Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 46

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46. ​​Keeping promises (plus more) 

“Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!”

Jester screamed crazily in his heart, no one else would dare to believe what happened before him. A person with a sword, just a single swing, split the black dragon categorize in disaster level in half.

All this seemed to be a nightmare, a nightmare happened to an incompetent weak person because of fear. Instead of facing the reality, thinking like this could make Jester feel better; however, the pain in his body was so real. When Jester realized this was reality, he realized that he was so frightened that sweat had wet his whole body.

Jester looked at Yu, who slowly walked up to him.  Jester sat on the ground in shock. Perhaps this was the first time he has been so embarrassed in his whole life.

“You.  You… What do you want to do to me? I promise to do anything!!  Please don’t kill me, Please!”

Jester began to beg Yu for mercy, but Yu didn’t say a word from beginning to end. Yu’s red eyes made Jester produce a kind of fear from the bottom of his heart. It was an experience that would make Jester’s sweat pores stand up even with a breath. At this moment, Jester felt that his whole body even his soul was locked by Yu, the monster.

At this time, Yu who stood in front of Jester, had just reset his seal, and there might still be a little bit of power left, but soon such power was slowly dissipated. However, nothing seemed to be important at this moment. Yu’s eyes now are completely locked on the ring on Jester’s left index finger.

“Fuck, this thing shouldn’t be a “Space Ring”? Isn’t this thing ridiculously expensive? But think about it, this guy is Kyle’s uncle, it’s impossible to have no money.”

As he was thinking, Yu’s face also touched on Jester’s hand. At this time, Jester’s face was pale in shock, and he didn’t even dare to breathe.

Yu looked at the ring engraved with silver and white gemstones on Jester’s index finger, and he suddenly got a bad idea. This “Space Ring” was made using super rare space magic stones, which could condense a very huge space into a small ring, so that one ring can hold many items.

Thinking of this, Yu raised Jester’s hand, and then slowly took the ring off his index finger.

Jester looked at Yu’s actions at this time, and all of a sudden his whole body collapsed. Not only because the “Space Ring” was expensive, but also because this “Space Ring” contained all his life’s magic research and all his possessions. In ordinary days, Jester was worried that his research would be stolen in the workshop, so he put all these in the “Space Ring” and carried it with him everywhere. He thought that people would not dare to do anything to their own “Sage of the Empire”, but now this ring was taken away by the monster in front of him.

 “I’ll take this away, would you have any comments??”

Yu raised the ring and let the sunlight pass through the “Space Magic Stone” to determine the level of this magic stone. If the sun could directly pass through and emit a dazzling light, it would be an A-level magic stone. If it was vague, like looking at flowers in a fog, it would be the worst C grade.

But this one is different. This silver-white gemstone showed a rainbow-like light under the sunlight. If Yu read it right, this was definitely an S grade magic stone. Although Yu didn’t know how this Jester got this kind of treasure, today this treasure would become his.

“No comments, no comments at all. Just take it and be happy. Just be happy.”

Jester watched as his ring was taken away, and his heart was as painful as twisted by a sharp knife. But how could this be shown now? Money and research could be done again. If his own life was gone, there would be way to revive it.

“That’s good, I am a person who has always kept promises. If I promise not to kill you, I will not kill you, so don’t worry.”

Yu stood up and walked towards where Kyle had fallen.

Hearing these words, Jester felt relieved and finally calmed down. Where there was life, there would be hope. As long as he could survive today, everything would be easy to talk about in the future.

When Jester thought so, thinking that the nightmare was about to end. He saw that Yu had dragged Kyle to him. 

“Uncle!! Save me!!”

Kyle was thrown on the ground by Yu.  He was unable to move, so he turned his head slightly and asked for help from his uncle.

“What…what are you doing?? Looking at Yu’s smirk and what he was doing in his hands, a bad premonition instantly swept through Jester’s body. 

Capital crimes might be forgiven; however, living crimes could not be escaped.  Yu could not tolerate what Kyle and his uncle had done.  If he had not promised to Angir not to kill them, the head and body of these two might be in different places now.

At this moment, Yu was holding the bottle of pink ** that had just fallen on the ground from Kyle’s hand, and Yu gently unplugged the cork of the glass bottle, and then slowly poured the pink liquid into Kyle’s mouth.

“Stop it!! What are you going to do!?? Kyle is still a kid! And you are all men!”

Jester watched Yu and was about to collapse instantly. Was it possible that Yu was gay?? God!! What’s happening!

“You seem to have misunderstood something; I am not interested in men.”

Yu looked at the frightened Jester and quickly explained.

“Not interested? Then… What are you doing?”

Jester was full of fear about what Yu did.

“Of course, I am helping you heal your wounds~~ Your bottle of sex potion is top-notch. For people who take the medicine to be manipulated in more different ways, it was made with many valuable medicinal materials that can help restore physical strength and heal wounds. As long as you drink this, I think it won’t be long before your bodies will be able to move.”

Yu put down Kyle as he spoke, and then stepped forward to pinch Jester’s mouth, and poured the remaining half a bottle of sex potion into Jester’s mouth.

Jester wanted to struggle but found that he was already out of strength. At this time, he was like a weak lamb in the hands of a hungry wolf, and he could only be at the mercy of the opponent.

“Alright~~ Under this situation, your body may be able to recover in another 20 minutes. But well…”

Yu looked at the two scumbags with fear in their eyes, smiled slightly at the corners of his mouth, and said:

“After recovery, you have to restrain yourselves~”

After Yu finished speaking, he threw the vial to the ground, then turned and walked towards the place where Aegir ran away.

For the rest, even Jester thought with his head would know what would happen. This kind of top-level sex potion was extremely expensive. It was made specifically for some top noble gentlemen.  Even if the opponent was a magician with strong willpower, they would become slaves to sex in an instant.

Although this medicine would have the effect of restoring physical strength and healing wounds, after the body recovered, the person who took the potion would lose his rationality. Now in this deep mountain and old forest, besides the birds and beasts, there was only Kyle lying on the ground who is satisfying himself.

At this time, Jester was horrified to discover that Kyle lying on the ground was unusually enchanting. Kyle was still looking at him with his very charming eyes, and two pink hearts could be vaguely seen in his eyes.


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