there.”

Yu was very happy to hear what Linda offered.  Not only that he had a guide, but he also had a beautiful companion. Then, Yu murmured again, “If Elsa saw this, I might get ignored again. But how can I take it back at will if I already said it.”

The young lady in front of Yu didn’t know what he was thinking, but she smiled and stretched out her hand to make a handshake gesture to Yu: “Let me introduced myself, my name is Linda. What about you?”

“One word ‘Yu’.” (TL/PR yall forgot your last name “the infinite”

Yu said and took Linda’s hand. 

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