Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 47

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47. A tooth for a tooth (second plus update) 

“Sylph, I just beat your old master, do you dislike it?”

While walking in the forest, Yu looked at Sylph who was walking next to him.

“No. strictly speaking, they are not my masters. When the Elemental King gifted me to their family, only the gentleman who received the sword was my master. However, he soon died due to family feud.”

Speaking of this, Sylph’s couldn’t help showing a lonely expression. 

“Was there a family fight?? It seems to be something like the Kyle family would do among themselves. Since you say that, I don’t have any psychological burden now.”

Yu originally worried that he had a bit too much to Kyle and Jester, and it would make Sylph dislike him.  

“The fact that the master didn’t kill them is what confused me the most.”

Sylph stared at Yu, who was beside him because Sylph clearly felt Yu’s anger when she was summoned by Yu. Moreover, judging from Yu’s strength, even ten Jesters would not be Yu’s opponent. However, even so, Yu finally let Jester and Kyle live.

“I didn’t kill them because I promised Aegir before. Although I don’t know what that girl was thinking, since I promised, I don’t want to break the agreement casually.”

Yu still haven’t figured out what Aegir was going to do. Obviously, Kyle had the sex potion and was prepared to treat her like this and that, but in the end, Aegir even pleaded for Kyle. It wasn’t the same as her fierce appearance. Did Aegir become a Virgin Maria by accident??

Sylph didn’t notice Yu’s confusion. When she heard this, she just looked at Yu and smiled contentedly. As a sword spirit, her requirement of the owner was not only to have strong power but also to be a very moral persona. The main reason why the Pollett family hadn’t had Sylph dedicate herself to them because of not meeting this requirement. Although Yu was usually lustful, Sylph could feel that Yu was definitely not a schemer, and Yu’s performance today had made Sylph very satisfied from start to finish.

After that, Sylph didn’t ask anything more and silently followed Yu to the forest. 

At this time in the forest, Aegir was carrying Elsa’s by the shoulders, and walking toward the campus with the unconscious Elsa.  Aegir understood that she had to find Professor Kerr as soon as possible. Only in this way would she be able to save Elsa’s life. Since a while ago, Aegir felt strange, why the forest suddenly became so quiet, and there was no beast on the way. Why did the terrifying magic power of the black dragon suddenly disappear?

At this moment, Yu’s voice suddenly came from behind:

“Aegir!! Elsa! Are you all right??”

After hearing the sound, Aegir turned and saw that Yu was trotting towards her, and Sylph was beside him.

“Pervert, are you okay?? What about the black dragon? Why Sylph is here too.”

Aegir was full of joy when he saw Yu, but then she began to question about it because that black dragon was not a something that could be easily dealt with by Yu.

“The black dragon? The black dragon later changed back for no reason. Although it was still difficult, with Sylph’s strength, I beat them away.”

Yu had already figured out an excuse on the way here, so as soon as Aegir answered, Yu began to answer with his nonsense.

Sylph who was standing beside them, obviously didn’t communicate with Yu in advance, so Sylph was shocked when she heard what Yu said to Aegir. Fortunately, Sylph was not a brainless girl. She quickly covered up her emotions, and then stood silently to the side without making any comments.

“Changed back??”

If it was the failure of Jester’s experiment that turned the black dragon back into the Earth Burrow Dragon, it would not be impossible.  In that case, Yu could still fight it.  However, the question was how did such a little boy like Yu could defeat the empire’s ace magician?

Aegir thought of this and couldn’t help but start to look up and down at the silly looking boy in front of her. 

“Yu. . . . Are you hiding something from me??”

Aegir finally spoke after thinking for a while.

“Hey!?? No!? What can I hide from you.” 

Yu panicked when he heard this, and thought: 

“Damn!? Did I do it too much again this time?? Well, Kyle’s uncle was enormously powerful.  Did I abuse him a bit too much?”

Aegir thought that Yu had not used and magic before, but he had shown to be very responsive and powerful.  Every time when he made a fighting move, Aegir could vaguely feel an air current. There might be only one reason. . . . . .

“Pervert, tell me honestly, do you know Fighting Energy??’

Aegir glared at Yu and asked very seriously.

“Grudge… Fighting Energy??” 

