Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 41

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41. The value of the earth burrow dragon

“This. . How did this thing disappear so fast. . . .”

When Aegir pulled Yu, she was out of breath when she made it to the end of the corridor, the Earth Burrow Dragon was long gone, leaving only a huge pit on the ground.

“So I don’t care about the dragon, it’s better to find Elsa as soon as possible.”

Yu looked at the big hole on the ground impatiently, and then immediately turned to another direction. He seems to be speculating about where Elsa was. After all, his future wife was ignoring him. Who still wanted to play hide and seek with this lizard?

“You are such a pervert who knows nothing but a fart! Earth burrow dragons are more or less a part of the blood of the dragon clan. It’s natural to like shiny things!”

Aegir approached the pit and looked at it, frowning.

“Shiny things??”

Hearing this, Yu’s eyes lit up and seemed to understand something. Earth burrow dragons travel through the ground all year round, so you can often find things like diamonds from them.”

 “Diamond ….”

Yu’s eyes widened when he heard that.

“Just think about what a girl would like the most besides beautiful clothes?? Even if Elsa was not the kind of girl who was greedy for vanity and money. Although you have made a mistake at this time, you can give her a diamond. . . . . . Hey! What are you doing?”

Before Aegir finished speaking, she saw Yu posing as he was about to jump into the pit, but she quickly grabbed Yu by the arm. 

“Do you still have to ask! Of course, I am going to grab my diamond!”

Yu was grabbed by Aegir, and he couldn’t get his arm loose for a while. Although Aegir was a girl, her strength was definitely very strong among human beings. Why on earth could a girl have so much strength, Yu was puzzled for a second. However,  that was not the time to think about this. He currently had only thing in mind, and that was to jump into the pit.

“Are you crazy! If the tunnel in this pit collapses, no one can find you.”

Aegir desperately pulled Yu back. It was important to know that the hole drilled by the earth traveling dragon when it swam underground did not have any support points, and the hole would be filled up by soil around unexpectedly.  Moreover, the underground environment was intricate and complicated, and sometimes the earth traveling dragon would walk up and down. If human beings directly followed the hole drilled by the earth traveling dragon to find the earth traveling dragon, they could be buried alive by the mud.

“What are you afraid of! It’s no big deal, I’ll just punch another hole and climb out!!”

Yu thought, “ it’s just drilling holes! Would I, the first apostle would lose to a lizard in drilling holes?”

“Stop it! If you could crawl out on your own, others would have already done that.”

Aegir held onto Yu for dear life, not letting this pervert dive into the hole, but Yu was desperately trying to pull Aegir’s hands away. If it weren’t for worrying that Aegir was a human who could not handle his real power, he would have already released his first limiter and thrown Aegir aside.

“Wonder woman, can you do me a favor and let go of me?!!” Yu couldn’t make it through Aegir, so he tried to use softer tones. 

“No!! If you die in the cave, I will be a sinner forever.”

Aegir thought that this was a bad idea from her. If Elsa knew that Yu had listened to her words and died in the hole in order to get diamonds for Elsa, Elsa would hate her. As for Professor Kerr, if she knew that her inherited disciple had been buried alive by looking for diamonds in the cave after hearing this, it would be impossible that Kerr would not dismember her in the future.

Even if they didn’t know about it, Aegir would feel guilty and sorry for Yu.  Although You was a rascal and pervert, he was still also a living person. If he died in the pit because of a bad suggestion, she would be guilty for the rest of her life.

As Yu was about to get lose from Aegir’s hands, if Aegir still did not make a ruthless move, Yu would really jump into the pit. Aegir thought, “Diamonds are small, but human lives are big. It’s better to just knock Yu out here. Anyway, there are many ways to apologize to Elsa.  If there is no diamond, he can always send something else!”

Thinking of this, Aegir began to accumulate energy on her right foot, getting ready to kick directly toward Yu’s head.

However, just at this moment, Yu and Aegir heard a rustling noise.  Following the sound, They saw a lawn not far away floating up and down like breathing lungs. Then, the dirt on the surface of the grass slowly sank into the ground. In just a moment, all the soil that had sunk inward exploded outwards, and the “earth burrowing dragon” that had penetrated the ground just now emerged from the grass.


. . . . .

Aegir and Yu took a look at each other and quickly let go of their holding hands.

At the moment Aegir let go of Yu, he was like a wild horse that had taken off its rein, ran directly in the direction of the Earth burrowing Dragon and jumped out.

 “Diamond!! You stand there and wait for me!! Don’t run!!”

Yu waved his fists in a fierce manner, and the coercion that was released from his body for a moment was like a mountain and an overwhelming sea.

“Oh my god!! No one would beat a dragon like that!!!”

Earth burrowing Dragons were suspicious by nature, so when hunting them, people usually approach the Earth Burrowing Dragons cautiously, for fear that they will accidentally burrow and escape. Yu, he rolled up his sleeves, danced his fists, and rushed forward.

“Sigh … What am I going to do with this guy?!”

Aegir held her forehead and sighed deeply. But since Yu has been doing that, there was no other way. Aegir had to bite the bullet and rushed over to the dragon with Yu.

Not far away on the grass, the traveling dragon felt the pressure.  It first looked up; Then, it saw Yu rushing over with a murderous fist. The earth burrowing dragon saw Yu’s aura as if it was not a B-level monster in Yu’s eyes, but a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.  The dragon felt like it was being tied up and waiting to be slaughtered.

Coupled with Yu’s speed, the dragon thought that Yu would rush over in less than 20 seconds. The earth burrow dragon was so frightened that he forgot to drill. He lifted his tail and turned around and ran into the nearby forest.

“Diamond! Wait a minute!!!”

Yu ran behind and shouted while chasing, but at this time the pressure that Yu released was useless. After all, in the eyes of Earth Burrowing Dragon, Yu was completely like a butcher. Normally, the purpose of being obedient was to save its own life, but now this feeling from Yu was obviously trying to slaughter him. Rather than surrender and wait for death, it was better for the dragon to run first.

“Damn it! This terrible dragon is so scared of you, and it does don’t even drill the ground? This is unrealistic!”

Aegir was completely stunned when she saw this scene. The earth burrowing dragon had the instinct to escape, so it must be scared by Yu; therefore, it ran away directly.

“This not what I want!” Yu didn’t slow down at all, chasing the Earth burrowing Dragon and ran towards the forest behind the school. (TL/PR its about to get good… prepare yourself Kyle)


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