Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 34

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34. Master? Wife? 

Ye flipped over the magic book that Kerr handed to him, which contained all the principles and techniques of the use of human elemental magic. How could Yu be interested in this?

“Master, ~ Do you think if I can go to the hands-on class with the others? It’s boring to read this kind of book. . . .”

How could Yu read this kind of books.  He could only think about Elsa’s sweaty heroic look.

“I have been reminding you since this morning, do not always call me master.  That makes me feel old.”

Kerr looked up at Yu.  It seemed that she was not used to be called “master”.

“What can I call you then? The contract of the master-disciple has been engraved, so if I don’t call you my master, then should I call you my wife?”

“You Pervert!!”

As soon as Kerr heard that, her original cold face was brushing in red. Although Kerr had been very accomplished in magic, in the end she was still a girl.  She normally carried coldness in her appearance, and it was not easy for others to get close to her.  However, deep inside, she still had a budding girl’s heart.

“Master don’t be shy, if you really want me to call you my wife, I’m very happy to do that!”

Yu saw Kerr’s noticeable reaction, and he became more excited.  That was different than the cold and arrogant Kerr.  In fact, Kerr’s blushing face was just like a fresh apple, and she was so cute that Yu couldn’t help but want to make fun of her.

“Do you really want me to shout it out????”

Yu closed his book, moved his seat to the front of Kerr, and looked at Kerr’s eyes with a profoundly serious expression.  Kerr had not been able to react to it, but her eyes were already locked with Yu.  Suddenly, the sound of a heartbeat spread directly to the brain along the root of the ear.

“Then I will shout, my…”

The word “wife” had not yet been shouted out, and Yu was hit directly by a flame ball and flew away. The bookshelf behind him fell to the ground due to the impact, and books and materials were scattered all over the place in an instant.

“You pervert! You are going to reflect on it here today! Don’t leave here until the workshop is cleaned! !”

Said Kerr with a red face and rushed out, and she locked the door from outside on her way out.

“How could I take such a disciple.  He is totally a hooligan.  This is the first day to have a master, and he dared to call his own master as his wife.  What does he want!”

Kerr’s usual cold-arrogant image disappeared at this moment.  She was hiding her red face, scolding, and walking toward the hall of the combat class.

At the same time, Yu who was locked in Kerr’s study workshop, touched the back of his head where was hit by Kerr, and slowly sat up in the messy pile of books.

“It hurts!!! She looks so cute, but she is so cruel. . . .”

Although the fireball from Kerr was just because of her temper, and she did not mean to hurt Yu.  However, the bump in the back of the head was real.

He touched his still aching head, then looked around the messy room.

“Oh jeez, she seemed to say I was not allowed to leave if I won’t clean up the room.” 

Although the lock on the door was magically applied Kerr, as long as Yu wanted to leave, he could still leave directly.  It was just if Yu left in that way, Kerr’s goodwill for Yu would have plummeted.  By that time, let alone marrying her as a wife, Yu might even lose the pocket money as a disciple of Kerr.   As Yu thought about that, he hurriedly flipped and sat up, and began to organize up the books scattered on the ground.

On the other side, adjusting her emotions, in the hall of the actual combat class, Kerr frantically increased the difficulty for the students.

The students looked at Kerr who was with a sullen face, but no one dared to say even more than half a word of nonsense.  It wasn’t until the end when Kerr left the hall that the students dared to lie on the ground resting and complaining.

“God.. Damn it!  Did Professor Kerr get crazy today? One person goes against one tiger, how to fight that?”

“breathing…breathing…I don’t know…. I’m fucking tired.  Look at the teacher’s appearance, and she looked angry.”

“What could get her so mad? Is that Yu who offended her?”

“I don’t know whether she was offended, but when Professor Kerr first came in, her face blushed like an apple.  What is the difference between that expression and the girl who is in love?”


At this point, the two boys lying on the ground looked at each other, then sat up at the same time and shouted:

“Fuck!  Yu really did it!??”

Suddenly, everyone began to discuss what Yu had done, without knowing, Elsa was listening to their conversation with a sad look on her face. 


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