Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 37

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TL/PR Mythra 

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37. The goddess is angry.

Last night, Yu could hear Sylph’s breathing through the quilt which did not allow Yu to sleep well at all.  Therefore, in the morning, Yu was sleeping the whole time in class.  Kerr knew that she had Yu suffered until late last night, so she did not wake him up in the class.  After all, Kerr still had a little selfishness in treating this silly apprentice as he was like her treasure.

However, because of that other students began complaining like a boiling water pot. (TL/PR i think the author means like hot gossip or the hottest topic of the moment?

“Oh my god!! The Flame Witch would let Yu sleep in the class all morning.  That was unbelievable!”

“You don’t know about it.  Last night, I heard that Yu didn’t return to the dormitory until more than four o’clock in the morning. I’m afraid it was last night…”

“Hush!! I don’t want to be blown out by a fireball!” (TL/PR you know dreams don’t become memes in this story it will become reality)

The two boys whispered privately, perhaps unaware of Elsa who was sitting behind them. Elsa listened and frowned tightly.  The tip of the pen in her hands was snapped off by her.  No one could understand the pain in her heart now.

“Elsa, ~~~ how about we go to dinner together?”

After the morning’s class, Yu, who had just woken up, seemed to regain some energy.  The first thing he did after he woke up was to look for Elsa and to have lunch with her.


Elsa looked at Yu and did not speak.  Her usually gentle eyes actually gave Yu a tingling feeling this time, and her charming pink lips did not turn up slightly as usual.

She just stood not far away and quietly glance at Yu; then, she turned and walked away as if they did not know each other.

“Elsa… El..”

Looking at Elsa who was treating him as a stranger, suddenly Yu did not know what to do.

“What’s going on?  I felt that there was only a piece of paper between us yesterday morning, but why does it feel like an iceberg between us today?”

At this time, Angir also walked past Yu with an iron face.

“Aegir! What’s wrong with Elsa?”

Yu grabbed Aegir who was about to leave.

“You’re a pervert, and you’re just wondering what’s going on! !”

Aegir was unimpressed and shook off Yu’s hand.

“Hey? Why should I be embarrassed? I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Yu had such a weakness that everything he thought about would be written all over on his face. When Aegir saw Yu’s innocent face, she knew instantly that this fool did not know anything.

“You… You really don’t know?”

Aegir looked at Yu’s expression and confirmed it.

“Why am I asking you if I already knew why?  What’s wrong with Elsa? Yesterday we were clearly still…”

As soon as Yu said that, Yu stopped and covered his mouth.  If he let Aegir know that he woke up in the same bed with Elsa yesterday morning, Elsa might want to kill him.

“What happened clearly?”

Aegir looked at Yu’s movements and paused.

“Nothing.  She clearly still cared so much about me yesterday.  How come she treated me like a stranger today?  It even feels farther than a stranger.”

Yu looked at Aegir and was totally confused.

“Oh my god!  You pervert could rascal play one after another.  I thought that you are a master hooligan in dating scent, and didn’t know that you are such a dumb boy.”

Aegir covered her face and sighed.

“No! How can I be a hooligan! I just want to get close with Elsa for the purpose of marrying Elsa as my wife.”

Yu had nothing to hide, so he said that loudly. He was not those who villainous villains who had forgotten the women after playing with them.  Even if Yu was lustful, he had never forced girls to do things they did not like, and he would take responsibility for what he had done.

“You’re going to marry her as a wife?  But why are you having so many rumors with Professor Kerr?”

Aegir was utterly desperate for the fool in front of her.

“How did I get an affair with Kerr?  We just became a master and a disciple.”

“Wait a minute! It seemed that yesterday I called her my wife yesterday. But there was no one else there? Could this have leaked out?” Yu thought.

“You already called her by name Kerr!  And you said that is A Master?”

Aegir looked at Yu and smiled coldly.

“Errr… She said that calling her a master would make her feel too old, so I just call her by name. Then again, there is really nothing happening between me and her!”

“Not even touching the breast nor the butt, I just held her thigh a little bit.” Yu thought quietly.

“Then, what did you do in Professor Kerr’s workshop last night, and didn’t you come back until after four o’clock in the morning?”

“Errr. . . That was because I made a mistake, so was punished…”

Definitely, it was not because of calling her the wife! Well! No!

“What happened to the inscription on your forehead? This kind of imprint is generally the place engraved at the time when the magician of the lovers kisses!”

Aegir pointed to Yu’s forehead.


I thought about it as if he had read that in the past.  When lovers touched each other with their forehead, part of one’s soul would be engraved in another’s mind as kissing each other.

“Yeah! This is a master-disciple inscription! It’s not a couple’s imprint!”

With his forehead covered, he quickly explained.

“The teacher’s inscription is engraved on the head!  Are you thinking that I am as stupid as you are? And who says that a disciple cannot marry a master as a wife? Now it is very common that apprentice is married to master.”

Aegir took at the time, and she was running out of time to have lunch.  After saying that to Yu, she turned and walked over to the canteen.

“Wait! It doesn’t matter even to marry Kerr as a wife! I remember that imperial law allows people to have several wives, right?” 

Yu quickly caught up with Aegir. Even if the empire did not stipulate, that was okay because Yu was not human.  However, since the imperial law allowed, that means that polygamy is still accepted by the world.”

“How many wives are you going to have?  Are you talking about imperial nobles?  A civilian without a knighthood can only marry one. People like you who are so lustful, speaking about several wives, I’m afraid you won’t even be able to marry one.”

The words from Aegir were full of taunts.  No woman would like her man not faithful.  First of all, Yu was not from a wealthy family; secondly, he was not a celebrity who had social status; and third, his magic talent was just so so.  Now he only has awesome non-elemental magic, but that still won’t grant him the treatment as a nobleman.  Even if a civilian had powerful magic talent, civilians were still civilians. With the title as the Flame Witch’s disciple, he could be promoted to a noble level. 

“With Yu’s usual old fashion style, if not because Elsa likes him, I’m afraid that no one would like to be with him in this school.”


Thinking of this, Aegir frowned.

“Well, talking being friends, count me in.”

After all, Yu was not a bad person.  When Aegir was copying the textbook for a penalty or in practice class, he would help her out.

As soon as Yu heard what Aegir said, he quickly looked at her and asked:

“Should I go to Elsa and explain to her now? I really like Elsa!”

Aegir could read Yu’s mind.  Although this pervert was usually squinting and having a glib tongue, it was obvious that he genuinely liked Elsa.  As a friend, Aegir decided to give him a hand.

“Hey…. Then I’ll find Elsa in the canteen.  Get ready to explain it to her.”

Aegir said as she walked to the canteen.

As soon as Yu heard that, he quickly put his hands together and said:

“Wonder Woman Aegir, I won’t forget this great favor.”

ヽ( ̄ω ̄〃)ゝ

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