Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 30

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30. The only inherited disciple.

Become an inherited disciple of the Flame Witch?

If it were anyone else, she or he would say yes without any hesitation because that was an opportunity that could not be exchanged with either a mountain of gold or a mountain of silver.

First of all, she was an ace wizard of the empire, and being her heir to life means that the heir would be in a better position than many others. In addition, to be the ace wizard’s legacy would mean that there would be more resources and money to study and create one’s own magic.  In that way, one’s strength would have a qualitative leap in a short period of time.  More importantly, for a magician’s inheritance disciple would be an important candidate to inherit her own mantle.  If one would have his or her own children, then their life’s magic research and property would be all to their own inherited disciples to inherit.

No one, including Kerr, would have thought that anyone would refuse such a tempting offer.

But she saw that today. 

“I don’t want it.”

He looked at Kerr who was in front of him and answered without hesitation.


Kerr stared straight at Yu with her big eyes opened widely, and she did not know how to react to Yu’s answer.

“Being a disciple means having no time to do your own thing?” 

Although Yu didn’t have much contact with humans, he read hundreds of books about humans.

For this inheritance of disciples, although there were all kinds of generous treatments, it could come with a loss of control of their own time.  In addition, to learn a variety of magic from different masters, he would also have to pour tea for the masters and wash laundry for the masters.  Some single magicians would especially look for and accepted disciples in the opposite sex in order to meet their own unspeakable perverted needs. To be clear about this point, if Kerr needed Yu for any perverted needs, Yu would be happy to help her out.

However, based on the above summary, Yu drew a conclusion, that is, this inherited disciple must always follow the advice of his or her master.  That was not a mere verbal agreement.  It would be enforced by engraving the contract between the teacher and the student, and this huge magic circle on the ground was the must-have tool for completing the engraving of the contract between them.

“You don’t need to worry about that even if you become my heirs.  I will not interfere too much in your private life.”

Yu’s thoughts were written all over on his face, so Kerr could see it without much any guessing.

“I still don’t want it. Time, of course, is better to be controlled in my own hands. I’m not interested in being an ace wizard or anything.”

Yu answered sincerely.  From his words, Kerr could clearly feel the title of ace wizard was not worth mentioning.

“Then, what are you looking for here?”

Kerr knows that everyone entered this academy had something to pursue, even if they were forced by the army to go to school.   All students wanted to achieve their own goals. To become a great wizard, to become an officer, or to be successful in school, to become the head of the Adventures association when they returned. However, Kerr clearly observed that all those were as worthless as dirt in Yu’s eyes.

However, in the next second, when Kerr looked at Yu’s slightly lonely eyes, immediately, she understood what the person was after.


Without thinking too hard, remembering his expression in the class so far, Kerr could guess that the reason for Yu coming here was to find beautiful women.  Obviously, he had locked his eyes on Elsa.

“That’s true, so I’m not interested in being an inherited disciple. Thank you for your kind consideration.”

When he finished, he turned and walked toward the stairwell leading to the lower floor.

“I didn’t expect your idea to be so superficial.”

Kerr said to the back of Yu with a cold smiled.

“Do you want to say that I have no ambition, being greedy for beauty, not motivated?” Yu replied, walking without returning.

In the eyes of mankind, such a person who was greedy for beauty and useless would be considered stupid.  Of course, Yu understood this, but Yu was not really a human being.  Therefore, they could think whatever they like, and that had nothing to do with Yu.

“Do you think a girl like Elsa would look at you as a nameless person?”

Just as he was about to step on the stairs, these words from Kerr immediately stopped him.

「。。。。。。 」

“Even if she likes you right now, you’ll eventually be separated by reality.”

「。。。。。。。 」

“Think about it, what brought you to this academy? And how did you live by before you came into this school?”

Kerr already had a full investigation of Yu’s past when he was in the Adventurers Association.  Although the records before the Adventurers Association was not too detailed, Kerr already confirmed that Yu was definitely a poor boy.

“Do you think that all a woman needs is love?”

