Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 36

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36. The Master’s Sword.

The night was quiet.  The moon was hanging high on the top of the branches. There was no sound at all in the school at this time.

Yu locked the door to his room, turned off the lights, and turned around then fell straight to the warm bed.

“Ah, it is the most comfortable to lie still. ~~”

After all, cleaning up for the whole afternoon.  It was relatively hard for the human body.

“Just go to sleep…”

Yu closed his eyes and was ready to go to sleep.

But at this moment, he suddenly felt that his thigh was rubbed by something smooth and slippery.


This skin contact caused him ** and woke him up. 

“Elsa is sleeping in my bed now, isn’t she? Is she still thinking about what happened this morning? So she came to my room tonight?”

Yu immediately became excited when he thought of that and he did not even care turning on the light to confirm.  He turned over and hugged Elsa who was lying beside him with his arms.  

For a while, Elsa’s petite, soft, and smooth body was hugged in Yu’s arms.   Although Yu could not see it, the peculiar sense of a young girl immediately rushed into his nose.  Following the smell of the fragrance, Yu slowly brought his face close to Elsa’s soft long hair.  That long hair touched the tip of his nose as if the spring breeze blew through, making him linger.  Yu pressed the tip of his nose to the long hair and lightly took a deep breath.  Immediately, his tired body was relaxed and satisfied. 

Judging from Elsa’s reaction, Yu was pretty sure Elsa was awake. “Elsa did not react to what I am doing …” 

Gently, Yu stroked Elsa’s tender thighs with his fingertips, brushed over her slender waist, and slowly marched toward Elsa’s proud pair of twin peaks.  While he smelled Elsa’s scent, he looked forward to the soft touch that was coming…

“That soft touch?? That proud twin * *? Where did they go?  Why is there only a plain here!?”

Once again, he touched the position where the twin was supposed to be, but there was nothing here, but it is indeed the position of the chest! 

“Ah~!  Master~~!Please be gentle!”

Suddenly, Sylph’s voice sounded in Yu’s ears.

“What the!!”

Yu was so scared that he quickly jumped out of bed, and then ran over to light up the magic lamp in the room.

As the room lit up, Yu saw Sylph was lying in his bed with her jade-like body.  Her long emerald green hair draped messily on her shoulders, and the originally sharp eyes actually revealed a trace of ambiguity at this moment.

“Sylph! Listen to me! I thought that was Elsa.  I didn’t mean to do that to you!! It wasn’t intentional!”

Although Sylph was his own sword, at this time, no matter how Yu looked at her, Sylph appeared as a young girl. It was wrong for Yu to serve her last night.  Now, Yu had figured out that forcing a young girl to do something she didn’t like to do was not Yu’s standards.  

“Master, you do not have to worry.  Since it is the master’s troubles, then I will take full responsibility. So no matter how you use Sylph, Sylph won’t have any complaints.”

Sylph blushed and looked at Yu’s tent that had been slightly propped up.  By now, as long as Yu would nod, Sylph would give him everything and serve him without hesitation. 

However, Yu didn’t think so.  He knew that Sylph was just to make his master happy, so she would do whatever for Yu even it was against her will.

“Sylph! Stop it!  It was really my fault last night!  I’m already reflecting on it.  If you continue like this, I will feel that I am worse than scum.”


Sylph looked at Yu without speaking with perhaps loneliness and sadness, or perhaps regret for she did yesterday.  On her cold beautiful face, none of this expression was shown.

“If you understand, you should quickly turn back into a sword. I don’t know what to do seeing you in this way?”

He looked awkwardly at Sylph whose skin was as fair as transparent as white-jade.

“Since the master doesn’t want Sylph to serve, then please go to bed.”

But Sylph ignored Yu’s request.  She left the sentence coldly, and then went back to sleep in Yu’s bed.

“Err… Sylph, can you turn back into the sword and go back to the desk?”

He asked tentatively.


However, without answering Yu, Sylph continued lying there.


Before he opened his mouth, he saw Sylph sit up, and then plausibly said:

“As master’s sword, I must always protect the safety of the master. Also, humans have the weakest defenses when they are asleep.  Therefore, sleeping right next to master is my job.”

After saying that, Sylph fell down, rolled over the quilt, and went on to sleep.

“Errr… …”

Obviously, she had not followed Yu from this morning until now.  Why did she suddenly say so?   Yu looked at what had happened now, and knew where ever he would sleep, Sylph would follow him around.

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