Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 42

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42. Trap

The forest area at the back of the school was very wide. It was the fastest way to reach the other city in the northeast of the school if people could go straight through the forest. However, even if that was the fastest path, no one would actually do it. Because this forest itself was a huge natural maze, if people did not have professional knowledge about the forest and sufficient reserves in food and water, they would lose their way instantly after entering, and then starve to death in the forest while looking for a way out.

However, this was not the scariest. Within one-sixth area of ​​the forest behind the campus, there was an enchantment arranged by Acemans. This enchantment was set to block the beasts in the forest from the outside. If anyone accidentally walked out of this one-sixth safety zone. They have more problems besides getting lost and being hungry, there would be all kinds of beasts waiting for him.

However, at this time, Aegir and Yu were chasing the Earth Burrowing Dragon, and unknowingly they had already ran out of the safety zone. As soon as they entered the forest, the Earth Burrowing Dragon used the advantage of trees in the forest to block their vision, allowing himself to escape from Yu’s sight.

“Hey… Pervert. . . It doesn’t look good here. Let’s go back first.”

Aegir looked at the branches with green buds beside her, and felt a sudden chill instantly

Because the surrounding seemed to be exactly the same as the road that they just went through, but it doesn’t seem to be the same when she looked around. Aegir knew in her heart that such an illusion often meant that she had begun to get lost.

“No! I won’t go back if I can’t find a diamond!” 

At this time, Yu still didn’t realize this, and was still looking for the trace of the Earth Burrowing Dragon. 

“Don’t look for it anymore! Let’s withdraw as soon as we still remember the way back.”

Aegir grabbed Yu by the arm and dragged him in the opposite direction. 

“Hey?? wait! I sensed that there are a bunch of that kind of dragon nearby. Just give me some time and I can definitely find it.” 

“You said that three minutes ago!!”

 Aegir ignored Yu, just dragging him back.

 “No!! My diamond!! Can’t just let it leave like that!”

While trying to gain a foothold, Yu shook off Aegir who was grabbing his arm.

“Hey? How come. . .”

At this moment, Aegir, who was holding Yu was suddenly startled because when she raised her head, she saw the Earth Burrowing Dragon who stood upright less than ten meters away from them.

“Shhhhhhh! Keep your voice down, or you will scare it away again.”

Yu raised his index finger and made a whisper motion to Aegir. 

“Like you would have the right to say that to me!? Who was just dancing with his fists and shouting to run over there!?”

When Aegir heard Yu asked her to be quiet, she was mad.  Anyone else could ask her to be quiet, but not Yu who was acting like a fool shouting to rush out to the dragon just now.

“Okay, Okay.  Just let it go. We have to look forward. Now this lizard seems to have understood its fate, so let’s get the diamonds quickly.”

No matter what Yu and Aegir said just now, the Earth Burrowing Dragon was standing upright wherever it was, without any movement. Although Aegir felt a little strange, after thinking about Yu’s talent magic that could make all summoned beasts obedient, she felt relieved.

“Good~~Good~~~Don’t move. Tell me honestly where you hid the diamond.”

In order to stop the Earth Burrowing Dragon from running around, Yu released coercion when he approached the Earth Burrowing Dragon. This time, Earth Burrowing Dragon seemed to understand what Yu wasn’t going to take his life, so he stood in place very obediently.

But as soon as Yu approached Earth Burrowing Dragon, he seemingly stepped on something under his feet. At this second, a magical array of light flashed under Yu’s feet, and a sharp, human-sized boulder rose from the flat ground and plunged straight between Yu’s legs.

“Earth Spike”, although this was only a rudimentary earth series magic, it was especially useful during sneak attacks. If one was not careful, the whole person would be penetrated from the crotch to the head by this spear.

But fortunately, Yu was very responsive, and after being trained by Sylph before, he dodged to the side with a slight move. But as soon as Yu dodged, the same light began to flash under his feet again. Seeing that he was in trouble, Yu ran to the side quickly. Sure enough, as soon as Yu ran away, a turret of the same size sprang from the place where it was shining. Then wherever Yu stepped on, there would be a sharp stone rose from the ground.  It finally stopped until it pushed Yu to a wider ground not far away.

“Hello! Are you okay!!?”

Seeing this, Aegir wanted to run to Yu to check on him, but before she raised her foot, she was stopped by You.

“Don’t move! The trap is probably a carpet-like setting, so it must have been triggered by me!”

It’s impossible for anyone to figure out such a precise retreat route, so when this trap was laid out, it must be a large-area net.

Just when Yu was thinking about how to escape, a handsome man with beautiful blond hair wearing a white cloak and glasses with gold rims walked out from behind Earth Burrowing Dragon. (TL/PR Let the ass whooping begin)

The handsome man gently pushed up his glasses frame with his white-gloved hand, then smiled and looked at Yu and said:

“Unexpectedly, you look like a retarded kid, but you have considered it very well. But you can rest assured the traps have only been set up in your escape route and you can avoid my turbulence because I slowed the time to trigger the magic by one second.”

Yu seemed to be familiar with the man in front of him, his appearance and expression were somewhat similar to Kyle. But he definitely not Kyle because he looked more calm and scheming than Kyle was.

“Who are you!!?”

Aegir yelled at the blond man in front of them because of the concern of traps that were just triggered, Aegir did not dare to act rashly now. 

“Who am I? We will talk about it later. Now is my important performance time, everything is ready!”

At the moment when the man finished the sentence.  An extremely complex magic circle instantly revealed under Yu’s feet. This magic circle like the traps that Yu just triggered, would be triggered by footsteps. However, because this magic circle covered many kinds of magic at the same time, it could not detonate instantly. What happened earlier was because the man just purposely held the time perfectly to attract the attention of Yu and Aegir. At this time, although the magic circle could not be triggered instantly, it could still achieve the desired effect.

 “Weakness”, “Magic Imprisonment”, “Body Imprisonment”, “Weakened Consciousness”, and “Severe Perception”.

No one would have thought that these five terrifying magics could be portrayed in the same magic circle. Even if an ace magician like Kerr came at this time, she would have to be trapped here and become immobile.

At this time, in the eyes of this man, Yu was just like a fat piece of meat lying on a chopping board that let that man cut however he would like. However, this man did not seem to be the type who likes to brag about nonsense when he sees that he had the upper hand.

 Because in less than a second of these magic triggers, additional terrifying magic would attack Yu.

“Burial Stream”

It was just in a moment, a short moment, probably less than 0.2 seconds before and after. The mud under Yu’s feet instantly rolled up, covering every inch of Yu’s skin.  Those solid mud gather more and more in less than a second until finally Yu was wrapped into a cocoon-like cicada pupa.


The cocoon shrunk in place, twisting the whole body, and finally sank into the ground.  It was imaginable what would happen to Yu who was wrapped in this cocoon at this time.


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