Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 31

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31. Contract engraving

An inherited disciple would be a very special present for magicians.  Normally if a magician had his or her own children, then the inheritance for the magician disciples would be certainly his or her own children. Once the contract was concluded, the master must give all she had to her disciples.  Of course, as a disciple, she absolutely could not do things that would be against the master’s wishes. The external force that played such a restrictive role was the engraving of the contract between the master and the apprentice.

By swearing to the spirits that represented the elements of magic, a small part of one’s soul would be portrayed on the opponent’s body. If one party severely violated the vow, the engraved mark would be surrounded by all magical power around it, and instantly destroying the magic circuit of the violator’s body, making them unable to use magic again. 

At this time, with the pain slowly faded away, Kerr’s gradually recovered consciousness. She wiped away the saliva from the corner of her mouth and stood up slowly.  

Kerr was full of anger. Because for any magician, such an apprenticeship ceremony was sacred and inviolable.  However, this was the first time and the last time that Kerr would admit a disciple, which it turned out so ugly. The most important thing was that the engraving that represented Yu was engraved on Kerr’s thigh.  Although this inscription normally won’t appear; however, if she needed to prove to others, didn’t she have to show her thighs to others?

Thinking of it, the anger in Kerr’s heart intensified.  Although Kerr usually did not speak much in front of others, when she was angry, she was rather scary.

She walked up to Yu angrily and grabbed him at his collar.

“Do you know what you’ve done?!”

Kerr’s eyebrows furrowed, and her original snow-white face wash flushed with anger.

But when she raised his head, she almost “squirmed” and laughed out.

What made her laughed was not something else, it was because of what was on Yu’s face. The inscription of Kerr was engraved right in the center of his forehead.

Kerr looked at the inscription on the center of his forehead, the corner of her mouth slightly moved, and quickly she held back what she was going to say.

Who would have a marked seal representing the master on one’s forehead?  It had never been heard of it since ancient times.

It was as a student from an advanced institution putting his student ID card on his forehead, and let others don’t know he was a student of a higher education institution.  When others take out the student ID from their pockets, he just needed to take it out of your head.  Others could think that he was abnormal.

Kerr was looking at Yu, and she was angry and felt funny at the same time. Because of the occasion, Kerr decided to deal with this matter very seriously.

“Do you understand what you’ve done just now?”

Kerr asked, and Yu did not know what he had just done.   All of a sudden, Yu was very nervous and was afraid of this thigh would run away from him.

“I just really want to recognize you as a thigh. Oh no! Think of you as a master!” (TL/PR “thigh” means waifu or girlfriend for those who dont know)

Kerr looked at Yu who seemed to be very sincere, coupled with her imprint was engraved on Yu’s forehead.  All of the sudden, the anger in her heart gradually dissipated.  After all, from today on, this guy would be her own disciple.

“All right…. Never mind.. Take a look at it yourself.”

Kerr said and took out a small make-up mirror for a girl and handed it to Yu.

“Anyway, this imprint will not usually show up. Don’t mess up with it when you are okay.”

Kerr was afraid that others might misunderstand what was going on between them in case others saw this imprint.  After all, there had other meanings for an imprint engraved on the forehead.

“Isn’t this pretty cool?” 

He looked at his handsome self in the mirror.  He was engraved with a flame-like mark on his forehead.  When he looked at it carefully, the flame-like mark was actually a burning cat. It wasn’t long before the inscription disappeared on his forehead.

“It is good as long as you feel good about it.  From today on, you have to carry a good attitude. Because you are my, Charlotte’s only heir.” 

“Yes, Master!”

Yu looked up Kerr and stood up straight.

“Don’t call me that.  The inheriting relationship between a master and an apprentice is a lifetime matter.  If you have always been so respectful, I will not get used to it.”

At this time, Kerr didn’t feel as cold as glamorous as before but made Yu feel much closer than before.

