Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 33

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33. Serious Unique 

Kerr had taken Yu as her disciple.  Within a short lunch break, the news swept the whole campus. From Professor Gail who was dozing off in the office to the aunt who cooked in the canteen. In short, everyone was shocked by this news.

Although many people had not met Yu personally, Yu was well known for his indecency towards Elsa during the entrance exam.  In many people’s minds, Yu was a daring pervert.  Now, this pervert had become the Flame Witch legacy inheritor overnight.

There were really too many impossible coincidences happening in the world.  All of a sudden, the amount of information was too much for everyone to handle in their lives.

For a while there were all sorts of noises coming from the campus:

“Why can this pervert be the heir to the flame witch?” 

“Yeah! This guy, I didn’t even see him release magic! “

“But what did the teacher really see about this guy?”

“That’s it! The teacher is so lovely, how could she sign a master-disciple contract with this guy. “

“Wait a minute! Why is the inscription of the teacher on his forehead? “

“I remember that only crazily in love couples would have their imprints etched on their heads?”

“Does it mean that Professor Kerr has been …touched by him…”

Just as the matter was still boiling in the campus, Kerr had dragged Yu to her private workshop.

The bright room is lined with neat and orderly bookshelves, with a variety of magic guides lined up in the corner of the room, and the large square table in the center.  At random, there were manuscripts of various magic arrays and some strange materials.

At this time, Kerr had her hands in her waist, eyebrows locked tiredly, and very unpleasantly, looked at Yu who was sitting in the chair.

“Didn’t I tell you that not to show inscriptions out?”

Kerr felt a little embarrassed, looking at the inscriptions in the center of Yu’s forehead.

“Why can’t I show it out? I thought that position of the inscription is quite handsome!”

He said, took out a handkerchief and rubbed the engraved mark in his forehead.  It seemed that he was afraid that others could not see it clearly.


Kerr looked Yu and sighed.  Although the location of the engraving made her embarrassed, she wanted to look after this silly apprentice with her own engraving.

“I showed it for a reason. You weren’t in the canteen, so you didn’t see how funny the expression of those people was.”


Kerr looked at Yu’s puzzled expression.

“Yeah, that guy named Kyle asked for troubles again. It seemed that he thought that I had been expelled.  So he was getting ready to kill me as soon as I was out of school.”

“Kyle? You snatched the family sword from his ancestors, and it’s not strange that he wants to kill you.”

Kerr did not feel strange.  After all, Kyle’s family had power and status.  An unknown guy who had no social status snatched his family treasure, so it was expected that he wanted to kill Yu. 

“I let him attempt to kill me, but can he kill me tho?” (TL/PR well i mean if you really wanted to you could make the Pollett family disappear in an instant….)

He said and put the handkerchief that he just wiped his forehead into his pocket.

Kerr was stunned when she heard that.  She knew that Kyle has pretty good strength overall.  Although he was just a student, he had the magic power that was stronger than the average magicians.  Coupled with his family background, it would not be hard for him to hire a few top assassins to kill Yu.

However, Kerr heard the tone of the apprentice in front of her.  Yu had not even taken Kyle seriously at all.  Kerr clearly knew that this guy was not as dumb as he looked.  Even he dared to say that, he must certain that Kyle won’t be able to kill him.

“And then what happened?”

Kerr asked curiously.

“Then I lit up your imprint, and Kyle looked at your imprint and immediately was so angry that his face was even deformed.”

“You are deliberately trying to get me into trouble!”

When Kerr heard it, her eyes sparked, and at the same time flames started to blaze around her.

“Wait a minute. Wait a minute, Master, Calm down, please! This does match your usual image! “

Yu used to see Kerr’s cold but glamorous image during the days.  Unexpectedly, when two of them were in private, Kerr could get angry so easily.

“How do you want me to calm down? I thought you had many tricks but did you take me as a shield?”

Kerr looked at Yu and really wanted to burn him crunchy outside and freshly inside because it was no longer Yu’s problem. He had use Kerr’s name to make troubles. 

“Don’t make a fuss! I took Kyle’s sword, and you already knew that.  You were still willing to accept me as an apprentice, you must already have a good solution for it.”


