Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 32

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32. Cat Burning in Flames Inscription.

Yu straightened his waist and walked in the corridor of the school with a big smile. Touching the bag of money in his trouser belt, his face was filled with happiness and a satisfactory smile.

Who says that money would not necessarily make him happy? Such a person must not have experienced the suffering of being poor.

Yu recalled the time when he was reluctant to eat and wear expensive clothes.  He did not even have money to go on a date.  The thoughts began to stir up his feelings in a heart of tears.

But now he could finally say goodbye to those tragic days! (TL/PR i feel ya buddy, money makes the world go around)

Kerr’s thigh was long, lovely, and white.  Kerr was also rich.  Not to say to have her as Yu’s master, to marry her as my wife would a hundred percent satisfaction to Yu.

“Wait! Don’t I become a little white face??? ” (TL/PR i believe he means cheating on Elsa, but its okay Yorman you are an apostle after all)

Yu thought of it and paused for a moment.

“Never mind! Who cares.  Now there’s equality between men and women. Who says that women can’t give me money to spend? And formally she is my master, and there is something that she wants me to do for her.  Therefore, this is an equivalent exchange.  I will do my best to help her, but relatively, she is responsible for my daily financial spending.”

Thinking about it, Yu instantly opened up and became cheerful.

As for the contract imprint would burn the magic power away?  Yu did not take it seriously at all.  Let’s not talk about whether the elemental spirits would dare touch Yu, even if they were lit on fire, they could not burn Yu. After all, the magic system of Yu’s was fundamentally different from everyone else.  In case that element king found out about this, he probably would rush here from the element boundary, bow to Yu and admit a mistake.

The more he thought about it, the happier Yu became.  His happy footsteps were about to jump up in the air.

What would he do first with the money?  Of course, he was going to ask Elsa for a date and eat together.  He almost achieved his goal in the morning.  He would put in more effort in his next move; then, he could play out a beautiful love story with Elsa.

Thinking of it, he hastened his pace quickly. It was about the time of lunch break, so Yu went directly in the direction of the canteen.  At the door of the canteen, he saw Elsa and Aegir were sitting at the corner and eating. However, it seemed that Elsa was not very happy from a look of her expression. 

“Is it because she didn’t see me in the morning, so she is worried about me?”

Yu felt a little excited, hurried walking toward Elsa.

—–Flashback to a few minutes ago—-

Just a few minutes ago, Elsa and Aegir came to the school canteen for lunch.  Instead of laughing as they did when they went shopping yesterday, they looked worried about something respectively.

The culprit was Yu.

He stirred a big disaster yesterday, and he was disappeared for the whole morning today. A break slip was not easy to be granted in this ace class. Therefore, everyone would think that Yu had got into some sort of trouble.

At this time, it happened that the students around Elsa also began to discuss about Yu:

“Hey, hey, that guy must have been kicked from class, isn’t he? I have not seen him today.”

“Oh, yes! I thought the same way. After all, yesterday…”

That student stopped talking suddenly, and then quickly looked up to look around.

“Don’t say it, I know, I know.”

The classmate sitting opposite nodded with great understanding. After all, the event that happened yesterday was covered up.

“Kyle is not a passive individual. There were a hundred ways that Kyle could kick Yu out of here.”

“Oh, yes! I think that Yu really does not know how high the sky is, and he really wanted to touch the tiger butt.  I think that he would end up being miserable.”

“Which tiger butt are you two talking about?”

Just then Kyle’s voice suddenly came from behind the two students.

“Hey! Kyle big brother! That was not what I meant… I…”

The two students looked immediately frightened and turned pale.  Although from the surface, Kyle was a graceful gentleman, in private, he had a heart smaller than anyone else.

“It’s okay! You two continue to your conversation. I have a big heart.” 

Kyle sat in the middle of the two with a smile.  The two were so frightened and nearly peed in their pants.

“Is that kid named Yu really worthy of your discussion?  He was just a little bit lucky yesterday.  I don’t even have to say anything, he had already been kicked out of the school.”

Kyle smiled and threw a charming eye on Elsa at the next table, but Elsa ignored him, just stretched her face and continued to eat her own meal.

“Are you sure? That guy was expelled?”

The students around immediately gathered around when they heard the gossip.

“That’s for sure!  Don’t you know who I am?  Will the school offend my family for the sake of a person who had nowhere to come?”

