Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 50

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50. Tickets for the auction (plus more) 

“Prestigious Guest, please take a look at this item. These are pure gold earrings made by the top forging masters in the castle. You won’t be able to find a second pair of such earrings in this city.”

The shopkeeper was wearing a pair of white gloves, holding a brown sandalwood box in his hand, and inside the box was a pair of gold earrings that its shine seemed to be able to blind eyes. This pair of earrings were engraved with beautiful peony patterns, giving people a fresh and refined feeling.

However, Yu took a look, and only said: 

“No, gold is too vulgar.” 

As soon as Yu’s words came out of his mouth, the shop clerk almost dropped the showcase.

Although Yu didn’t love treasures, his younger sister Nojes at home had always wear a lot of stuff like this. Up to the ancient dragon’s blood clotting ring, down to the magic stone formed by the tears of the elemental elves, even a hairpin of Nojes was made by the king of the elements himself. However, it was a pity that Yu didn’t know the value of these at the time, and only now did he understand the value of money when he officially contacted humans. (TL/PR totally didnt drop a big foreshadow there by the author)

“Oh, my big boss, these are already the 38 pieces of jewelry you have seen. You don’t love gold, silver isn’t your favor, and you don’t even look at a century-old pearl. How do you want me to guess what you are satisfied with?”

Although the clerk was irritated, he did not dare to say anything to offend Yu. Although Yu was wearing outdated clothes, and he was a bit old-fashioned. But the ring he was wearing was an S-rank magic stone. The one who could wear this stuff was either rich or noble, maybe he was the son of some wealthy family.  After all, wasn’t it popular for some people pretend to be a pig who could eat a tiger, and pretend to be poor everywhere?

“My requirements are not very high. Are there any accessories that can make people feel happy, strengthen their bodies, and enhance magic power after wearing them??”

Yu thought that Elsa was not a vain girl, and she would definitely be angry if Yu gave her something like gold and silver. In that case, Yu might not ease the tension between him and Elsa, it might make the troubled relationship even tenser.

“Haven’t you seen the rings and earrings with magic stones from the beginning?”

The clerk pointed to the jewelry inlaid with magic stones of various colors in the showcase next to them.

“These are too ugly. The aesthetics are the same as those of a grandpa and aunties would wear. Also at first glance, you can see that the quality of those magic stones are not great, and the effect of wearing it is definitely not good.”

Yu looked at the earrings and rings inlaid with magic stones, all of which were large pieces of magic stones embedded in gold or sterling silver, and the inside of the magic stones was muddy and completely devoid of artistic conception.


The clerk looked at Yu and stunned for a moment and thought: “The one who can see the level of the magic stone must be an insider. Moreover, the ring in this kid’s hand looks like a space magic stone, so how can people who can wear this kind of thing even lay his eyes at these ‘bad goods’ on the table.”

“Well, May I take the liberty to ask, how did you know our store??”

The clerk looked at Yu as if he was thinking about something.

“A young lady from a clothing store in the city center told me about your shop.”

Yu didn’t think much, just answered honestly.

“Does she have brown hair, a pair not very big breasts, but especially round butt.  She likes to cover her while she ‘hehe’ laughs for nothing??”

As if she had met the salesgirl, the clerk described all her characteristics.

“Yes, that’s right, her butt is very curled. It looks very elastic at first glance.”

Yu was thinking of bringing Elsa to buy gifts, so he didn’t think much about it. But out of nature, he could not help but take a few more glances.

“That’s right since you were the person introduced by Little Linda. That must be for you to participate in that auction.”

The clerk said, turning around to go to the back counter and he churned something.


Yu was stunned as he listened. After all, he was not very familiar with this human world. He also saw the word “auction” in a book and did not understand it much.

Before Yu thought further, he saw the clerk approaching with a small golden card.

“That’s right, this is the auction. This kind of auction is only held once a year, and various artifacts and peerless weapons will appear in the auction. My guest, you are lucky. This auction will be held for three days in total. Today is considered the last day, and you just make it.”

The clerk was speaking, and he put the golden card flat on top of the showcase.  Then, he ran magic in his hand and wrote the words “One Character Shop” on the golden card.

It’s no wonder the clerk dared to sit in the jewelry shop alone and at the beginning, he dared to say things to blast Yu out. From the clerk’s magic engraving technique, it is shown that he was a man with some strength. It was just that these were all same for Yu; anyway, the clerk was very powerful but Yu just didn’t care. 

(TL/PR duh hes an ant after all… and his name is clerk (aka shop keeper)… so forget about him…)

“All right!!”

The clerk collected his magic power; then, he picked up the card and handed it to You.

“This is??”

Yu took a closer look at the card and found that the card was very simple.  It had a strange magic circle engraved on the front and a little petal pattern decoration on the side. The reverse side of the card only had the words portrayed by the clerk.

“This is the ticket to the auction. It will be held in the basement of the “Dragon Knight” Pub in the south of the city at 7 o’clock tonight. When you show this card at the entrance, someone will take you in.”

The clerk from the shop started to sort out the gold earrings that he took out just now. It seemed that Yu` had decided that he did not plan to buy anything here.

“Just show this card? No need to prove my identity?”

Yu obviously became interested in the auction, so he wanted to know some details.

“No, this card can be used by anyone holding it. The auction does not ask for names and origins. We are only responsible for selecting people with financial strength in the competition. We should not be responsible for it once the card leaves the cabinet, and it will be invalidated after one use.”

The clerk was actually quite puzzled. Although this auction was an underground for black market transactions, most celebrities and nobles in the city should know that even many great nobles in the imperial capital would come here. After all, the spoils would be divided once a year, but many treasures could not be seen. This guy didn’t even know the auction. What does Linda want to introduce such a person to?”

Thinking of this, the shop clerk immediately looked at Yu and said:

“I might have talked a bit too much, for you should know that this is a black-market auction, and please try to keep a low profile after entering. Because there will not rich people like you, and there are also many magic masters and dark forces in the auction.”

Although the clerk was greedy for money, he was not a villain. Seeing Yu’s appearance, he couldn’t help but kindly reminded him. 

“Thank you for the reminder, I know.” Yu noticed that the clerk didn’t intend to sell more items to him, So Yu collected the card and prepared to leave.

“Guest stay!”

Just when Yu turned around to leave, the clerk suddenly stopped Yu with a loud voice. 

“Hmm, what’s up??”

Yu turned back puzzled. 

Pausing every two and four characters, rhyming before and after, the clerk said in a cadence: 

“pure-gold ticket, magic lettering. It will cost a hundred gold. No refund after leaving the cabinet, thank you for your patronage. “…”

Yu listened and was dumbfounded…


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