Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 29

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29. Penalties for Tardiness.

“Goddammit, Aegir! I almost kiss her! ! I just need to be a little bit closer !!!”

At this time Yu had returned to his dormitory.  While he was taking a cold shower in the bathroom, he cursed and said that Aegir had destroyed his good deeds.

“Did Master have a good time this morning?”

Suddenly the bathroom door was opened by a “Bang”, and Sylph was standing at the door.


The moment he saw Sylph, Yu hurried and covered his mushrooms subconsciously. That was not because of his shyness, but he was afraid that Sylph would chop away his mushroom.

Sylph seemed a little guilty when she saw Yu’s reaction, and quickly bowed deeply.

Sylph is really sorry for what she did last night.

“Hey? Is this a new way? Are you going to do it at the moment I let my guard down?”

I looked at Sylph and couldn’t turn his mind a bit.

“Master, don’t worry.  Sylph would not really hurt Master. Last night just to make the show a little more realistic, so I did that.”

“That was a performance right?”

“To whom?” What were you trying to do? “

“Yes, last night Sylph actually deliberately forced her master to Elsa’s door, so she would take you into her room.”

Hearing about this, Yu couldn’t help having a thousand thoughts poured into his head, and he sighed impressively.

“Sylph you’re a genius!! “

Was this the legendary plan? This sword goddess is indeed an excellent Excalibur.  It was really different than the other swords that would only be used to cut here and there.

“Because I can feel what master really needed was not me, so I came up with this decision. If master is still not satisfied; then, Sylph still can solve your problem from last night.”

As Sylph spoke, she gently removed the clothes on her.  The silky skirt slides down from her body to the ground, and her snow-white skin looked even more alluring against the fog surrounding her.  That two faintly visible pink dots immediately caught Yu’s eyes.

“What do you think?  If the Master still wants it…”

Sylph walked to the side Yu, then she hugged Yu’s waist from his back with her arms.  Yu could clearly feel Sylph’s silky and satin-like skin that was tightly pressed against his back, and he also felt that there were actually two slight protrusions on the silk.  No one could be able to control themself at this time.  

However, what was unexpected happened!  Yu suddenly pushed away Sylph’s arms that were holding him.

“No… No, I don’t have to.”

As he spoke, he hurried out of the bathroom with a bath towel.

If it had been last night, Yu would probably just throw Sylph to the ground hesitation, but Yu did not have that idea at all now.

He knew that Sylph would do such a thing only out of compliance with her master’s orders.  At this time, anything done to Sylph is just because of his one-sided selfish desires, Elsa would be disgusted by him.  Even if Yu could hide it from Elsa, it would still be something extremely uncomfortable for him to do.


When he walked to the bathroom door, he stopped.

“Does the master need anything?

Sylph looked up as if she were expecting something.

“I’m really sorry about last night, I won’t make such an excessive request to you in the future. And also…. Thank you for what you have done for me.”

He finished speaking and went straight out of the bathroom. Yu did not realize that Sylph’s beautiful face as covered with water flowers and was showing a lonely expression.

With little care, Yu put on his uniform and hurried out of the dormitory and rushed to the ace class’s classroom.  According to the school rules, students were not allowed to carry any weapons outside of the combat practice field, so Yu left Sylph in the dormitory.

It was only ten minutes away from the class.  Although Kerr had a very cute look, she was definitely not a person easy to talk to.

“It’s over!  It’s over!  I don’t know how Kerr is going to punish me for being late.”

Thinking of Kerr’s peculiar ways of punishment, he hurried down the corridor. Just before he got to the classroom, he saw Kerr standing at the front door of the classroom.

“Strangely, isn’t Kerr in our morning’s theory class?  Why is she standing here at this time? “

With an uneasy state of mind, Yu walked slowly to the classroom.  He was thinking of sneaking into the classroom when Kerr did not pay attention.  However, before Yu’s hands could touch the door handle, Kerr asked:

“Why are you so late?”

Even with his back toward Kerr, Yu could feel the stern eyes of Kerr.

“That. Something happened this morning, so I am a little late.”

For a few seconds, Yu couldn’t make up an excuse.  He couldn’t say that he slept with Elsa for a night, and in order not to be caught by Aegir, he fell in the pond.



But Kerr stared at Yu with her serious look.  Obviously, she could see what this guy was hiding something from her, but the good thing was that Kerr didn’t ask any further.

“Don’t go to your class now, come with me.”

As Kerr spoke, she turned and walked to the other side of the corridor.

“Hey?? What are you doing? You are just a little late??? You’re not going to be kicked out of class, are you?”

Suddenly Yu was so frightened that he was sweating.  It should be known that it was hard to get closer to Elsa.  If Yu would be kicked out of the ace class, he would lose the free food and free drink welfare.

“Just follow me. You’ll find out.”

Kerr looked back at Yu coldly.

Along the way, Yu’s mind was disturbed.  He was only late for about ten minutes, but why was he taken away?  Was this Kerr’s magic theory class.”

“That one. . . But Professor, don’t you have to give a lesson to this class? 」

Tentatively, he asked the question.

“Principal Claire is substituting for me with my class today.”

Kerr replied simply, and Yu did not know how to continue the conversation.

They walked all the way silently.  Kerr took Yu to the top of a tower where it was located in the middle of the campus.

The tower, which was 95 meters long, was the tallest building in the school.  It was also a place where outsiders were not allowed to enter.

At this time, Yu was standing in the center of the spire of the tower, looking around the splendid interior.  In the four corners of this room, four elves statutes representing basic elements were erected, and the shape of the king of elements appeared in the middle tower.  However, what made Yu most concerned was the magic array under his feet, in which this place was as large as four classrooms combined, which was a giant magic array with extremely complex content.

“Is this the place where the professor and student contract are established?” 

Looking at the frame in front of him, Yu suddenly remembered the description that he read in the human book.”

“It’s indeed the person I value.  You recognized it all at once.”

Kerr stood in the center of the magic array with a slight smile.

“So… Aren’t you going to punish me for being late? Why do you bring me here? “

Yu looked at Kerr and stunned.

“There are more important things to ask you than to punish you.”


Yu was so startled that his heart almost jumped out of his chest.  Because every time when Kerr spoke to him with such a tone, Yu would feel guilty and worried about whether Kerr found out his true identity.

However, before he could have even thought about it further, the magic array on the ground suddenly ignited a raging fire along the lines. Immediately after that, the four statues at the corner also flashed dazzling light at the same time.

At this moment, a smiling Kerr was floating in the center of the magic array, her red hair and black shawl fluttering with the fire suddenly making her look taller and bigger.

Kerr entangled in the flame and stared at Yu with her sapphire-like blue eyes.  Then, she looked at Yu and spoke a very formal tone:

“I, Kerr Charlotte, am asking you here today, would You like to be the inheritance disciple of Flame Witch?”

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