Kyle was the eldest son of the duke’s family, and no one would want to offend him. However, the news about Yu’s dismissal was only guessed by Kyle.

Kyle’s thoughts were simple: My Daddy is the Duke! Awesome!

“Go with me, you live. Go against me, you die. Just simply being expelled from school is already showing my, Kyle Pollett’s family kindness.” (TL/PR wow big boi here using his name+family to show off how small his dick is)

Thinking of having not to see Yu’s face anymore, Kyle felt particularly comfortable in his heart. As for that family sword, the school would certainly help themselves to get it back, because of their family status here.   He already secretly wrote a magic letter to his uncle and honestly confessed what had happened about the sword.  Even if the school won’t recover the sword for him, his uncle would come over here to kill that kid.

“Kyle big brother is awesome!  You do not even need to open your mouth, the school immediately to help you solve the problem.”

Onlookers cast admiration and praised at Kyle.

The cheering was only superficial.  In fact, everyone was thinking, “having an awesome and powerful old father really can do whatever they want.”

“I’m waiting for the school to give me the news.”

Kyle looked very proudly in the direction of Elsa and Aegir. Because he knew that the two girls were close to Yu, so he deliberately taunted them.

“I didn’t see you the whole morning, are you missing me already?”

Just at this moment, Yu burst out suddenly from nowhere and sat right next to Elsa. Today, because he was having money with him, so he was very excited and he felt that everything he said was like singing.

Honestly, he should not be surprised that Yu appeared here.  After all, it was the school canteen.  However, the tone of his voice made people wonder.  It was like winning hundreds of millions of lottery tickets, and the whole person was floating in the air.

“Pervert… Are you so happy to be expelled from school?”

Aegir looked at Yu and was confused.  Yu didn’t come to class all morning, so except for being expelled, there might not be other reasons.


“Yu, did Professor Kerr look for you for the thing that happened yesterday? Can you stay at school now?”

Elsa was shy when she was in front of a lot of people, so she whispered softly.

“Kerr?  She did come to me in the morning.”

As soon as he said that, everyone seemed to understand.  They thought that this guy was here to pretend to be happy.  He might indeed feel like his intestines were all rotten.

Kyle was even more proud when he heard it.

“Ha ha!  I don’t think you should pretend to be happy here. You should return the sword to me, and bow on the ground to admit a mistake, I can ask the school not to expel you.”

“Return the sword? Impossible, impossible in this life.  Sylph is so cute that I could not let her leave me.”

Yu answered sincerely.  Every of his word between the lines expressed such meaning, “I don’t care how big shot your family is.  The reason I want to keep this sword because she can transform to be a budding girl. “

Hearing what Yu just said, Kyle was completely angry.  He had been humiliated since yesterday.  No one could take such humiliation.  Not to mention, Kyle was the duke’s eldest son.

“You are dead, I gave you fine wine, but you wanted to take the bad one!”

Kyle stood up and glared at Yu who was still smug over there.

“No! Drinking would cause misbehavior.  I’ve already given up on it! 」

After what happened in Hanging Over City, he said he only drank juice.

Kyle listened to this, and he shivered with his anger. As an identity nobleman, Kyle had long wanted to take Yu to sacrifice him to the heavens.  However, here was the property of that immortal Acemans.  Even the current emperor respected Acemans greatly and had to give him three points ahead. Whoever would start a fight over here, his life would become miserable afterward.

“But it doesn’t matter, he’s about to be removed as soon as he leaves school…”

“Well, I will see how long you can be proud of yourself.”

Kyle said and turned around about to walk away.  A Hero won’t suffer from immediate losses.  A pervert like Yu who didn’t know the heights of the sky, Kyle would know a way to have him assassinated.

Onlookers all knew that Yu had no social status and have no one to rely on.  He even also offended Kyle, others were afraid that he would say goodbye to the world as soon as he steps out of the campus.

What was said next made the whole canteen instantly quiet down:

“I wonder if there is a misunderstanding here. I wasn’t expelled from school, Master Kerr took me out of class to handle something in the morning.”

“Master Kerr??”

“What’s this guy talking about?”

“Is he insane??”

For a moment, everyone looked puzzled. At the same time, Yu also used his own magic to make the master-disciple imprint on his forehead shown.

A cat burning in flame.

This inscription could not be more familiar to everyone, because after hunting ice dragons, this pattern had been circulating in the streets.  This engraving of its master was the Empire’s ace wizard, the Flame Witch – Kerr Charlotte.


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