Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 49

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49. Little sister’s suggestion 

Yu is an activist.  He would do whatever he could think of.  He could not wait for just a little bit, so when he thinks about how to please Elsa, he had to do it right away.

Yu first went to take a leave of absence with Kerr, saying that he was going to the town to buy something, he had to do it right away.  If that was in the past, Kerr might not agree to let him take the leave, but now Yu had made a tasty soup for Kerr. Therefore, Kerr thought what he was probably going to buy some ingredients to make medicine, so she let him go.

As soon as Kerr approved the leave, Yu immediately went back to his dormitory, changed his clothes, and ran to the town. Because Yu was going to run a little bit farther this time, and he didn’t plan to go there in school uniform.

Yu was running out of school during this time to find a decent gift for Elsa and to apologize to her.  Before, he wanted to search for diamonds from the Earth Burrow Dragon, but he had completely forgotten about it because of Jester at the end.

But fortunately, Jester finally gave Yu a big gift. There were nearly 30 million gold coins in the space ring. After Yu saw it, Yu smiled immediately. As for the other research materials in it, Yu just burned them all.

While thinking about what to get for Elsa, Yu opened a little gap in his seal then ran wildly in the forest. This time, Yu’s destination was the city north of the forest.  Although Yu could buy some gadgets in the small town near the school, Yu didn’t think this is appropriate. After all, it was the first time to give something to a girl. Yu hopes to buy something expensive and meaningful, not to mention he was not short of money now.

While thinking about this, Yu already came to the front of this big city. Originally it would take three days to get here buy a carriage, but it only took Yu less than an hour with a slight limiter release.

After paying the toll at the city gate, Yu entered this bustling city.

This city was different from the city in the snowy field.  The city on the snowy field was full of wine fragrance, and this city was full of floral fragrance. Also, it was in the early spring, and the countless beautiful flowers blooming on the roadside make the tourists overwhelmed.

Seeing this scene, Yu wondered if he should buy a bunch of flowers and go back? After another thought flowers are beautiful, but they wither fast.  Yu gave up that idea about giving flowers.

Then Yu thought that Elsa likes to buy beautiful clothes, so he hurried to the clothing store in the city center. But when the salesperson enthusiastically asked about Elsa’s body shape, Yu could only give a reply of “about this size” with gestures.

“Sir, I advise you not to buy clothes as gifts.”

The saleswoman with the brown wavy haircut was now covering her mouth and smiling.

“Why?  do you think that I have bad taste ”

Yu was a little annoyed when he heard this, but he had perfectly engraved Elsa’s image in his mind. This dress had been compared with Elsa’s image in his mind countless times; therefore, there must be no problem.

“No, that’s not what I meant.”

She realized that Yu had misunderstood, the saleswoman hurriedly shook her head. 

“Why is that??” 

Yu was puzzled and then stared at the young lady in front of him blankly. 

Seeing Yu’s silly look, the saleswoman quickly explained to him:

“You have to try clothes before you can buy them. If you buy a big one, the other party will wonder if you think she is fat, so he bought that big. If you buy a small size one, the other person will feel that she is really fat.  It might be self-defeating. I’m afraid you will quarrel with your girlfriend.”

Hearing this, Yu suddenly realized,

 “It turns out that there is such a thing!! Thanks to your reminder; otherwise, If I bought it back and we would be over.” 

Seeing you understand, the saleswoman did not say anything, just smile, then kindly reminded Yu:

“If it was me, I would buy her some jewelry. Rings have special meanings, so It is best not to buy them casually.  However, earrings and hair accessories won’t be matter. I don’t think that you are someone who lacks money, so I would recommend the jewelry store called “One Character Shop” on the east side of the city

Although Yu was not handsome, he hey dressed a little bit too old-fashioned. But Ms. Sister saw the ring on Yu’s hand from the beginning. Of course, she knew what type of ring that was, so she was sure that Yu was definitely not a simple clay hat.

 “Thank you so much, can you tell me how to get there?”

Yu thought that of course there was no shortage of money now.  Not only he had been taking a lot of pocket money from Kerr, but he also got a lot of money from Jester.  Now as long as Elsa would be happy, he won’t care how much it was going to cost.

After getting the detailed route, Yu followed the map from the salesperson and went all the way to the jewelry store “One Character Shop” located in the east of the city.

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This jewelry shop was located in an inconspicuous alley in the east of the city. It would be hard to find if there was no map. As soon as he entered the store, Yu was immediately surprised by the luxurious decoration design. Not to mention the gold and silver jewelry on the counter, even the walls and floor tiles seemed to be made of gold. In contrast, Yu was standing in the hall wearing an outdated black windbreaker, completely incompatible with the surrounding painting style.

“Anyone there?”

Yu shouted at the empty shop.

“Coming~ Coming~~”

Hearing a customer coming, a salesperson in the shop immediately came out from the back of the shop.

“Sir, What are you looking for, do you want pure gold jewelry? Or a magic stone with a magic bonus. . . . .”

This thief-looking shopkeeper stopped talking as he was speaking because whoever saw Yu’s poor appearance, would think that he could not afford any things here.”

“I just want to buy a piece of beautiful jewelry for the girl I like. Do you have any recommendations??” 

Yu didn’t care about the expression on the stretched cold face of the shop clerk and walked to the front of the showcase. 

“Hey! I said, kid, have you come to the wrong place? do you think that this could be a place for poor people like you to visit??”

The shop clerk slapped the table as he talked, and immediately strained his face. 

Yu looked at the shop clerk in front of him and got angry at once. Immediately he took the money bag wrapped around his waist and put it on the table. 

Yu’s meaning was very clear, “Don’t worry about whether I just do window shopping. I have the money.” 

However, this shop clerk picked up Yu’s money bag, and weighed it, then smiled mockingly, looked at Yu and said: 

“With such little money, you still want to pretend to be a boss here?  Let me tell you, I guess that is about 50 gold coins in this bag.  You can’t even buy leftovers in our ‘One Character Shop’.” 

The clerk from the shop put the money bag in front of Yu and signaled him to get out and stop making troubles again.

Seeing what had been happening, Yu did not say much. After all, he was an apostle, so he didn’t care about these little things with a human being. It was just that clerk’s attitude was really unpleasant.

“Why are you still here?? Do you want me to use force to drive you out?”

The clerk from the shop yelled at Yu angrily. But at this moment, the clerk stared at the hand that Yu put on the money bag deliberately. He saw a beautifully crafted space ring inlaid with top magic stones, which was worn by the humble boy in front of him.

“That. . Master Guest~~ Wait! I had a fever in my brain just now, maybe I was insane. . . .”

In an instant, a standard commercial smile appeared on the clerk’s face. 

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