Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 45

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45. Slaying the Dragon with One Swing

Yu and Aegir turned their heads and saw that the Earth Burrow Dragon who had been standing at the side and was struggling in agony. Jester stood beside the dragon; whose robe was stained red with the blood from his mouth.

Jester laid on the body of the Earth Burrow Dragon and barely stood there.  Although he looked weak, he still had a terrible smile on his face.

“I am not a person who likes to settle any matters after the events. If you want revenge, you must take revenge now, and you just have to regret not killing me first.”

Jester said, immediately injected a lot of magic power into the body of the Earth Traveling Dragon.

“What are you doing!?”

Aegir panicked as she watched Jester’s movements. After all, the other party was an ace magician, and any move made was definitely meaningful and proceed to the next act.

“What am I doing? This is the result of all my hard work. Although it has not perfectly achieved the desired effect, it is enough.”

As soon as Jester said that, under the Earth Burrow Dragon’s feet appeared a combined magic circle filled with various complicated words. If this kind of magic circles were constructed by an ordinary magician, it would take them more than a whole day, but Jester was all completed in just a few minutes.

As soon as the magic circle appeared, Jester used his whole body strength to quickly jumped aside. As soon as Jester move away from the Earth Burrow Dragon, a suffocating magic power quickly swept the entire forest. For a while, the situation changed suddenly, and the other monsters in the forest were like frightened sparrows and fled in all directions.

The struggling Earth Burrow Dragon on the magic circle suddenly raised his neck and looked at the sky then let out a deafening roar. The mountain shook in an instant as if the sky was shaking. Following the roar of the Earth Burrow Dragon, its brown scales that were as brown as mud instantly turned into black, and his size expanded to twice as much at the same time. Then the most incredible thing happened, as an inferior dragon species, the Earth Burrow Dragon grew wings behind it. The black wings, which were more than ten meters long completely had Yu and Aegir shrouded in its shadows.

“This. . . This… is impossible… How could Earth Burrow Dragon have such a form??”

Aegir looked at the Earth Burrow Dragon in front of them and was completely frightened. Perhaps at this time, it should not be called by the name “Earth Burrow Dragon”, because at this moment, the black dragon in front of them was completely a dragon species.

“How about it? Isn’t my masterpiece perfect?”

Jester looked at the murderous black dragon in front of him, bragged with a smug smile on his face.

“Madman!! You are a madman! Nothing like this should appear here.”

Aegir looked at the black dragon in front of her, and her body retreated step by step. If it wasn’t for the black dragon’s eyes fix at her, she would immediately turn around and run away without hesitation. Yet, now she clearly knew that as long as she turned around, only death was waiting for her.

“Crazy? What would a wild girl like you know! This is the crystallization of my wisdom. It is the first case in human history to evolve a monster, and it will never change back as long as it evolves. What chief magician, what Flame Witch, they are just some stagnant rubbish in front of me, Jester.”

Jester looked at the black dragon in front of him as if he was looking at the fruits that he had planted before.  Jester’s eyes were filled with relief and joy.

Although the black dragon in front of Yu had a hideous face and a murderous aura, it was still not an influential character in Yu’s eyes. Even if this black dragon was not counted as a dangerous monster to Yu, he could not beat it now. To defeat and kill this black dragon, Yu must at least slightly open one the nine seals that had seal off his apostle power.

“Aegir, Elsa should still be in the woods not far away. You can take her to a safe place quickly.”

Yu was afraid that Aegir and Elsa might get hurt during the fight, so Yu wanted them to leave here first.


Having seen Yu’s performance, and his cold expression now, Aegir knew that Yu was not joking or showing off.  She immediately agreed without thinking.

As soon as Aegir got up and was about to run to the woods, the black dragon immediately locked his eyes on Aegir. Just like the eagle hovering in the sky locked a prey, ready to sprint to capture its target.

Just at this moment, Yu stepped forward and stood in the middle of the black dragon and Aegir. At the same time, Yu watched the black dragon’s eyes fiercely and tried to release a burst of pressure to deter him. When this coercion went toward the black dragon, the coercion was scattered in the air by a deafening roar uttered from the black dragon.

“Ah~ I heard Kyle talked about that. That must be your talent magic from “Beast Trainer”, isn’t it?  but unfortunately, this black dragon is a beast of madness and will not obey anyone’s orders. Although I don’t want to admit it, even I can barely control him with magic.”

Jester looked at Yu like a rare plaything for him. What kind of expression would it look like when a person tried his best but found not work, despaired, helplessness, or fear?? No matter which one, Jester liked it very much. His greatest hobby was to torture people.  The more people who thought that they were strong, the more valuable for Jester to torment.

