Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 35 part 2

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35. Ten-to-all tonic soups (ii)

“Yu, answer my question, where did this pot come from?”

Kerr put the pot in place and put the spoon together and then asked Yu in an ice-cold voice.

“Well, … “

Feeling something wrong in Kerr’s tone of voice, Yu’s eyes began to wander.

“I’ll give you a chance to answer me honestly. Where’s the missing magic guide over there?”

Kerr asked and pointed to the place where the magic guide was previously displayed on one side of the room.

“Ah….  That one….”

Yu began to touch his cheeks while avoiding Kerr’s sight.

“Did you tear it out of the book for the soup?”

“Yes… “

Knowing that he could not hide it from Kerr anymore, so he nodded.

“Oh, my God!! You stupid apprentice.  Do you know how expensive this magic guide is? This is a magic compressor!  Although I don’t use it much, this one is worth 500 gold!! You actually used it to brew soup! This pot is just a lid, isn’t it? Where did the other half go?”

Kerr was so mad that she stood on the chair, picked up Yu’s collar, and did not let go.

“I…I took the other half to make fire as a stovetop.”


“Oh, lord…”

Kerr almost kneeled down when she heard that, she thought:

“Damn, where did this fool come from?  He used a 500-gold magic compressor to brew soup!  How in the world did he get the Beast Trainer skills?  What have I done to get such an apprentice? “

“Wait a minute! What did you use to brew soup!”

Kerr thought about it, and for a moment, a bad feeling haunted Kerr again. 

“That Soup? Those are the tail of the fire lizard you put on the table, the stems and leaves of the Datura grass, and the petals of the cannibal.  Also, in order to make it tasty and delicious, I took a few of the magic crystals in the drawer and milled them into powder…”

Before Yu finished speaking, he saw Kerr who was standing in front of him and immediately gathering powerful magic power in her body.

“You fool… Do you know what the expensive materials are for?

Kerr clenched her fist tightly; Her body exuded powerful magic; at this time the naked eyes could see the fire was piercing and freezing around her; and her beautiful red hair also fluttered in the air because of the magic gathering.

“I know, you want to use those as a magic potion. 」

Yu did not know human magic because he has a magic system that was completely independent of all living creatures.  But that did not mean that he did not understand the alchemy pharmaceuticals of the human world.  He once spent hundreds of years devoted to the study of these related books. After all, these things that had appeared time and time again in the human beings he loved.

“Now that you know you still dare to use it to brew soup! !”

The magic power in Kerr’s body had gathered in a large amount.  If she waved her hands at this time, the whole workshop would disappear immediately from the world.”

“But don’t you think it’s good?”

He smiled at Kerr.


Kerr stunned.  She got so mad and didn’t notice it until now.  As Yu said, she realized that the concentration of magic power that she could gather was more than a level higher than before. 

“This?? What’s going on??”

Kerr looked at the flame elements gathered around her with a confused expression.

“It’s nothing, the soup stewed for you is a magic elixir.”

He picked up the empty pot and showed it to Kerr.

“Hey?? Is this a magic elixir?  Stewed out?”

“Yeah, after cleaning up the room today, I was bored.  Therefore, I read your research report and manuscript when I had nothing else to do.  It turned out that your method of making magic elixir was not right, so I just made it by myself.”

Yu said and pulled out the manuscript she had compiled from the bookshelf.

“Not right??”

“Yeah, first of all, you did not remove the stem of the Datura grass, and there is a kind of cartilage in the tail of the fire-lizard that you cannot see.  If it is not pulled out, it will affect the concentration of the elixir, and…”

Kerr looked at Yu who was holding her manuscript and analyzing it item by item, and she was completely stunned.

“Is this a fool or a genius?”

“Also, this magic potion has to be made in a special potion melting pot, and you don’t have that kind of pot here.  Therefore, I’d like to change the cooking method and make it in the form of soup.  However, an average pot and stove don’t guarantee that the magic of the ingredients will not spread, so I’ll take your magic compressor apart and make it a stove.”

“Hey, where did you learn these things?”

Kerr interrupted Yu, because she was really curious about how he made this panacea that had lost over hundreds of years. 

“These? Just read the books and think about them. 」

Yu did not lie to Kerr.  These were indeed from the book, from hundreds of years ago.

“Did you know that the drug has been lost for hundreds of years? Where did you find the book on this medicine!”

Kerr got excited, and suddenly, Yu realized that the situation was not right.  He realized that if he was not careful about what he said, he would expose his true identity.

“That… my family had been studying potions in the mountains, so they were not a surprise to me.”

He did not consider himself lying: an Apostle temple was equivalent to the deep mountains.

After reading the book, looking for some related content to read was equivalent to research potions.

“Mountains?? Research potions? No wonder we were not able to verify your birthplace.  You used to be living in the mountains.”

Kerr thought about it and understood that immediately.  The empire’s territory was so large that many places had not been developed at all.  Therefore, it was normal for so many people to live in the mountains and no one knew about them.

The rustic scumbag’s style that he dressed, the lifeless way that he looked at women, those were typical characteristics of a person who lived in the mountains for a long time.

Thinking about that, having accepted this apprentice was not bad luck at all.  It was lucky to pick up a treasure for Kerr.  That 500-gold pot and material were nothing.  Just showing others with this meat broth, people would fight for him even if it would cost three hundred thousand golds.

“Stupid apprentice! Remember, don’t tell others that you can create magic medicine for the time being.”

Kerr thought that the time was not right yet.  She was afraid that someone would do bad things to Yu.


But even if Kerr did not say that, Yu understood that this thing was not a big deal, but it won’t be good if it was found out by others.

“It’s almost dawn, you hurry back to rest.”

Kerr took a look at the time and found that was nearly four-thirty in the morning.  She was also tired after she had to deal with this silly apprentice of hers.

“Master is not mad? If you are not mad anymore, I’ll go back to sleep. “

“I am not mad, but just call me Kerr.  Otherwise, the word master always makes me feel a lot older.”

After all, Kerr thought that she was only a few years older than Yu.

“Call you Kerr?  So kind?  It will be better for me just to call you my w…”

“Go to sleep!”

But before Yu could finish his sentence, Kerr already kicked him out of the room.

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