Listening what she was saying, huge sweat beads had emerged on his forehead.  He had been enjoying the free foods and housing treatment in the academy, so he was having a good life recently.  What Kerr just said to him just reminded Yu of the fear that was once dominated by poverty.

It was like taking Sylph to buy clothes yesterday. It cost 3 gold just for a thin piece of cloth, not to mention that Elsa and the girls shopped in those high-end shops.  There were clothes for 15 gold, 50 gold,100 gold.  Elsa was looking at those clothes with loving heart popping out from both her eyes.  Having no money to purchase those expensive clothes, what if a tall-rich-handsome guy took her to shop with a high-level membership card from a clothing store at that time?

“Shee~~~~~” (TL/PR hes breathing through his teeth to make that noise)

Thinking of that, Yu took a snap of cold air instantly.

Although Yu had the power of the universe, he could not always release power from his seal, and beat up others for no reason, could he?

Even if Yu would like to work harder and went to the Adventurers Association to get more difficult projects, there would only a few such tasks in a year.  When there was such a task coming up, everyone wanted to get it.

Let’s say, Elsa would not be a material girl.  Yu and Elsa would love each other sincerely, and then Elsa would accept Yu’s identity as apostles, and would finally follow a poor and homeless Yu returned to the apostle’s temple together.

But the life in the apostle’s temple was not something humans could bear, just eating meat of the abyss beasts and then looking at the sky in a daze every day.  As an apostle himself, he could not live that kind of life any longer. (TL/PR Duh anyone would lose sanity if doing nothing for so long)

At this time, a scene appeared in his mind:

On the thirtieth day of returning to the apostle’s temple with Elsa, Yu got up in the morning and couldn’t see the beautiful and familiar figure, and replaced with it a note:

“I’m really sorry, I’m really sorry. Life here is really not what I have wanted. I think we might not be fit to be together.

———— Elsa”.

“No way! That is absolutely not going to happen!!!:

Yu shouted out as soon as he thought of that.  Not being able to create happiness to his beloved woman, how could he be a man?

Although she could not tell what was in Yu’s mind, from his expression, Kerr knew that she got Yu.

“Do you know how many gold coins I can take in for the position I am in for a year?”

She did have to say much, and only these words could have Yu bite to her bait.


Swallowing a mouthful of saliva and staring at Kerr with his widely opened eyes, Yu walked back to Kerr slowly.

“Well, I’ll ask you one last time. Would you like to be my disciple, the Flame Witch, Kerr Charlotte’s heir?”

Kerr looked at Yu who had bitten the hook with Kerr’s bait, the corner of her mouth slightly rose up.

“Master!! I’ll live on you in the future!”

Yu thought of nothing but went straight up and hold Kerr’s thighs.  At the moment when his cheek was pressed against Kerr’s thigh, her soft thigh was especially warm. Warm like the charcoal sent in the harsh winter. There was a sincere sigh, at this time, the image of Kerr in the heart of Yu was gradually growing and became greater.

Kerr was embarrassed as Yu pressed his cheek on her thigh.

“ Wait a minute!! You don’t worship a teacher like that! ! Let go of it. Otherwise… Ah, ah, ah, ah:

Keer wanted to push the face away, but it was too late.  The contract of worship had begun to work, and all the magic gathered toward the two of them at once.

“This…hmm, hmm,  hmm!!!”

With the sound of a delicate gasp from Kerr, the powerful magic began to quickly draw on her thigh leaving a mark representing Yu.  It was very painful to carve this contract on the skin, so generally, people would choose to use the skin of the back of the arm when the contract was engraved.  That would be the thicker part of the skin.  Wherever it was chosen, the contract had to stick to the contractor’s skin.

But now, Yu’s face was tightly attached to her white thigh. In this way, the imprint would be engraved on the delicate thighs of Kerr’s.  That painful feeling was imaginable.

Soon with the magic dissipated, and the sound of Kerr’s petite gasp also gradually calmed down. By this time, Kerr had fallen in the pain on the ground, her eyes scattered, and clear liquid leaked at the corners of her mouth.



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