“All right.  Since Master Kerr made me a succession disciple so easily, there must be something that you would like me to do?”

Suddenly Yu looked at Kerr with a very serious look. Kerr realized immediately that it was not easy to trick this squint pervert who was in front of her.

“It seems that my apprentice is not as dumb as it seems.”

“It is hurtful to say things like that.  I often pretend that I don’t know stuff when I actually know about it.”

Whether that Kyle’s deliberately incited me, or someone deliberately put Yu under the dirty water in front of Elsa, Yu indeed knew about them all.  Yu just did not care.  Just like a man It was like watching an ant’s war.  No matter how magnificent a war scene would be for ants, that would be nothing in human eyes.   It was like a matter of pouring a pot of boiling water.

(TL/PR Dirty water means talking shit behind someone’s back. The phrase “pouring a pot of boiling water” means you find it fascinating seeing events unfold itself in front of you like steam coming from boiling water.)

As for Elsa, there was no need to worry about her. Although Yu liked Elsa very much now, if Elsa would leave Yu just for a few simple bad rumors, that would mean that Elsa and Yu were just not fit for each other.

Kerr looked Yu who seemed to be very happy at the moment.  Originally, Kerr thought that this duo was just a pervert who happened to master first-rate non-elemental magic, but now this apprentice seemed to be trainable.

“Since you are a wise man, then it is all right.  Let me cut to the chase, I need your ability as a Beast Trainer.”

“Beast Trainer?” First, he gave a pause, and then immediately recalled the scene of his nonsense in front of Kerr yesterday.

“It seemed that I said that yesterday, but that Beast Trainer was nonsense that I made up on the spot.  If I confessed to Kerr now, would she pull away from me?  No.  That thigh is mine now. “

“Ah… Well… Trainer… What’s wrong??”

However, Yu’s old habit came up again, whatever he was thinking about would immediately be written on his face.


Kerr looked at Yu expression and suddenly a panicked thought appeared: “Did this guy deceive me?” “

“Is your non-elemental magic really “The Beast Trainer”! !”

But the voice suddenly got serious.  The reason why she took Yu as her disciple because she wanted to have that skill.”

“Yes! Of course, it is! You saw it with your own eyes yesterday!  . . .:

Yu quickly answered without hesitation.

“Will you dare to swear under our engraved imprints that you did not lie?  You have absolutely nothing to hide?”

As Kerr spoke, she lifted her skirt, revealing her white thighs. For a moment, the circular engraving on her thigh representing Yu radiated golden light.  At the same time, the flame markings on Yu’s forehead representing Kerr also lit up in red.

At this time, the restraining force of the markings had begun to operate.  As long as Yu disobeyed Kerr for a little bit, all the magic circuits in Yu would be burned away instantly.

“Dare me! Of course, I dare! I swear in front of the element king with the inscription of the Master’s contract, and there is absolutely no concealment or deception from my Master.

My non-elemental magic, “The Beast Trainer” is true and real.”

Three fingers raised three fingers very solemnly, looked at Kerr, and said.

As Yu finished speaking, the imprints on both gradually dissipated the light and then disappeared into each other’s bodies.

“It doesn’t seem to be a lie…”

Kerr looked at the faded inscription, murmuring.

“Now that you’re my master, how could I lie to you?” 

Yu immediately laughed, showing a proud expression.

“That’s good… But as to what to do with your magic, I’ll find the opportunity to tell you in detail, you just go back and have a good class.”

“Okay, ~~~”

Yu replied, but he did not leave.

“Why don’t you go?”

Kerr looked at Yu curiously.

“Master – The apprentice has been a little short of money lately… . . .”

(TL/PR sucks being poor, guess you got to be shameless XD)

Yu held out his hand, smiled, and looked at Kerr.

“One day as a master was like as a father for life.  Since you are like my own parent, you should be able to provide funding when I am in troubles~~~~~~~”


(づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~


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