Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 40

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40. Urgent Mission

After Yu calmed himself down a little bit, he followed Aegir to the hall of the combat class. Because the schedule for the practical combat class of the Ace Class was almost impossible to change even it was under stormy weather.  That would be the most optimal place to find Elsa.

When Yu and Aegir arrive at the hall, they found no one in there, and it was completely empty. 

“Hey? Shouldn’t they all be here at this time??” Aegir looked at the empty hall and was confused.

“Are we really that late?”  Yu looked at the empty hall and suddenly had a bad feeling.  At this moment, Kerr’s voice came from behind:

 “Why are you two so late?”

Kerr looked at Aegir and Yu with a stern expression. No matter how good the relationship with Yu was in private, Kerr would still show that cold look in front of others.

“Ah! No, we. . . That one. .”  

Aegir looked at Kerr’s serious and icy cold expression and suddenly panicked because she knew what could happen to them when they were late to this class. 

“Forget it, no need to explain.”

Kerr’s ice-cold words made Aegir despair all at once. 

“Hey? You don’t even give me a chance to explain?  I don’t want to be dismissed cause of this class!!”

 Aegir wraparound her head with both hands looking desperate.

Kerr was stunned for a second because she had no intention of expelling Aegir or Yu.  Therefore, Kerr looked at Aegir’s reaction and felt a little inexplicable

“I blame you pervert.  It was because of you for being perverted and hypocritical there! If you figured it out earlier, I won’t be expelled! You, yourself are okay, for you are the inherited disciple of the Flame Witch, no shit!! Then what should I do! If I am expelled, then my life is done! You pervert, you must be responsible for what happens to me!!”

The usually rough and arrogant Aegir; unexpectedly, started to see tears in her eyes. When Yu saw Aegir acting up like that, he didn’t know what to do.

“What did you guy do to the this girl again?”

With black lines all over on her face, Kerr leaned over to Yu and asked softly in a voice that Aegir could not hear. 

“No! I was in a bad mood today, she comforted me a bit, so I was a bit late.” Yu quickly explained to Kerr honestly, for he was afraid that unnecessary misunderstandings might arise later.

“With her personality, would she comfort you?” 

Kerr glanced at Yu in doubts; then, she seemed to understand something.  Kerr just gently touched her forehead with her hand.

Yu regretted as soon as he told Kerr, for it might be better not to tell Kerr about that just now. 

Probably Kerr already understood what was going on. In order not to waste time, it was better to make it clear: 

“You are thinking too much.  Being late for the first time,you will be punished to copy a few texts in the evening. You won’t be expelled so easily.”

“Hey??  Am I not getting expelled? Then why don’t you need me to explain why I am late?”

Aegir has quick temper, coming fast and going fast.  As soon as she heard that she would not be expelled, her facial expression immediately eased a lot.

“Because it was reported at noon that they had seen an Earth Burrow Dragon nearby school, everyone is busy searching for that guy, so I don’t want to waste too much time on your being late.”

“Earth Burrow Dragon?”

Aegir was not aware of what had been going on.  Earth Burrow Dragon was a very common earth-burrowing monster that could release simple earth magic. However, although this thing had the word “dragon” in its name, it didn’t actually contain much dragon bloodlines in its body.  It was at best a degraded subspecies. But even if it was very common, this was still a B-level monster. Such a monster shouldn’t appear in school.

“Since noon, I have received a lot of sighting reports. The dragon probably got lost and broke in by mistake. After all, there is no barrier around the campus. Now the students in the Ace Class are helping to search for the target.  This is rare opportunity for you as your assignment for practical combat course today.”

Kerr gave orders to Aegir and Yu as her commanding.   


Not having to worry about being expelled, Aegir suddenly became motivated.

“By the way, Principal Acemans and Principal Claire are not in school today, so Perception Magic and “Soul Chaser” magic are not available. After you find the target, you will find a way to trap it, and then immediately notify the large forces and wait for support. These shouldn’t be difficult for you now.”

“No problem!”

Aegir replied enthusiastically.

“Very well.  let’s hurry up and act separately.”  

After talking, Kerr turned around and left quickly, while Yu and Aegir went to the side of the hall to get their usual weapons.

Because her giant axe was been bitten off by the Flaming Tiger, Aegir could only temporarily go to get the axe issued by the school. Although that one looked no different from her own, it was not as easy to handle as to use hers. As for Yu, he was just standing at the place where the weapons were placed, took a look, and didn’t take anything.

“Alright! Kerr is gone, let’s go find Elsa first!”

Yu looked around, confirming whether Kerr had really left, thinking, “who cares whether it was earth burrow dragon or a sky flying dragon.  I won’t care even if the dragon king of the apostle from the east side came.  It has nothing to do with me. Now I just want to find Elsa, and then tell her how I feel.”

“That one. . Although I agree with your point of view, it seems that the earth burrow dragon is right in front of our eyes. . “

Aegir pointed to the direction where Kerr was walking toward and found a huge lizard, measuring 4 meters long and about 3 meters tall standing at the end of the corridor. Its whole body was wrapped in countless brown scales, and it was pointed. His forehead seemed particularly hard, and the teeth chewing on the rocks.  It seemed that this beast had a powerful destructive power.

However, the second after Aegir discovered it, she saw the earth burrow dragon, made a leap then dived underneath, and then disappeared on the ground.

Damn it!! Chase it!!!! Aegir took Yu’s hand without thinking about it and ran towards the direction where the dragon disappeared.


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