Kerr was speechless.  She took her magic back. She really did not expect that this dumb guy read her mind.

Kerr’s nominal teacher was Acemans, the chief wizard of the empire.  Even the emperor himself would show him some respect, not to mention that Kyle’s father was only a duke.  

As for now, the sword Sylph had shown strength never been seen before and she was in the hand of Yu.  Kerr specially discussed with Principal Acemans and Claire about Yu and the sword of Sylph last night.  Surprisingly, when Acemans heard about that, he was not only showed a strong interest but also repeatedly asked Kerr who must take Yu as her disciple.  As for taking over the sword from Kyle, Acemans left only with this sentence: “Don’t worry about that, I will take care of it.”

Seeing Kerr’s tensed expression gradually eased, Yu felt relief.

“Then again, shouldn’t this be the time for a practical battle training class?  Why did you bring me here?”

Yu stood up and looked at the bookshelves around him and found that those were all human magic books. Although he usually liked to read books, he only read books on human literature, such as, ah, ah… (TL/PR yeah you know why he didn’t finish the sentence… Yorman the pervert)

However, he did not understand some of the books that he read, or he would go and read other academic books when they were mentioned in the literature.  However, magic did not seem to be mentioned in the literature.

Kerr did not get mad at Yu after she heard what Yu said.  She calmed herself down and got ready to train this horny kid.

“It’s no use training you with those summoned beasts. What you need now is a course that is specific to you.”

“Specific courses for me????”

Yu looked at Kerr and thought, “What do I want to learn? I’m not here for class! I’m looking for my wife!  If you are keeping me apart from Elsa, why would I stay in school.”

Kerr just did not care about it.  She just looked at Yu and asked very sternly:

“You tell me honestly, at which level have you mastered up to in elemental magic?”

Kerr had checked Yu’s background.  Although there were not too many details, she got what she needed to know.  Although Kerr knew that Yu had excellent physical fitness, she had not seen Yu’s magic achievements.  So far, she hadn’t seen any magic he’s ever shown except “The Beast Trainer.”  Now Kerr was going to train Yu well, she must find out what level he was at.

“Elemental magic…?”

Yu rubbed his chin and thought for a bit as if he were thinking seriously.

“Beginner, or intermediate? If it was a beginner, should it be a primary or a second level?  which attribute of magic would a normal body be a little more amiable together?”

But Kerr was very serious, which also made Yu realize that she was really ready to teach him well.


“I don’t know how to release elemental magic…”

When Kerr heard that, she almost fainted.

How could the Flame Witch accepted her heritage disciple who could not use element magic? What a fuss was that?

Actually, Yu was intended to say, “I can’t use human’s elemental magic.”  If the word “human” was said, he probably would be done with this game.

“You don’t know elemental magic? How did release the Beast Trainer?”

“That can be easily done as long as I control my magic…I knew how to do it since I was born.”

As he spoke, he glanced at the side, because this was not half a dime related to magic, and this skill was also made up by him.

Kerr looked at Yu and put her hand on his forehead.  Following the imprint, Kerr used her magic perception to explore the legal spiritual elements in Yu’s body.  Unfortunately, no matter how to explore, there was indeed only the magic of no attributes.  As for the other elements of magic, Kerr could not sense them in Yu at all.

The magic of propertyless was innate to humans and could only be used to release some simple magic.  To become a magician, a human had to learn how to combine the magic of the elements in the air with his own.   However, if a human had released elemental magic once, a mark would be left on the body as a trace.  Kerr could not even find any suggestion of the other elements in Yu’s body.

“I’m speechless… There are also many people who are born with elemental magic, but you are a seriously unique incident that I have never seen before.  Anyway, teaching you from scratch could be better.  It would be easier than teaching someone who was found outside with a lot of small bad habits.”

Once magic was in place, it would be difficult to change.   Therefore, the bad habits that many magicians had developed from scratch couldn’t be changed until their death.  That was why they had not been able to improve.

As she was speaking, Kerr took out a copy of “The Introduction to Magic” and handed it to Yu.

“Your task for the following two days is to read through the book. This afternoon I will stay here with you, so there is that you don’t understand, ask me directly.”

Kerr said, and she took the book from her bookshelf, and then sat down at a place where she could have the sunlight.


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