Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 39

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39. The determination of Yu’s 

Yu left the canteen with an expressionless face.  His eyes were dull. The whole person was like a kite that has been cut, floating around, completely unaware of where he was going.

Suddenly a gentle spring breeze pounced on Yu’s face.  This early spring breeze was like a young girl’s delicate and tender fingers, gently stroke across Yu’s cheek. This reminded Yu of Elsa, and it was like with Elsa’s soft jade hands.

Touching his cheek, trying to retain the touch of the spring breeze blowing through the cheek, 

but this girl’s general spring breeze is only fleeting as if it was Elsa who inadvertently broke into his own line of sight and left him.

“Hey, are you okay?”

As if he had heard Elsa’s gentle voice, he looked back excitedly. Thinking about whether Elsa forgave him.  Was it Elsa who could not forget him?

But when he turned around, he found that it was all his own illusions. Because the person was standing there was not the smiling Elsa in his fantasy but the worried Aegir.

Seeing Aegir’s worried look, he was grateful. Although he was not human, he still had the most basic gratitude.  Aegir not only slapped Kyle for Yu but was so worried about him.  If Yu went on like that, Yu was afraid that he would cause more trouble for Aegir.

In order not to have Aegir continue to worry about him, Yu tried to sort out his emotions, and then slightly cocked his mouth and said to Aegir:

“It’s all right! It’s just that I’ve never felt like this before, so the mood is a little subtle.”

He couldn’t see himself.  His smile was so stiff and how reluctant he was. His stiff smile almost broke Aegir’s heart because Aegir knew that he liked Elsa.  Although this guy usually lustful, also liked to play hooligans, but he never forced Elsa to do anything that would against her will.  How much he like Elsa could be seen from his every move and every look.

“You perverted guy don’t think about it!”

Aegir looked at Yu’s depressed expression and feared that this pervert would commit suicide. (TL/PR if that happen then the story would end right here)

“No, no! I won’t do that.  After all, It would a very difficult thing even if I wanted to die.”

He smiled again. Although he had collected himself, his voice and expression had sold him out completely.

“You pervert, whatever you are thinking about is written all over your face!”

Aegir looked at Yu, and then walked toward him step by step.

“It’s really okay.  Since Elsa chose to leave me, it meant that we don’t have that fate to be together.  Since we’re not fated to be together.  It’s not necessary for me to force myself to do something.”

He was sad, but he knew it very well. No matter it was in theory or in reality, feelings could not be forced. If it was yours; then, would never leave, and if it should not be yours, then it would fly away even if they’re locked in a cage.

Therefore, Yu must also respect Elsa’s choice, since fate stopped here. Yu won’t interfere with Elsa’s life anymore.  It was supposed to be a love at first sight, since it didn’t work out why should he be so persistent.

“Stop lying to yourself! Your expression has already sold you out! Clearly you don’t think so, why do you want to say this duplicity?” 

Aegir grabbed Yu’s collar hardly.  If Aegir would be cruel, she really wanted to wake up this silly boy with a slap in his face.

“Aegir, I…”

Yu looked at Aegir’s eyes that were full of charm. For a moment, Yu did not know what to say.

“Yu, who do you think you are!  Right away! You go and get Elsa back for me!”

Aegir pressed her face closer to Yu’s cheek and roared to Yu with a loud voice.  For a second, Yu could smell the faint fragrance of Aegir’s body.


He looked at Aegir and was speechless.  He did not know how to answer. He wanted to do it, but he didn’t know how to negotiate with himself.  He didn’t want to give Elsa a hard time, and he also didn’t want Elsa to be troubled because of him.

“You idiot!  I thought that you could play a hooligan like a veteran, but you are just a fool who does not understand a woman’s heart!!   Do you know how much she likes to talk about you?  Do you know how much she cares about you?  If you don’t want to feel the pain in your heart in the future, go and get her back for me!!”

Aegir was very emotional.  After speaking, she punched Yu in his chest.  This emotional punch just hit Yu in his heart.  For a moment, the faint soreness in his heart suddenly turned into a real pain. 

“If it as Aegir said, Elsa still has me in her heart at this moment; she still cares about me; and she still thinks of me.  If so, Elsa may…”

“Really like me.”

Thinking of it here, Yu’s spirit suddenly got up. Although Yu believed in faith, if he did not own it, he won’t force it, how could he let go of a beloved woman.  If he won’t act this time, he might have to carry this heartache forever.

“Thank you, Aegir!”

Yu gave Aegir a big hug tightly.  At this time, his eyes that had been distracted become energetic.

“Ah!!! I.. I..”

Aegir was hugged so tightly that she suddenly panicked. Unexpectedly, Aegir didn’t think that Yu would suddenly hug her, and even more unexpectedly, Yu’s chest was so strong and reliable.  Leaning in Yu arms, unknowingly, it gave Aegir a feeling of peace of mind.

“No wonder Elsa is so obsessed with Yu.  That is not going to work well if we are going on like this…”

She thought of it; then quickly, Aegir pushed Yu away in panic.

“All right! If you are okay now, hurry up to find Elsa with me! !”

Aegir turned and walked in the direction to the practice hall, looking exasperated.  However, looking closely, her cheeks had faintly glowed with redness.

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