Yet, Yu who was standing in front of Jester was obviously the kind of people who was strong. Even Yu could take the Excalibur Sylph; even he could defeat Jester empty-handed, and those could not prove anything to Jester.  The black dragon in front of them already had the characteristics of a general dragon species. If Jester’s evaluation was correct, the black dragon should have a threat level similar to class S-level monsters.  In other words, it was similar to other monsters of the “Catastrophe Level”. Although it could not be compared with the “Scourge Grade” ice dragon who was judged to be 4S-level. An S-level monster could destroy Yu as simple as squeezing an ant.

However, when Jester looked at You, he was extremely disappointed. At this time, Yu showed neither fear nor despair. There was no expression on Yu’s stone-cold face.

“Haha~~ Aren’t you scared??  Fortunately, I want to see how you use our family heirloom sword. It seems that I would have to go to school and retrieve it after I kill you.”

Jester stood aside looking at Yu with total disappointment. He thought that Yu should have been frightened by the black dragon. Although this was only an unfinished experimental product, the inherent coercion of this dragon species would not weaken.

“You want to see Sylph’s strength, don’t you??”

At this moment, Yu, who had not said a word, finally spoke. There was no hippie smile from the past, and no squinting eyes as he usually looked at Elsa. At this time, Yu’s eyes were only filled with anger.

The moment Yu spoke, Jester instinctively sensed the strange atmosphere. If a person was afraid, in fear, or desperate, it was impossible to have such a calm and arrogant tone.

If a person could speak in such a tone under such circumstances, he must be confident enough to deal with the immediate crisis, and Jester seemed to smell a hint of anger from Yu’s words.

Yet, so what?  No matter how angry and confident Yu was, a person’s strength was ultimately limited. Looking at Yu, Jester was two hundred percent sure that he could kill him.

“Humph! I see how long your confidence can last!”

Jester sneered, turned his right hand, and issued a command to the black dragon with his unique magic. The black dragon’s eyes flashed in red instantly, soared into the air, and rushed towards You.

The black dragon itself is just a beast evolved from the Earth Burrow Dragon through special magic. Therefore, it did not carry such terrible elemental magic as the pure dragon species.  Although it had little earth magic, it forgot how to use it because of his madness. However, even so, its strength and speed were no different from a pure dragon.

The black dragon opened his blood mouth in the air and dived straight towards Yu. However, Yu looked extremely calm in front of him. He stretched out his right hand, and in an instant, countless square magic circles were unfolded in his hand, and then an emerald green long sword appeared in Yu’s hands.

“Can you hear its voice?”

Yu whispered to Sylph who was in his hand.

“I heard it, and it was a desperate voice.”

Sylph who was in Yu’s hand replied. 

“Kill me, please kill me quickly, it is very painful, I don’t want to live like this.”

Such words were echoing in the ears of Yu and Sylph at this time. That was the message that the black dragon wanted to pass to Yu at this time. A powerful force that did not belong to it would only cause the carrier to suffer at such a painful stage. It was struggling in so much pain wanting to end himself, yet it was control by the culprit without mercy. That was why Yu was so angry.

“Sylph, let’s give him  relief without pain.”

As he spoke, Yu raised Sylph in his hand.

“As you wish, my master.”

Suddenly, a powerful flow of magical power was generated around Sylph’s sword body. From the thickness of magical power, it had reached the level of a general high-level magician. However, when it was in front of the black dragon, this flow of magical power was pale and weak.

“Ha!! I thought there would be such a powerful move!”

Jester looked at Yu’s formation and could not help laughing. Jester thought that Sylph would be a powerful sword in Yu’s hands, but now it seemed to be only at the level of a senior magician. It seemed that Jester should not believe everything that Kyle told him. (TL/PR then it comes…)

“The first limiter, release!” 

As Yu unlocked his first seal, a powerful force centered on Yu, instantly spreading around. 

The magical air current entwined with Sylph’s sword body immediately turned into a dazzling gold. A powerful sword aura that made people tremble quickly permeated the forest.

At this time, the black dragon didn’t mean to stop at all and still rushed toward Yu without fear. Yu looked at the black dragon in front of him, with a hint of sadness in his eyes. He slowly lifted the golden glow of Sylph, did not take any evasive action, nor did he put on a posture of confrontation. He simply took his own steps, swung down Sylph’s sword in the direction of the black dragon. 

It was just a short moment, just a simple single swing. This black dragon, which was enough to make the whole forest of beasts scattered and flee, was instantly split in half in front of Yu. A smooth and flat incision extended along the black dragon’s head to its tail. Just as Yu said, the black dragon felt no pain, and the flame named life was extinguished in an instant.

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