Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 47.5

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TL/PR Pneuma – end of volume 1

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47.5 Sylph’s Master Observation Diary (three-plus updates)

February 30 (Afternoon) Venue: Bazaar

Master was in the shop, sitting in a chair and staring at the silver-haired girl in a daze. His eyes were dull, like dementia, hopeless.

February 30 (evening) Venue: Dormitory

Master asked me to serve him.  His eyes were wretched, and it was probably because he had watched the silver-haired girl for a whole afternoon. In that case, let me help him. (Take out the scissors).

February 31 (Morning) Location: Dormitory

Master did nothing except touching the silver-haired girl’s face in the morning. I really didn’t know what he was worried about. Back in the bathroom, it seemed that he was not in a good mood because someone interrupted his fantasy dream. In this case, as a sword spirit, I should help master to solve his problem.

However, I was rejected by the master, and I did not really understand why. But the feeling of not being needed by the master was really uncomfortable.

February 31 (morning) Venue: Tower of Contract

After Master left the room, he was taken away by a red-haired girl in front of the classroom. It seemed that he had reached some high tower to make a master-disciple contract. The master hugged the red-haired girl’s thigh at the moment when the magic circle was running and made the red-haired girl groan. It seems that master did not plan to let go of this red-haired girl either.

February 31 (afternoon) Venue: Magic Workshop

Master went to the magic workshop of the red-haired girl and declared to marry the red-haired girl as his wife. Let’s make note secretly here, for this is one of master’s goals. However, the red-haired girl immediately became angry and knocked the master into the air. Fortunately, the strength was only to the extent that could break a layer of skin; otherwise, I would get involved.

After the incident, Master was locked up in the workshop alone, cleaned, and made some dishes with the magic devices. When the red-haired girl came to see Master at night, Master had prepared dishes for the red-haired girl, and the red-haired girl was full of praise. Damn it! I also wanted to taste master’s craftsmanship.

February 31 (evening) Venue: Master’s quarters

I went back to the room early and waited on the bed for Master to return. I know that master was very upset in the morning, so I wanted to help him solve the trouble in the evening.

Master began to beg for my body in the dark, this feeling of being needed was really good. But when Master found out that it was me, he stopped.

I don’t know what that mood was. In short, it was very uncomfortable, so I didn’t turn back into the sword body and rolled up the quilt and went to sleep. Master laid beside me didn’t seem to close his eyes all night.

March 1st (morning) Venue: Classroom 

Master slept in the classroom all morning. 

March 1 (noon) Venue: School cafeteria

The silver-haired girl seemed to be jealous because master was too close to the red hair. I don’t know why the silver-haired girl was suddenly so close to a scum like Kyle. As the Excalibur bestowed by the Lord Elemental King to the Pollet family, I deeply knew the character of this family, which was why I had not shown up until now.

The silver-haired girl actually treated my infatuated Master like this, I marked this down.

March 1st (afternoon) Venue: School Hall 

Master’s mood improved a lot under the comfort of black hair. I have to say that although this black hair brat had a bad temper, she is quite nice to Master.

Master wanted to find the silver hair to apologize, but he and black hair met red hair, then he said that he was going to find a dragon, and he really found it.  Couldn’t they see that this Earth Burrow Dragon deliberately lured them into the forest?  If I guessed it right, this Earth Burrow Dragon should belong to the bastard Jester.

But it doesn’t matter, Master’s strength could definitely crush this guy.

March 1st (afternoon) Location: Deep in the forest 

Master had a MAX ability to pretend to die. He was clearly alive, but he never came out of the mud. He was probably choked by Jester’s soil.

Master appeared and could kill Jester and Kyle in seconds. That was Master’s true strength, I have evaluated him correctly.

It seemed that Jester had used some strange magic to turn the Earth Burrow Dragon into a dragon species. I was afraid that master was going to be in danger. Fortunately, Master summoned me out. As master’s sword, I must protect my master’s safety.

Master’s power was beyond my imagination, and nothing could stand in front of the master with a sword in his hand. That was not my ability, but the power of master. Being held by Master, I felt that my body and mind had been sublimated.

March 1st (Evening) Location: The forest near the school

Master was forgiven by the silver-haired girl, but I still remembered what the silver-haired girl did. I wanted to help master fight back. 

—- the above

Today Sylph will also be silently lurking by master’s side, protecting Master’s safety. 

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