Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 44

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44. Familiar Strangers (plus more) 

Going backward ten seconds before, just as Kyle took out the medicine bottle and was about to pour love potion into Aegir’s mouth. A gust of wind suddenly flashed by, and in an instant, a black figure kicked Kyle away with just his foot, and the bottle of the love potion, which Kyle tried to open, also flew to the ground not far away.

As a veteran who had experienced baptism in the battlefield, Jester did not immediately rush over to save his nephew when he saw this situation. Instead, he quickly backed away from the person in front of him because he knew that when he was not certain about what just happened. Any rash actions would only lead to annihilation.

As Jester stepped back, he also saw the identity of the black shadow in front of him. It was Yu who was pinched to death by him using “The Burial Flow”.   However, Yu unexpectedly appeared here, that means he escaped from the magic just now. As for how Yu could escape, Jester did not have time to think about it now. After all, the situation was urgent, and the opponent was someone who could be recognized by the Excalibur Sylph. He must be capable to escape such magic that Jester set, and underestimated Yu before.

When Jester saw this, he didn’t say much nonsense and immediately turned his wrist to send out a series of “Earth Spikes” towards Yu. The sharp turbulence suddenly rushed towards Yu from all directions. In just a short moment, Yu passed through countless boulders and suddenly appear in front of Jester.


Jester couldn’t believe how fast Yu’s speed was. He didn’t see Yu cast any magic, nor did he see Yu wearing any artifacts. In just a short moment, Yu seem to have the ability to move instantaneously, coming directly to him from a few meters away.

Yu came to Jester, ready to lift his left foot and kick to Jester directly, but Jester was not so stunned as Kyle. He had a wealth of combat experience and was calm headed. The moment he saw Yu appearing in front of him, Jester put his hand in front of him and used the earth-based intermediate defense magic “Earth Shield” as quickly as possible.

Earth magic itself was known for its solid defenses. When Jester, who was an ace magician, used this trick, its effect far exceeded that of ordinary spellcasters.

In other words, it was absolutely impossible to break through the shield between Yu and Jester. At least impossible to break it with bare hands.  However, the ruthless reality slapped Jester’s face loudly.

As soon as “Earth Shield” was formed, Jester saw inside of the shield quickly cracked like a turtle shield. Then something happened that Jester would never forget. The “Earth Shield”, which had saved him countless times and was enough to block most advanced magic, collapsed into a pile of mud from one kick from Yu.

Before Jester could react, he saw Yu hit Jester’s abdomen with a punch. The unprecedented pain for a moment caused Jester to immediately fall to the ground. A large amount of blood rushed from the stomach to the esophagus and then sprayed out from his throat to the ground.

Even Jester himself didn’t understand what just happened exactly. Why, as an ace magician, was knocked down by a little boy using his bare hands. Anyone would be confused.

However, Jester, who had experienced many battles, was very sure that there was absolutely no fluke in what just happened.  Yu could escape Jester’s own sneak attack and “Burial Flow”, could resist many negative magics, and even was able to strike back in the end and smashed the “Earth Shield” to pieces. This kid was definitely a master. No! Instead of calling him a master, it would be more appropriate to say that he was a monster.

Yu stood in front of Jester and did not say a word. He just silently looked down at him, and then turned and walked in the direction of Aegir. At the moment Yu turned around, Jester vaguely saw the red spark in Yu’s eyes.

 “Aegir are you okay!!”

Yu hurried to Aegir’s side and helped her who fell to the ground due to severe pain.

“Bastard! Why didn’t you come out sooner if you didn’t die!! It made me suffer so much.”

Aegir barely propped up her body, then punched Yu in the chest.

“Cough…cough…Don’t hit me! It took me a lot of effort to spit out the dirt in my stomach.”

Yu didn’t say anything when Aegir was hitting him like that because he knew he was late. Although he had received so many negative spells, Yu soon opened the seal and suppressed them, but the mud poured into Yu’s nose and his mouth which made him choke for a while.

“Bastard! Pervert!! Rubbish!! You must take the opportunity to retaliate against me because I have called you a pervert in front of Elsa.”

Aegir’s fists got heavier and harder. Since Yu didn’t show up in time, she had suffered so much, and her life nearly ended here. However, even though she scolded Yu like this, she was actually so happy deep down.

“Cough cough… cough cough… stopping beating me up, I’m really going to die again if you keep beating me. Let’s think about how to deal with these two piece of trash.” 

Yu who had already sealed his power could not bear the beating from Aegir’s brute force.

“Hey? Deal with them both??”

Aegir experienced the ups and downs of her life all at once, so she couldn’t think of much for a while. However, after Yu reminded her of that, she realized that the two people who had just tried to plot against her were now lying on the ground and unable to move.

“How come. . . “

Aegir looked at Jester who lay on the ground and was stunned. She could imagine why Kyle fell to the ground.  Although he had excellent abilities, he was still a student, not a person who could fight in brutal fights.  Yet, Jester was the ace magician of the empire.  Not talking about to battle with him one on one, it was impossible to escape from him even there was not a fight.

However Jester with the title of “The Sage of the Empire”, fell to the ground with a painful face and writhing, trying hard to live like a maggot.

Aegir turned to look at Yu, who was next to her. For a moment, an unknown sense of fear swept through her body.

“Who is this Yu in front of us? How could he defeat such a powerful enemy? What kind of magic did he use? What is he hiding from me?”

For a while, the familiar Yu suddenly became unfamiliar in Aegir’s eyes. It was just that after getting along for less than two months, Aegir felt that she knew too little about this guy in front of her.

At this moment Yu’s actions brought Aegir’s thoughts back to reality.

Yu picked up Aegir’s giant axe and walked to Kyle. Kyle, who still had a little consciousness, shrank back in shock. The cold sweat like a waterfall instantly soaked his whole body. Maybe that was because Kyle would never dream that his uncle with the title of “Empire Sage” would be simply defeated like that.

Kyle thought to himself that if he had another chance, he would definitely have more precise arrangements and then look for a stronger helper. However, looking at the giant axe slowly falling in front of him, he knew it was too late.


At this moment, Aegir hurried up and grabbed Yu’s arm, preventing the giant axe from falling on Kyle’s head. 

“This piece of shit Kyle cannot be killed yet!”

Aegir looked at Yu with a very serious expression. At this time, perhaps, Kyle might have never dreamed that Aegir would save his life.

“This guy is a bastard, but he can’t killed yet.”


Yu looked at Aegir with a puzzled look. At this time, Aegir seemed to be afraid of something, or worried about something.

Although Yu was not a bloodthirsty person, and from many human books that he read in the past, Yu also slowly began to follow the so-called “good” principles in the world.  However, what these two people just did was shameful to the extreme. Yu really wanted to come up with reason for not to kill them, but he couldn’t think of one now.

“It’s not easy to explain, but please. These two people really can’t be killed!”

Aegir begged Yu again. Although Yu didn’t understand the reason why Aegir did this, he still put away the axe blade that was about to fall on Kyle’s face just for Aegir’s seriousness.

“Since the victim begged me for mercy just for you, so I will just stop here.”

Yu said that he threw the giant axe aside. Kyle’s hanging heart was finally settled.  Perhaps, he didn’t even notice, at this time his crotch was completely immersed in the unknown liquid.

However, just when Yu and Aegir thought that the matter was all over, suddenly, there came a deep dragon roar behind them.


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    This is Japanese style rom com novel. If you think enemy is just going to get killed off you will be mistaken. There will be endless absurd excuses to avoid sexual stuff and killing of enemies. Otherwise you would have to actually invent new enemy.

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