Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 38

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38. Jealousy (safe and non-toxic, watch with confidence, anti-killing is wonderful, don’t panic).

(TL/PR – Why is the title of this chapter is so long)

“You better listen!  You better start to figure out how to explain to Elsa.  Whether you have done anything wrong or not, you must apologize to Elsa! Although it might not be reasonable, this is a woman.” 

Aegir raised her index finger and pressed hard on Yu’s chest.

“Got it! This is so-called jealousy, right?”

Hearing Aegir’s words, Yu understood instantly.

“it’s good that you understand! Elsa is just an airhead.  No matter how gentle and considerate she usually is, a girl is still a girl.  If she could do for you, that proves that she still has a heart for you.”

Aegir frowned and looked at the silly Yu if he really understood or not.

“Understood!  Thank you so much this time!”

Yu thanked Aegir again.

“Well, you stand here and don’t walk away.  I’ll talk to Elsa and will be right back.”

Aegir said, then turned around, and walked into the canteen.  Looking forward while standing at the door of the canteen, Yu watched the back of Aegir from distance.  He deeply felt gratitude for her.

“Well? Wait a minute! Why there is a kind of illusion that one’s own seniority has dropped instantly.”

Although there was a sense of disobedience in Yu’s mind, he did not take it seriously. He was only thinking about Elsa, only hoping that Elsa would forgive him, and expecting his relationship with Elsa would return to as close as how it was yesterday morning.

Just as Yu looked toward the back of Aegir, he saw Aegir and Elsa were arguing in the crowd.  Elsa did not seem too excited, but looking at Aegir coldly.  On the contrary, Aegir yelled at Elsa.

Yu was not able to hear what they were arguing about, but he saw Elsa was standing next to a blond young man, that was Kyle.  Kyle stood tightly beside Elsa and seemed to be very proud. The corners of Kyle’s mouth slightly raised, and even with a pair of mocking eyes on Aegir.  As the quarrel intensified, he felt something was wrong, and hurried to run to Aegir.

“What’s wrong with Aegir?” Why argue?”

He hurried up and blocked in front of Aegir.  He was afraid that Aegir would be impulsive to fight with Elsa.

“Hey, don’t stop me! Elsa’s brain is flooded!  She could not even tell who is sincere to her.”

Had Yu not been in the middle, Aegir would have really slap Elsa in the face.”

But this time, Elsa was still just looking at Yu and Aegir coldly, without saying a word.

“Wild girl!  I don’t like what you just said.  How do you know I am not sincere to Elsa?”

Kyle put his face close to Elsa and showed a spring-like smile.

In fact, Elsa did not even want to talk to Kyle.  Kyle saw Elsa looked depressed.  He deliberately came over to try to get close to Elsa.  Everyone knew that there were rumors about Yu and Kerr.  Therefore, Kyle speculated that this would a good opportunity to get to Elsa. Therefore, Kyle asked Elsa to go for a walk together.  Although Elsa ignored Kyle, she didn’t refuse. Kyle thought Elsa accepted his invite.

Seeing Kyle’s owing look, Aegir was so mad that she instantly bypassed Yu, “pop! “, she slapped Kyle’s face hard.

Instantly, a red palm print appeared on Kyle’s face.

“You!! Do you know who you’re hitting!??”

Kyle’s blue eyes opened widely, stared angrily at the Aegir. Without a trace of hesitation, Kyle raised his hand and slapped toward at Aegir’s cheek.  Just at that moment, Yu grabbed Kyle’s wrist. Kyle was instantly in pain and unable to move. 

Aegir saw that and quickly stepped forward and kicked Kyle, while shoving and swearing:

“Piece of shit! You want to beat up women!? You feel like a big shot to be the duke’s eldest son, isn’t it?  Aren’t you just lucky to be born into a nice family!?”

Although Kyle was grabbed by the wrist, his mouth had not been blocked.  He was scolded by Aegir, who could not return his insults.

“Fuck you! Do you think you’re really the general’s daughter because of your last name is Izzy? You’re such a wild girl.  I, Kyle can make you die without being found!  Ah ~~~ !!!!!”

Before Kyle could finish his sentence, his arm was twisted behind his arm.

“Yu, You let him go!”

Finally, the silent Elsa said, but she still looked at Yu coldly.

“Elsa! Please let me explain. Yesterday…”

Yu saw Elsa was finally willing to talk to him, so he quickly wanted to explain to Elsa.

“I asked you to let him go!”

Before Yu could finish, Elsa interrupted him.  Elsa glared at Yu, and her icy cold tone stung Yu.  Suddenly, when Yu looked at Elsa again, it was not the kind of feeling full of happiness, but a kind of soreness, and unspeakable kind of soreness.

Thinking of it here, lightly, Yu let go of Kyle. At this time, Yu’s heart was filled with the inexplicable soreness, and his head was blank as if he had lost his mind like a puppet.

Yu had never experienced this kind of strange mood before.  He didn’t know what was going on with him.  At this moment, it seemed that everything around him had become dull. 


Kyle held his aching wrist and twisted it, then looked coldly at the expressionless Yu.

Although Yu did not have Sylph with him, Sword Sylph could be summoned anytime.  Kyle still remembers how he lost to Yu last time. He did not dare to clash directly with Yu.

Elsa did not say a word from beginning to end but looked coldly at the floor in front of her as if to avoid looking at Yu.  Actually, her heart was also full of anxiety although she showed no expression.  If there was any, there was only “pathetic”.

Elsa’s feelings were not so cheap, she allowed Yu to be lustful, she allowed Yu to be a rascal to herself, but she won’t allow Yu to deceive her feeling.  He clearly said that he was there for training, but why didn’t Yu return to the dorm until four o’clock in the morning? And the engraving on his forehead was clearly a promise between lovers.

Elsa didn’t say a word, nor did Yu say a word. After a moment of silence, Elsa took the lead and walked toward the door at the other side of the cafeteria.

“Ha! Loser!”

Kyle is rubbing his aching wrist, and then in a tone of a winner, he launched a merciless taunt to Yu. However, those were nothing to Yu.  The person he loved had left.  She no longer had Yu in her heart.  In that way, everything seemed too indifferent to Yu now.


Aegir tried to pull his arm to comfort him, but Yu did not pay attention to Aegir.  He left the canteen when everyone stared at him silently.

Meanwhile, Kyle, who walked out of the cafeteria with Elsa, was about to put his hand on Elsa’s shoulder with a smirk.

But he didn’t succeed, and at the moment he was ready to put his hands down, Elsa clenched her lips and had already accelerated her pace, as if to escape from here.

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