Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 43

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43. The Sage of the Empire

Aegir looked pale when she saw the cocoon swallowed underground. She couldn’t believe that the scene before her really happened. Yu, who was still here alive a minute ago had been swallowed alive by the cocoon at this time. Just looking at the cocoon engulfed into the ground, anyone could imagine what Yu looked like inside.


Thinking of Yu’s appearance before death, Aegir roared furiously. Without even thinking further, she raised the giant axe in her hand and rushed toward the man.

“Ha! You still dare to rush to me after seeing what happened to him. I really admire your courage.”

The man gently dodged sideways, avoiding Aegir’s axe. At moment the man walked away with his wrist slightly turned, and huge turbulence rose from the ground and hit at Aegir abdomen.  For a moment, Aegir only felt a violent impact, as if her stomach were twisted and tied together. Fortunately, the tip of the pointed tip of the rock was not as sharp as the one that attacked Yu; otherwise, Aegir’s abdomen might have been completely penetrated by that impact.

However, even if her abdomen was not penetrated, Aegir was still writhing on the ground in server pain. 

“Even with such strength I just showed. You still dare to rush forward to fight with me. But it was all good, anyway, I didn’t plan to have anyone stay alive over here at the beginning.”

As the man said, he walked slowly towards Aegir, with a grim smile on his face. 

“I did prepare a special way of death for a little beauty like you.”

Looking at the man who looked a bit like Kyle before him, combined with the unexpected formation and the supernatural earth series magic. Aegir probably guessed the identity of this man, who was Kyle’s uncle “Jester Pollet”. Like Kerr, he was an ace magician of the empire, a man who was given the title “Sage of the Empire”.

The Sage of the Empire.

Aegir clutched her painful abdomen and stared at Jester fiercely.

“Oh? It seems that my identity has been recognized. No wonder, after all, a brilliant person like me can’t hide his brilliance anywhere.” 

(TL/PR yeah ofc cause pretty soon you wont be able to hide it when you want to…)

Jester was surprised to see Aegir recognize his identity and couldn’t help stroking his golden hair with his hand.

Aegir was not in the mood to watch him narcissistically. Taking advantage of the moment Jester stroked his hair, Aegir tried to reach out and pick up the giant axe next to him, thinking to take the opportunity to make a sneak attack. However, before her hand could reach the giant axe, Jester already stepped on it.


A sense of severe pain passed along the finger to Aegir brain. If the ground was not soft soil but harder tiles, Aegir’s finger might have been trampled off by now.

“Hmm hmm! This kind of expression is a perfect match on your handsome face.”

 Jester looked at Aegir’s pained expression and gave a satisfied smile.

“Uncle, don’t be so harsh, I haven’t played yet.”

At this moment, Kyle’s voice suddenly came.  Aegir turned his head and saw Kyle walked out of the nearby bushes with a wicked smile. 

“Kyle! You son of a bitch! scum!!!!!!!!”

Before Aegir could finish screaming, Jester stepped on Aegir’s hand again, Aegir’s curse turned into a scream in an instant. 

“Haha! Don’t scold me like that!! I kindly let Elsa witness Yu’s last moments.  Can you see how kind I am?”

As Kyle said, he looked at the woods behind him and smiled.

“You son of a bitch!! What do you do with Elsa!!!!?

Aegir was going crazy when she heard this.

“What did I do? Don’t worry, I did not do anything.  I just tied her to the tree with a magic rope to let her witness how Yu died. But then she was so noisy, so I just knocked her out.”

Kyle looked at Aegir who was lying at his feet triumphantly, as if he was planning something terrible in his mind.

“My nephew~~I tied up such a beautiful girl just for you. Why don’t you do something about?? What new tricks are you having in mind??”

Jester looked at Kyle with an expression of incomprehension. 

“Uncle, you really don’t know me. How could I take the initiative to pick up a second-hand item that was thrown away??”

Kyle squatted in front of Aegir, then gently pinched Aegir’s chin and lifted her head slightly. Then, he stood up.


Jester was really Kyle’s uncle. He understood his nephew’s thoughts with just a look and a gesture.

“I’m going to tame this wild girl first, and then use her to threaten that noble girl, will have her kneel down and lick me all over my body willingly.”

Kyle slowly took out a glass bottle of pink liquid from his pocket.

“Wild girl~~Do you know what this is?”

Kyle looked at Aegir with a smirk while shaking the bottle in his hand.

Aegir did not speak but stared at Kyle viciously. Of course, she knew what was in it, the pink liquid, there was nothing else except **.

“It contains the best liquid in the world.  As soon as taking a sip, you body would  become a sensitive zone. I’m afraid you won’t look at me with this look now~~~ You will kneel on the ground and lick my toes over and over again, begging me to fuck you, until the whole person is caused by the continuous orgasm until you lose consciousness~~”

Kyle pinched Aegir’s cheek as he spoke. He was going to open her mouth and then directly pour it down Aegir’s throat.

At this moment, Aegir’s suddenly recalled something about Yu. Although she only met Yu for less than two months, the impression he left on Aegir suddenly became so kind at this second. Although Yu appeared to be very charming, he was sincere to girls. Although he acted like a pervert, he never did things that girls hate. Although he was usually very unreliable at every crisis, Yu was not thinking about his own safety and worried about she would step on a trap when she went to save him.

“There are such fools in the world.”

Aegir didn’t know what kind of feelings she felt for Yu at this time, but she was quite sure that if she had known her life would end like this. She would have a better attitude towards Yu. Even if Yu always played like a hooligan, it was a hundred times better than the guy in front of her.

“If this guy is playing like a hooligan in front of me, I will definitely teach him a good lesson.”

The corners of Aegir’s mouth rose slightly when she thought of this, but her tears could not stop running across her cheeks. 

“Goodbye… Mom… Elsa… And that father who didn’t accept me.”

Looking at Kyle holding the vial in front of her. Aegir didn’t know why, or what kind of feeling it was, or whether it was a momentary excitement, or whether it was logical. she hoped to replace Kyle, who was about to rob her of her virginity, with the appearance of Yu. Maybe this would make her leave the world with a little more satisfying. . . 

Aegir closed her eyes full of tears and waited for the moment when the sex potion flowed into her mouth.

but. . . .

In the darkness, time passed by, and the sweet and sour sex potion as imagined never entered her mouth.

The puzzled Angir slowly opened her eyes, and in her eyes blurred by tears, she saw a familiar back, the back that she thought was impossible to reappear.

When Aegir wiped away the tears with her hands, she found that there was a figure standing in front of her. 

It was not an illusion, nor was it self-hypnosis. That stinky rascal was not dead yet, Yu was still alive. 


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