Yu was also shocked when he heard this, as though it was indeed often mentioned in the books of pre-humans.

Fighting Energy was different from the current elemental magic. The current elemental magic extracted the corresponding magic elements in nature to merge with its own non-attribute magic to achieve the effect of releasing magic. However, Fighting Energy relied on its own exercise and practiced to allow the user to produce a kind of energy in the user’s body, and then let this energy merge with non-attribute magic power to achieve the effect of releasing Fighting Energy.

However, it was not mentioned again in later books. It was said that because elemental magic had been popularized, it became difficult for human to be trained such Fighting Energy.  Things that did not have much room for improvement were naturally eliminated.  

“That’s right!! It’s Fighting Energy! I have never seen you use magic, and you became so strong all at once, so you must know Fighting Energy!?” 

(TL/PR fighting energy… qi…dao… You get the point…the author just uses energy to make it sound different from other typical Chinese novels.)

Aegir looked at Yu as her eyes were beginning to shine.

“Um…it’s true.”

Yu looked at Aegir and thought: “This girl even made up an excuse for me, and it’s a bit unreasonable not to admit it.”

“Really? It is really fighting energy!!! I can be saved!! You pervert know how to use Fighting Energy!!”

(TL/PR Yu used the power of origin from his limiter release disguise as fighting energy)

Aegir jumped up when she heard that. Fighting Energy was one thing that had been lost for a long time. It was said that a trace of such Fighting Energy could be seen in the eastern continent.

Aegir herself was not interested in magic and also did not have that much talent in combat. If she continued to practice like this, she would be at most rely on magic to improve her attack power. However, it would be different if she practiced Fighting Energy.  Recalling the scene where Jester fell to the ground a moment ago, Aegir was very sure that as long as she had practiced Fighting Energy, she could fight like Yu.

“Wait! Calm down first, Elsa is about to fall from your shoulder.” 

Yu hurried up and held Elsa because he was afraid that Aegir would get excited again and throw Elsa to the ground.

Just at this moment, because Aegir’s abrupt movements, Elsa was awakened from her coma.  

Elsa slowly opened her eyes, looked at Aegir in front of her with a very confused look, and then turned her gaze to Yu.

“Yu!! Yu!!!!!!!!!!”

As soon as Yu and Elsa looked at each other, Elsa immediately shouted and hugged Yu.

“You are still alive!  Great!  You are still alive!  I’m sorry.  It’s all my fault.  It’s all my fault.”

Elsa’s face was covered in tears and hugged Yu tightly. There was no sign of letting go, and Yu seemed a little caught off guard by this unexpected hug. It was obvious that the person who should apologize should be himself. Why did she suddenly become the one who was apologizing??

“Hey. . . It seems that we have nothing to do here. Sylph, should we leave and avoid them?” 

Aegir sighed silently when she saw the scene in front of her. 

“No, I want to stay with my master.”

Sylph was something, not conscious of being a light bulb for Elsa and Yu at all.  If it was redundant, then just let it be redundant.  In the end, it was not certain who the light bulb would be.

Speaking of Sylph, she took Yu’s arm from the side.

“Master, go back with me and continue doing the things that were not done last night.”

“Oh!? Last night?” 

Yu recalled what happened last night for a while as if he thought that Sylph was Elsa, and hugged her. . .  

Yu panicked a little when he thought of that. 

Elsa was also shocked when she heard this, then with her tearful eyes, she stared at Yu who panicked in front of her. 

“Yeah, that’s what we did in bed last night.”

As Sylph said, she showed a cute look without emotion.  

Listening to What Sylph just said, Elsa’s tears could not stop flowing down, she pursed her lips, turned and ran toward the forest without another word.

“Hey!!  Wait!!  Elsa! Listen to me to explain!! There is a misunderstanding here!” 

This time, Yu did not hesitate, and immediately caught up with Elsa before she ran away. Looking at the two people who were going away like a young couple having a little argument, Aegir looked at Sylph beside her with an awkward expression. 

“Sylph, what have you just done?”

“The misunderstanding between them was so hard solved, so why did you create one for them again?”

“A tooth for a tooth.”

Sylph looked up at Aegir with a faint smile. (TL/PR someone is jealous)

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