Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 48

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Volume 2

48. Confused Elsa (fourth time plus update) 

It was certain that the huge magic power generated from the black dragon was perceived by the people. However, that kind of magic power only appeared in a short time and was wiped out by Yu, so most people thought it was their own illusion, so they didn’t care too much.

However, Kerr, who was suspicious, followed the source of magic power and went to the depths of the forest afterward, but there she only found the corpse of the Earth Burrow Dragon that had been split in half.  Kerr was confused for a while.  Because all this was too weird and unnatural. To be on the safe side, Kerr still made a report about the incident and handed it to Principal Acemans who had returned from a business trip. But Principal Acemans just looked at it casually and didn’t make any comments.

As for Kyle, there was no news about Jester after the instance.  After all, he came to the school secretly. However, Kyle never showed up in school again. There were rumors in the school all at once that Yu was the real big boss and kicked Kyle out of the school in with one word, or the background of Yu’s family was stronger than the duke. What was more, there were rumors that Yu was actually the illegitimate child of the Prince’s family. Otherwise, how could the dignified Flame Witch accept an unknown junior as her inheritance disciple and engraved the imprint on his forehead? What else could it be besides she got ready to climb up to be the emperor’s relatives?

Because of this, how other students looked at Yu had also changed. Those students who used to look down on Yu slowly became praise and admiration.  Now there were still many people who want to climb the dragon and attach to the phoenix dangling in front of Yu. They wanted to get to know Yu.  However, Yu had no time for them, now you were facing an unprecedented huge problem.

That was how to restrain himself not to touch Elsa who had been dangling in her pajamas in front of him every day. 

This was what happened after Sylph got Elsa upset and ran away that day, no matter how Yu explained, Elsa just ignored him for a long time. When Yu was about to give up, but at night, Elsa ran to his room with her pillow and bedding.

“Yu! I have decided. Although Sylph is a sword, she is still a child no matter how you look at her. I can’t let you treat her like this. So from now on, I will supervise you every day.”

Elsa, who declared her reasons could straightforwardly sleep in Yu’s room. On the first night, Elsa didn’t say a word, so she hugged Sylph and slept in Yu’s bed. Yu didn’t know whether he should be excited or worried.  Anyway, he didn’t sleep all night. Fortunately, the next day Elsa asked Yu to move her bed from her bedroom to Yu’s, then separated the room in half with a white curtain. Half of it was for Elsa, and half of it was for Yu.

Watching Elsa’s dressing figure on the other side of the white curtain at night, Yu didn’t know what to do. What should Yu do?  He really wanted to pounce over to Elsa but he knew that Elsa would hate him if he rushes over like this.  What should he do!!

Painfully Yu endured such torture every day and night, making him lose weight. Yu really couldn’t figure out what Elsa was thinking about; then finally, he had to go to Aegir for help.

“Like I said, are you sure that Elsa ignores you every day??”

In the school cafeteria, Aegir was sitting opposite to Yu with an incredible expression.

“Yeah! She just answered ‘yes’ and ‘ah’ when she spoke. She didn’t want to talk to me at all.”

Yu said.

“But you seemingly have been having too much sex from every angle that I look at you.”

If it weren’t for what Yu said that personally, people would think that Yu was doing something unspeakable with Elsa every night. However, the school expressly ordered that it didn’t care about or no restriction on things like these. Well, Yu was a student of the ace class and a disciple of Kerr.

“Who is having too much sex! I haven’t even touched Elsa’s hand until now. At night, I can only look at the curtain and she is holding Sylph while sleeping. I really want to be in Sylph”s position!! Damn it!!”

Yu yelled and grabbed his head in pain, but in the eyes of others, it was a feeling like “Hey, it’s painful, which one should I hold to sleep at night?” Aegir also looked at Yu with a helpless look.

(TL/PR obviously the dick. Gotta keep that one calm)

“I said, you really don’t know women at all. Elsa definitely likes you so much that she can’t help it. Otherwise, who would move herself to a male student’s room.”

Aegir was putting food in her mouth while preaching to Yu.

” That’s right! Elsa usually steps back and talks shyly when she sees boys.  How could she move to my room without problems.”

When Aegir said so, Yu suddenly realized.

“So what she worried about Sylph was fake. The real reason is that she wants to approach you proactively, but she is embarrassed. After all, you didn’t restrain yourself, so that’s why she did that.”

Aegir took the spoon and gestured out of thin air as if she was giving Yu directions.

 “Is that so! What should I do now?”

Even if he understood the reasons, Elsa hadn’t spoken to him during this period. Yu felt helpless.

“Are you stupid? Of course, girls like to be persuaded! Think about what you can do to make her happy. It will be better as time goes by.  She lives in your room, and you guys will see each other without looking up. It’s impossible for her to keep getting angry.”

“Yeah!!! Thank you for the reminder, wonder woman!  Your great kindness will be unforgettable.”

Yu said with both hands and bowed, thanking Aegir.  Aegir was used to seeing this boy acting retarded in front of her. Although he was often not serious about playing like a hooligan, he was still quite reliable in critical times.

“By the way, you’d better pay more attention to Sylph. Don’t you think these happened because of the trap that she set up? No matter how you look at Sylph, she has a black belly. . .”


Before Aegir finished talking, a small stone hit Aegir’s head. Aegir looked in the direction of the stone, only to find a green thing flashing by the window.

. . . . . .

Aegir looked at the window, was speechless, and thought: “Is Sylph always observing Yu in secret??”

“Okay!! I will think about how to make Elsa happy!! Goodbye!” 

Yu picked up his dinner plate and prepared to leave after speaking.

“Hey! Wait!! Pervert when are you going to teach me the Fighting Energy!?”

Aegir asked and held Yu who was about to leave.

 “Fighting Energy? Didn’t I teach you what to do last time??”

After coming back from the forest, Aegir had been pestering Yu to teach her the Fighting Energy. Yu was press so hard by Aegir that he had to teach Aegir the fighting Energy training method based on his memory from the recording in the human book. Well, Aegir had helped him in a critical time.

“Would there be any mistake! The kind of thing that nestles in bed every day to inhale and exhale is also called training??? I spit out and fell asleep every night!!”

Aegir yelled in dissatisfaction, because Yu told her what to do with her tongue and palate every day, inhale and exhale, let the gas stay in her body. As a result, Aegir felt asleep with a mouthful of saliva every time, with no exception.

“It should be like that, there is nothing wrong with it.”

Yu thought about what was said in the book, the result was the same as what Aegir had been experienced. This Fighting Energy must allow the gas to stay in the body to combine with the non-attributed magic power to produce Fighting Energy. In a sense, it should be regarded as a breathing method. So now there was nothing wrong with adjusting the breathing rhythm every night.

“Okay, I know how to make Elsa happy now!! You go and practice the breathing method. I’m leaving now.”

Yu picked up the plate, turned around and put it in the recycling area, and ran away quickly.

“Really!!! Even teaching me is not serious!!”

Aegir sat on the seat and stomped her feet in anger, but then she thought about the time when Yu faced an ace mage like Jester, Yu did not even care at all.  It seemed that Yu did not lie to her, so she gritted her teeth and decided to continue to drool when she fell asleep at night.

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