Infinite Apostle and Twelve Battle Maidens Chapter 35 Part 1

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35. Ten-to-all tonic soups (i)

It was 3 a.m. in the morning.  Yu had been locked up for twelve hours. At this time, Kerr finally appeared at the door of the workshop.  She was holding a tray with a basket of dry bread and a glass of hot milk.

Although the guy in the workshop was a hooligan who even wanted to marry his own master as his wife, he was still her disciple.  If she did not want to starve him to death.  In addition, Kerr wants to have his “Beast Trainer” techniques.


Thinking of that, Kerr sighed. Then she began to gather the magic and gently opened the magic lock that tied to the door.

“You’re hungry, aren’t you? I brought you something to eat. You mustn’t starve to death on the first day of my apprentice.”

As she spoke, she opened the door of the workshop.  At the moment when she pushed the door open, she was stunned.

“You… What have you done?”

Can look at the spotless bookcase, as well as the bright floor, even the magic guide that she hardly used emitting gold shine.


“Is there a magic guide missing?”

“Master, please.”

Just when Keer was still confused, he suddenly came up.  Around his waist was the apron that Kerr usually used when she did research.  Then, he took over the tray from Kerr’s hand and motioned Kerr to sit at the square table in the middle of the room.

“This… What’s this for?”

Kerr was puzzled and let Yu lead her to the seat. Looking at the dustless and clean square table, Kerr was not used to be treated this way.  After all, in the afternoon, on this table, there were all kinds of strange materials and a pile of magic array manuscripts that Kerr had sketched for a long time.

“Please sit down, master. I have been deeply introspective, so this is my apology, and specially prepared for you.”

Speaking of it, Yu brought up from behind, a pot of fragrant meat broth.


Kerr looked at the broth in front of her, and then looked at Yu who was in the apron and was in shock.

“What happened? Master?”

He asked quickly. After all, he was now apologizing to Kerr.  If he didn’t do a good job on it,  he probably won’t be able to have her thigh in the future. 

“I have no pots nor dishes in this workshop, how did you make this?”

Kerr looked at the tasty broth in front of her and shocked.  She was worry that her disciple would starve to death; therefore, she was sending food to him.  Now, she was the one who was sitting here to eat.

“The master please just eat, and you will understand.”

Yu said, and he took out a spoon and handed it to Kerr.


Kerr took the spoon and felt a little bit unusual, as if something were wrong fundamentally, “why are such cooking materials in the workshop?  The door was locked from outside, how did he get out to do grocery shopping?”

Kerr did not want to think about it.  The aroma of the broth in front of her was really tempting.

It was three o’clock in the morning, and it had been eight hours since Kerr’s dinner.  In addition, it was early spring, and it was inevitably a little chilly at night.  When such a pot of hot broth was placed in front of her, Kerr couldn’t take it, anyone.

Kerr did not care anymore.  She dug up a seemingly meat-like thing and put it in her mouth.


As soon as she had her first bite, she could not help it anymore, as if she had been starved for several days, she stuffed all the meat and soup in the pot into her mouth one by one.

“Meat!  This meat is so chewable like bouncy between the teeth?  How did you make the meat so delicious, is this really meat? and the taste of this soup is so thick and fresh, and it is absolutely impossible to make such soup without serious cooking for more than 3 hours.”

Kerr was having the broth and thought, “Where did this silly apprentice get such cooking skills from?  Although he is a pervert, he is actually a good cook.”

When was the last time Kerr have such a delicious dinner? Not once!  Usually, Kerr stayed up so late.  By this time, she could only eat dry bread and milk.  However, she was able to have such delicious broth that was just out of the pot, and her satisfaction was instantly expressed on her face. 

“How’s it, Master? Does it taste okay?”

“Not bad! I didn’t expect that you are such a good cook.”

Kerr’s bad mood since the afternoon was washed away by this pot of delicious broth.

“That’s good!  I only made this dish for the first time. . . .”

Yu did not eat much at all in the apostles.  After he came to earth, he became fascinated with human cuisine.  However, when he was an adventurer, he was not the kind of rich people who could eat out every day, so he often did grocery shopping and cooked for himself. With cookbooks and his memories, he could basically make a dish. 

“The first time I cooked this kind of dish?”

Kerr seemed feeling a strong sense of disobedience, but this seductive taste did not let her think too much.  Kerr just drank the soup spoon by spoon.

As Kerr slowly finished the soup, a familiar magic rune appeared at the bottom of the bowl.

At this moment, Kerr’s expression of satisfaction gradually solidified.


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