Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 51

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51. The young lady in the clothing store 

“Is there any mistake? Selling me an auction ticket for 100 gold, and I can’t even counter-offer!”

Yu walked down the street unhappily while looking for a place to rest, and waited until the evening to go to the south pub that the shop clerk told him.


All of the sudden, Yu seemed to hit something hard. It was as strong as a wall. At this moment, Yu was in a mortal body, and he was unavoidably knocked back a few steps.

“Sorry, I was in deep thinking, and I did not pay attention.”

After being hit, Yu knew immediately that he had missed the road and walked into someone, so instantly he apologized politely.

However, before Yu finished talking, he saw three of the four people on the opposite side immediately spread out, surrounded the one with a hood in the middle. The man standing in the front was tall, dressed in an inconspicuous armor, with a flat head haircut and a battle axe in his hand. This might be the one who Yu just walked into him. A woman and an old man next to him seemed to be ready to release magic at any time. The three of them looked aggressive and seemed to be ready to attack Yu at any time.


Yu looked at what just happened right in front of him and thought: “Really?  Just a little bump into each other. Do human beings become so hostile now?  Would they make you kneel and break your legs for small mistakes, or would kill nine generations of your family for a big mistake??”

Fortunately, the woman standing in the middle with his hood covering her face slightly raised his hand and motioned. The three people nearby put away the posture for an attack.

At this moment, the strong man standing in the front bent his waist to the person in the middle, and then asked in a low voice: 

“Lord Man, is this???”

“It doesn’t look like he did that intentionally, forget it.”

Under the hood, there was a woman’s voice and Yu was energized instantly. Yu could tell from the voice that this woman’s personality must be cold and arrogant.  Looking at the faintly visible white legs under the robe, Yu concluded that there was definitely an iceberg beauty hiding under this hood. (TL/PR a hint mention here for another future harem member)

Yu thought for a second, now Elsa was the most important thing to him, if he would flirt with the flowers and grass now, Elsa would really ignore him.

“It’s okay.  It is just a misunderstanding. Watch your way when you walk.”

The other party’s tone was not very rude and vicious, but it seemed to have deliberately improved its momentum. It seemed that she intends to show her position by putting pressure on Yu in this way.”

However, such pressure was equivalent to nothing to Yu. Therefore, Yu didn’t even realize the other party’s intention, so he just smiled and left.


Seeing Yu’s reaction, the tall burly man was upset.  However, his master had already said to forgive him, so he won’t pursue any further retaliation.

Yu left the group of four and went to a coffee shop near the south side of the city to kill time. The streets in the south of the city were far less prosperous than the central city. There were not many shops on the road, and occasionally, a few couples were walking on the street together. It seemed that this place was more suitable for couples to handle out than to shop.

At this time, the sky was gradually darkening, and Yu took the cup in his hand and sipped a cup of warm coffee. The bitter coffee was mixed with a little milk, and the flowery taste instantly spread in his mouth.

“Ah~~ The human stuff is amazing.”

Yu couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. Yu had already learned about coffee in human books earlier. It was produced on an island in the southwestern part of the empire. It was produced in large quantities and was very popular. Yu used to be surprised that the book about coffee clearly said that it was bitter and irritating, but why were human beings so enthusiastic about it? As a result, today Yu added milk to the coffee as the shop clerk said. Yu felt like he couldn’t live without coffee anymore.


At this moment, a meow suddenly sounded beside Yu. Yu turned and saw an orange cat wagging its tail at him.

You had always loved small animals. In the huge temple of the Apostles, besides of reading books, he was accompanied by animals. . . . 

Well, he had beasts as his companions.

When he saw such a cute cat, You naturally couldn’t help but go up and touch its head.


Yu pet the cat’s head and slid it down to the cat’s chin, and then began to rub. The cat seemed to enjoy this too by showing a refreshing expression on his face.


At this moment, there was another meowing behind Yu. Yu thought that she might be with this other cat, so he stretched out his other hand and was ready to touch the cat behind him without even thinking about it.

When Yu’s hand touched the “cat” behind him, he found the cat was a little strange. First of all, how did the feeling on this cat is so smooth?  It was like that it was wearing clothes, and why was its head so soft? It seemed to be very tender to the touch, and it seemed like it could bounce back when it was pinched. It was very elastic!

“Wait! Elastic!? Cats will be elastic?”


Following the gentle squeeze of Yu’s hand, the “cat” behind him gasped unexpectedly.

Yu paused for a moment, and then quickly turned to look in the direction of the voice, and saw that the salesgirl in the clothing store was standing behind him, and the “cat” he was touching turned out to be the little salesgirl’s booty.

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